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Old Myers Cemetery
Forrest County, Mississippi

Compiled and contributed by Robert J. McSwain, Jr. [mcswain@netdoor.com].  Total records = 5.

This Cemetery is located on the Sims Cutting Horse Facility on Old River Road, Just outside Petal, Mississippi.

- Robert J. McSwain, Jr.

Batson, Eli,  Born March 6, 1830  Died April 11, 1908
Batson, Lorenza, 3 Years Old
Batson, Sarah Elizabeth, Born June 10, 1841  Died July 8, 1926
McKenzie, W. D., Born March 25, 1817  Died Sept. 8, 1872
Myers, David, Died March 17, 1849,  77 Years Old, 6 Months, 14 Days

Note: There are more Graves in this Cemetery that had wooden markers that have since deteriorated.


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