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Herring Cemetery
Beaumont, Perry County, Mississippi

Contributed by Robert J. McSwain, Jr., November 26, 1999 [mcswain@netdoor.com] Total records = 11.

Herring Cemetery
Located: Camp Shelby Military Range
Beaumont, Perry County, MS

Compiled by Robert J. McSwain, Sr. and Robert J. McSwain, Jr. To get to this Cemetery from the intersection of Highway 98 and Beaumont-Brooklyn Road in Beaumont, go 6.1 Miles South on Beaumont-Brooklyn Road to an old Dirt Road, turn right onto this road and go 0.3 Mile to Cemetery. This Cemetery is in a very wooded area and can be difficult to find.

Herring, Cora, b.1910, d.1966
Herring, Charley, b.1880, d.1951
Herring, Kate, b.1886, d.1931
Herring, Baylis Prentis, b.Jan. 22, 1914, d.Nov. 23, 1914
Herring, Duff, b.1906, d.1932
Herring, Bailey, b.1914, d.1974
Herring, Newitt, b.1888, d.1917
Herring, Malinda, b.1861, d.1936
Herring, Infant, d.April 19, 1925, child of Mr. & Mrs. E. P. Herring
Herring, Infant d.Feb. 19, 1924, child of Mr. & Mrs. E. P. Herring,
Unknown Grave


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