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Old Union Methodist Church Cemetery
Old Union Community, Lee County, Mississippi

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 20.

Contributor's Index:

Collier, Arthur A.Jr., b. 19 Jul 1962, d. 23 Jul 1962, [DP]
Collier, Elsie, b. 9 Nov 1890, d. 27 Oct 1975, wife of Tom J., [DP]
Collier, Frank, b. 12 Feb 1879, d. 23 Oct 1960, [DP]
Collier, Isom Arthur, b. Abt 1875, d. Abt 1954, no exact dates on stone-husband of Fannie M. Hopper, [DP]
Collier, Mary Lou, b. 7 Nov 1915, d. 18 Sep 1916, [DP]
Collier, Susan Leona, b. 11 May 1978, d. 9 Aug 1996,not a natural death-daughter of Brenda G & Craig S., [DP]
Collier, Tom J., b. 2 Aug 1883, d.8 Feb 1928, husband of Elsie, [DP]
Collier, Virgil Eugene, b. 22 Dec 1914, d. 29 Oct 1980, husband of Sybil H. & US Army active in wars, [DP]
Cooper, Ida, b. May 20 1876, d. Mar 15 1963, w/o Monroe cooper, [LH]
Cooper, Monroe, b. Mar 30 1864, d. Jul 28, 1958, [LH]
Holcomb, Billy Wayne, b. Jan 5, 1944, d. Jan 19, 1968, s/o Delmar and Eva Holcomb, [LH]
Holcomb, Birdell, b. May 30, 1913, d. Jan.27, 1973, h/o Elzie Holcomb, s/o Robert and Pairlee Holcomb, [LH]
Holcomb, Ervin Delmar, b. Sep 30 1910, d. Sep 1975, h/o Eva Mae Holcomb, s/o Robert and Pairlee Holcomb, [LH]
Holcomb, Eva Mae, b. Dec 24, 1912, d. Jan 13, 1997, w/o Ervin Delmar Holcomb, d/o Tom J and Elsie Collier, [LH]
Holcomb, Infant, d. Jul 20, 1935, d/o Birdell and Elzie Holcomb, [LH]
Holcomb, James L.[Buddy], b. Jul 17, 1943, d. Aug 13 1994, s/o Birdell and Elzie Holcomb, [LH]
Holcomb, Mona P., b. May 19, 1930, d. Jun 5, 1983, w/o Robert W. Holcomb Jr, s/o Robert And Pairlee Holcomb, [LH]
Holcomb, Pairlee Cooper, b. Jul 26, 1891, d. Nov 22, 1984, w/o Robert W. holcomb, [LH]
Holcomb, Robert W., b. Mar 28, 1988, d. Jul 26 1976, h/o Pairlee Cooper Holcomb, [LH]
Hopper, Fannie M., b. Abt 1882, d. Abt 1976, no exact dates on stone-wife of Isom Arthur Collier, [DP]


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