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Sanders Family Cemetery
Ocean, Carteret County, North Carolina

Lat: 34°43'34"N, Lon: 76°55'36"W

Contributed by Patricia Rock, Jul 11, 2003 [prock@ec.rr.com]. Total records = 18.

Going north/east on Highway 24, cemetery is on the right side of the road, between the towns of Broad Creek and Bogue, Cemetery sits in a field between Highway 24 and Cedar Key property, Visible from Hwy 24.

It is well tended and in good condition. Last burial was in 1939, so probably not accepting any new burials.

I read the cemetery 11 Jul 2003. It includes info from all existing tombstones.

- Patricia Rock

Conaway, William Anderson, b. 12/27/1852, d. 1/29/1914
Higgins, Narcie, b. 1840, d. 1921
Hill, Henrietta Sanders, b. 10/22/1857, d. 10/29/1883, Wife of M.A. Hill, Daughter of E.W. and B.A. Sanders
Koonce, David S., b. 4/30/1854, d. 5/24/1924
Sanders, Albert Lee, b. 11/19/1864, d. 10/27/1869, Son of Eli W. and B.S. Sanders
Sanders, Belinda A., b. 5/15/1823, d. 4/21/1898, Wife of E.W. Sanders.
Sanders, Callie, b. 1872, d. 1872, Infant of John W. and Sallie J. Sanders (difficult to read)
Sanders, Eli A., b. 2/11/1852, d. 8/8/1936
Sanders, Eli W., b. 12/11/1816, d. 4/28/1875, Stone bears the insignia of a Freemason
Sanders, Elizabeth A., b. 8/5/1858, d. 10/4/1884
Sanders, John W., M.D., b. 3/15/1842, d. 1/14/1922, Husband of Sallie J. Sanders, Father of infants John and Callie Sanders
Sanders, John, b. 11/9/1870, d. 12/5/1870
Sanders, Laura E., b. 10/4/1878, d. 7/8/1907, Wife of Stonewall J. Sanders
Sanders, Leon A., b. 9/5/1889, d. 12/28/1903, Son of Mattie and E.A. Sanders
Sanders, Mattie A., b. 5/30/1868, d. 5/29/1927
Sanders, Minnie, b. 1859, d. 12/31/1902, Wife of B.F. Sanders
Sanders, Sallie J., b. 4/2/1850, d. 11/4/1920, Wife of John W. Sanders. Mother of infants John and Callie Sanders
Yates, Annie, b. 3/29/1864, d. 3/29/1939


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