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Mahwah Cemetery
Bergen County, New Jersey

Ramapo Reformed Church
100 Island Road
Mahwah, New Jersey 07430
(845) 429-6221, Dan Nolan

Lat: 41° 05' 47"N, Lon: 74° 09' 07"W, Newer section across road
Lat: 41° 05' 45"N, Lon: 74° 09' 11"W, Older section by church

Contributed by Richard Hrazanek, Nov 13, 2001, last edited Jul 20, 2008 [rhrazanek@yahoo.com]. Total records = 1,762.

This file contains the readings of the section of the Mahwah cemetery which is across the road and northeast of the church and the original section of the cemetery. It is still active. I collected them by reading the stones and cross checking the older ones with a survey done in the 1940's.

The cemetery is owned by the Ramapo Reformed Church. It is all one cemetery in two sections across the road from each other. This is only the newer section. The one across the street and south from this one has Revolutionary War Veterans in it. The cemetery is supervised by Dan Nolan at 845-429-6221. The church number is (201) 512-1434.

The church was established about 200 yrs ago. The present structure dates back to 1798, replacing others lost by fire or other causes. The cemetery started shortly after the first church was built. The oldest burial being in the early 1800's. (Ed: information from church secretary)

This is a work in progress

- Richard Hrazanek


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