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Old Stone (Fairfield Presbyterian) Church Cemetery
Fairton, Cumberland County, New Jersey

Rte #553 & New England Crossroad
Fairton, Fairfield Twp
New Jersey 08320

Lat: 3921'36"N, Lon: 7513'31"W

Fairfield Presbyterian Church Cemetery, a.k.a. The Old Stone Church Cemetery, Erected in 1780

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 299.

Contributor's Index:

h/o = Husband of
w/o = Wife of
d/o = Daughter of
s/o = Son of

Adcock, Isaac, d. 1 Jun 1852 aged 84y, a native of Nottingham, England, [CG]
Adcock, James Ogden, d. 19 Feb 1808 aged 7 mo 6 da, [CG]
Adcock, Martha, d. 3 Nov 1837 aged 59y, w/o Isaac Adcock of Pittsgrove, [CG]
Allen, Martha E., b. 6-24-1961, d. 1-2-1932, W/o Lorenzo P. Allen, [KA]
Bateman, Abigail, d. 11-7-1796, aged at death 70y, w/o Daniel Bateman (deceased), [KA]
Bateman, Amos, d. 1-27-1812, aged at death 29y, [KA]
Bateman, Amos, d. 12-29-1790, aged at death 43y, h/o Elizabeth Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Anna P, d. 3-12-1?61, aged at death 1y 8m 20Days, [KA]
Bateman, Anna, d. 2 Jul 1835, aged 79 yr w/o Daniel Bateman, [CG]
Bateman, Baby Ben, b. 1875, d. 1875, [KA]
Bateman, Burgin, d. 10-29-1793, aged at death 30y, [KA]
Bateman, C. Willis, d. 12-4-1908, aged at death 52y & 6d, h/o Emily L Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Casper C., d. 8-13-1841, aged at death 20y 8m 21d, s/o Joseph & Mary Bateman, headstone says " drowned in Deleware River near Chester", [KA]
Bateman, Charles E., no dates, [KA]
Bateman, Charles, d. 11-25-1828 aged at death 47y 1m 28d, [KA]
Bateman, Charles, d. 6 Oct 1812, age 3y 5m, [CG]
Bateman, Charles, rest unreadable, [KA]
Bateman, Daniel E, no date,, age 3y 5m
Bateman, Daniel, d. 5 Jun 1846, aged 89y 9m 21d, [CG]
Bateman, Daniel, d. 6 May 1811, age 11m 23d, [CG]
Bateman, Daniel, no dates, [KA]
Bateman, Elam P., d. 3 Jul 1807 in 23rd yr., [CG]
Bateman, Elam P., d. 7 Apr 1817, aged 6yr 7mo 1da, s/o Moses & Elizabeth Bateman, [CG]
Bateman, Elijhiah, d. 7-3-1807 aged at death 28y, [KA]
Bateman, Eliza Waddington, b. 1874, d. 1973, [KA]
Bateman, Elizabeth, d. 9-25-1824 aged at death 27y, w/o Amos Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Elkanah, d. 1 Aug 1833 in 46th yr, [CG]
Bateman, Emily L., b. 8-27-1857, d. 2-2-1947, aged at death 89y 5m 5d, w/o C. Willis Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Emily T., b. 9-27-1844, d. 2-28-1892, [KA]
Bateman, Esli, no date,, age 1y 6m, [CG]
Bateman, Esther, d. 10-22-1886, aged at death 50y 9m 24d, [KA]
Bateman, Esther, d. 22 Oct 1846,, aged 59y 9m 14d, [CG]
Bateman, George, b. 1855, d. 1936, h/o Margaret T Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, George, d. 10 Mar 1825, aged 38y 5d, [CG]
Bateman, Hannah H., d. 12-26-1900, aged at death 88y 3 M, w/o Henry Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Hannah J., d. 1-2-181?, aged at death 11y 9m 24d, [KA]
Bateman, Hannah, b. 7-4-1793, d. 8-13-1870, w/o Reuben Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Hannah, d. 2 Jul 1814, aged 14 yrs 9 mo 24 da, d/o Moses & Hannah Bateman, [CG]
Bateman, Hannah, d. 3-19-1808, aged at death 36y 10m 16d, w/o Moses Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Hannah, d. 7 Dec 1789, aged 27 y 5 m 18 da, w/o Moses Bateman, [CG]
Bateman, Harry W., no dates, s/o C. Willis & Emily L. Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Harry W., no dates, Sgt. U.S. Army WWII, [KA]
Bateman, Henry, d. 12-19-1888, aged at death 72y 10 M, h/o Hannah H Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, James Jr., d. 7-21-1844, aged at death 29y, [KA]
Bateman, Joseph, b. 12-11-1788, d. 5-18-1874, aged at death 85y 5m 5d, h/o Mary Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Lydia, d. 10-22-1821, aged at death 12y, d/o Thomas & Lydia Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Lydia, d. 5-10-1851, aged at death 27y, w/o Thomas Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Margaret T., b. 1874, d. 1966, w/o George Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Mary W., d. 2-18-1927 aged at death 78y, [KA]
Bateman, Mary W., no dates, aged at death 11 M, [KA]
Bateman, Mary, d. 5-24-1857, aged at death 66y 4m 3d, w/o Joseph Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Moses Dr., d. at Billingsport in the service of the US, 7 Nov 1814 in 30th yr, [CG]
Bateman, Moses Esq, d. 12 Aug 1841 in 82nd yr., During the Rev. War he was in Gen. Washington's Army, [CG]
Bateman, Moses, d. 12-7-1789, aged at death 27y 5m 18d, h/o Hannah Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Moses, d. Jun 1832 in 7th yr, s/o Elkanah & Sobrinah Bateman, [CG]
Bateman, Nathaniel, d. ?-26-1815, aged at death 30y, [KA]
Bateman, Nehemiah, d. 31 Mar 1816, aged 24 yr and 30 da, s/o Moses & Hannah Bateman, [CG]
Bateman, Pearl, b. 1892, d. 1893, [KA]
Bateman, R. Stanton, b. 1872, d. 1955, [KA]
Bateman, Rae Stanton, b. 1850, d. 1938, [KA]
Bateman, Reuben, d. 17 Apr 1864 aged 75y 7mo 4da, [CG]
Bateman, Reuben, d. 4-17-1861, aged at death 25y 2m 4d, h/o Hannah Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Robert L., b. 1844, d. 1918, [KA]
Bateman, Ruth Jane, d. 8-30-1807, aged at death nearly 25y, w/o Aaron Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Ruth, d. 5-28-1868, aged at death 73y, w/o Charles W Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, Sobrinah E., d. 22 Nov 1855, aged 67yr 8mo 18da, w/o Elkanah Bateman, [CG]
Bateman, Susan, d. 6-24-1808 aged at death 20y, [KA]
Bateman, Thomas, d. 11-26-1857, aged at death 80y, h/o Lydia Bateman, [KA]
Bennett, E.B., F.B. and B.B, no dates, "Our children", [CG]
Bennett, Eleanor D., b. 20 Mar 1822 d. 2 Feb 1890, [CG]
Bennett, Eliza, d. 13 Jan 1892 in 64th yr., [CG]
Bennett, John F., d. 8 Apr 1879 in 84th yr, [CG]
Bennett, Josiah, d. 30 Aug 1885 in 88th yr, [CG]
Bennett, Lydia D., b. 4 Aug 1820 d. 30 Nov 1888, [CG]
Bennett, Nathan, d. 22 Jun 1818 in 66th yr, [CG]
Bennett, Samuel Sr, d. 18 Jul 1789 in 67th yr, [CG]
Bennett, Sarah A., d. 24 Dec 1873 in 74th yr., w/o John F. Bennett, [CG]
Bennett, Sarah E, d. 13 Jan 1864 in 62nd yr, w/o Josiah Bennett, [CG]
Bennett, Sarah, d. 10 Feb 1836 in 80th yr, w/o Nathan Bennett, [CG]
Bennett, Tabitha H., d. 14 May 1885 in 31st yr, w/o Nathaniel Bennett, [CG]
Bowen, Hannah, d. 21 Jan 1858 aged 83y, widow of Mason Bowen, [CG]
Bowen, Mason, d. 17 July 1826 aged 54y, [CG]
Briggs, Albert L., b. 1845, d. 1895, Co. C 6th Reg. N.Y. H Artillery, [KA]
Briggs, Hattie Ogden, b. 6-12-1844, d. 5-26-1895, [KA]
Burch, Eliza, d. 27 Apr 1894 in 91st yr, [CG]
Burch, James Capt, b. 22 Nov 1755 d. 22 Nov 1820, aged 65, a soldier of Revolutionary, [CG]
Burch, James S., b. 11-?-1755, d. 11-22-1820, Flag indicates he was in Rev War, [KA]
Burch, Thomas, d. 26 July 1812 in 64th yr, [CG]
Burt, Abigail F., b. 1858, d. 1948, W/o George B. Burt, [KA]
Burt, Amos S., d. 4-3-1900, aged at death 58y, Corp. Co K 12 Reg N.J. Vol., [KA]
Burt, Elsie H., b. 1890, d. 1963, W/o Sherman H. Burt, [KA]
Burt, Ethel J., b. 1880, d. 1888, [KA]
Burt, George B., b. 1856, d. 1945, H/o Abigail F. Burt, [KA]
Burt, Glendon, b. 1899, d. 1972, H/o Laura T. Burt, [KA]
Burt, Joseph R., b. 1901, d. 1966, H/o Marion E. Burt, [KA]
Burt, Laura T., b. 1906, d. 1987, W/o Glendon Burt, [KA]
Burt, Marion E., b. 1903, d. 1988, W/o Joseph R. Burt, [KA]
Burt, Sherman H., b. 1884, d. 1942, H/o Elsie H. Burt, [KA]
Campbell, "Our Boys", b. 1870, d. 1877, deaths between 1870 & 1877, more than 1 male child of David T & Alice M Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Alice Mulford, b. 1845, d. 1888, w/o David T Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Benjamin, b. 9-15-1848, d. 7-24-1850, d/o Thomas & Maria T Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, David T., b. 1839, d. 1906, h/o Alice Mulford Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Ella B., b. 1871, d. 1934, W/o Harry B. Caampbell, [KA]
Campbell, Emily J., b. 1-23-1859, d. 4-6-1930, W/o James M. Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Harriet A., b. 4-17-1838, d. 7-31-1839, d/o Thomas & Maria T Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Harry B., b. 1865, d. 1949, H/o Ella B Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, James M., b. 12-14-1854,d. 8-25-1906, H/o Emily J. Campbell, [KA]
Campbell,Jonathan M., d. 10-23-1883, aged 55y, 6th Regt. of Infantry Missouri Ind., [KA]
Chard, Theodosia, d. 15 Mar 1837 in 71st yr, [CG]
Clement, Georgia C., b. 1872, d. 1952, w/o Walter B Clement & d/o David T & Alice M Campbell, [KA]
Clement, Walter B., b. 1870, d. 1925, h/o Georgia C Clement, [KA]
Collins, Keziah, d. 2-23-1882, aged at death 23y, [KA]
Conner, Edmund R., d. 6 May 1849 in 22nd yr, s/o William & Jane Conner, [CG]
Conner, Louisa, d. Apr 1849, d/o William & Mary Conner, [CG]
Conner, Mary A. W., d. 27 Jul 1838, age 13m, d/o William & Mary Conner, [CG]
Conner, Nancy, d. 5-20-1851, aged at death 79y 4 M, w/o John Husted, [KA]
Conner, R. Francis, d. 25 Apr 1860 in 18th yr d/o William & Mary Conner, [CG]
Conner, William, d. 16 Jan 1877 in 76th y, [CG]
Conover, Father William, b. 16 Jun 1805 d. 28 Apr 1887, [CG]
Conover, Hannah O., d. 21 Jul 1847 aged 10 yr 5 mo, [CG]
Conover, Harriet L., d. 30 Jun 1877 in 38th yr., [CG]
Conover, Mother Joanna, b. 23 Jan 1804 d. 19 Apr 1882, [CG]
Conover, William F., d. 6 Jul 1858 aged 21 yr 11 mo 5 da, s/o William & Joanna Conover, [CG]
Dare, Charles G., b. 6 Jan 1849 d. 23 Jun 1854, s/o Dr. C. V. & H. O. Dare, [CG]
Dare, William S., b. 27 Mar 1851 d. 7 Jul 1853, s/o Dr. C. V. & H. O. Dare, [CG]
Diament, James, no dates, Flag 1861-1865 indicates he was in Civil War, [KA]
Diament, Theodosia, d. 8-19-1810 aged at death 51y 2m 27d, w/o James Diament, [KA]
Diament, Theophilus, d. 8-24-1805, aged at death 6y 4m 2d, s/o James & Theodosia Diament, [KA]
Elmer, Theodosida, d. 16 Apr 1795 in 37th yr, w/o Jon Elmer, [CG]
Elmer, Thomas, d. 23 Mar 1798, aged 5yr 11mo 6da, s/o John and Ruth Elmer, [CG]
Fithian, Hannah, d. 17 Oct 1831 in 58th yr., consort of Ephraim Fithian, [CG]
Fithian, Phoebe, d. 3 Mar 1882, aged 62 yr, [CG]
Fithian, Vaelarini(sp?), d. 9 Mar 1838 aged 22 yr., d/o Ephriam & Hannah, [CG]
Fulee, Sarah, d. 21 Jul 1838 in 29th yr, [CG]
Gandy, Rebecca, b. 3-27-1811, d. 11-27-1882, Relict of Henry W Conner, [KA]
Gandy,Sheppard, d. 1-23-1818, aged at death 74y, [KA]
Gibson, Jacob, b. 5-15-1840,d. 11-8-1915, aged 75y, Co I 10 Regt. NJ Vol., [KA]
Hand, Craig Elmer, b. 12-2-1886, d. 11-30-1887, s/o George W & Mary C Hand, [KA]
Hand, George W., b. 3-11-1857, d. 11-2-1939, h/o Mary C Hand, [KA]
Hand, Mary C., b. 4-22-1858, d. 10-27-1929, w/o George W Hand, [KA]
Hand, Rachel, d. 24 Sept 1829, age 41y 11m 29d, consort of Richard Hand
Harris, Ephraim, Esq., d. 2 Nov 1794 in 63rd yr, [CG]
Harris, James, Esq., d. 29 Sept 1803, aged 64 yrs. 4 mos. 22 days, [CG]
Harris, Judith, d. 21 Dec 1805 in 53rd yr., [CG]
Harris, Susannah, d. 27 July 1808 in 51st yr, w/o Jeremiah Harris and formerly relict of Burgin Bateman
Hildreth, Hannah, d. 24 Mar 1813 in 53rd yr, w/o David Hildreth, [CG]
Hitchner, Catherine, b. 12-18-1852, d. 1-9-1926, w/o John C Hitchner, [KA]
Hitchner, Clara May, b. 2-21-1876, d. 4-5-1883, [KA]
Hitchner, Hanna F., b. 1851 d. 1919, w/o Jacob M Hitchner, [KA]
Hitchner, Jacob M., b. 1845, d. 1918, h/o Hannah F Hitchner, [KA]
Hitchner, John C., b. 1-12-1843, d. 2-21-1916, h/o Catherine Hitchner, [KA]
Hitchner, Nelson, no dates, aged at death 4 weeks, [KA]
Hood, James, d. 29 Mar 1796 in 57th yr, [CG]
Hood, Temperance, d. 6 Nov 1801 w/o James Hood in 57th yr, [CG]
Howell, Henry, no dates, [CG]
Howell, John T.H, s/o Henry Howell no dates, [CG]
Howell, Mariah H., d. 29 Sept 1812 aged 7mo 1da, d/o Henry & Margaret P. Howell, [CG]
Hughes, John J., d. 5-18-1860, [KA]
Husted, David, d. 4-19-1804, aged at death 42y 2 M, h/o Sarah Husted, [KA]
Husted, Elizabeth, d. 9-23-1863, aged at death 37y, [KA]
Husted, Henry N, d. 5-28-1890, aged at death 72y, h/o Lette P. Husted, [KA]
Husted, Henry, d. 11-30-1778, [KA]
Husted, John, d. 6-16-1819 aged at death 29y 2m 18d, h/o Nancy (Conner) Husted, [KA]
Husted, Lette P., d. 8-5-1850, aged at death 33y 10m 18d, w/o Henry N Husted, [KA]
Husted, M----, b. 18 Oct 1841 d. 14 Sept 1877, w/o Seth B. Husted, [CG]
Husted, Phebe, d. 4-20-1856, aged at death 35y, [KA]
Husted, Sarah, d. 9-29-1809, aged at death 38y 9m 28d, w/o David Husted, [KA]
Johnson, Abel, b. 1 Jul 1813 d. 2 Oct 1885, [CG]
Johnson, Eliza, b. 15 Jul 1853 d. 25 Sept 1861, d/o Abel & Tamson Johnson, [CG]
Johnson, Tamson, b. 1 Aug 1818 d. 20 Apr 1887, [CG]
Livingston, Justus H., b. 1837, d. 1921, Co K 12th Reg. N.J. Vol., [KA]
Lummis, Hannah, d. 12 Jul 1813 in 25th yr, [CG]
Lummis, Rachel Ogden, d. 10 Aug 1815 aged 29 yr., w/o George Lummis, [CG]
Lummis, Robert Smith, d. 14 Oct 1814 in 12th yr, s/o David & Eliza S. Lummis, [CG]
Mattison, Matilda, d. 1 Aug 1824 in 26th yr., w/o Harris B. Mattison, [CG]
Montgomery, George Henry, b. 1 Dec 1852 d. 5 Apr 1854, s/o John & Martha Montgomery, [CG]
Moore, Benjamin K, d. 7-4-1851 aged at death 35y, [KA]
Moore, C. Lewis, b. 1858, d. 1924, [KA]
Moore, John, no dates, h/o Rebecca Moore, [KA]
Moore, Mary S., b. 1877, d. 1948, w/o Walter V Moore, [KA]
Moore, Ollie E., b. 1871, d. 1939, [KA]
Moore, Phebe C., b. 4-10-1806, d. 2-7-18??, aged at death 13y 10M, d/o John & Rebecca Moore, [KA]
Moore, Rebecca, no dates, w/o John Moore, [KA]
Moore, Walter V., b. 1875, d. 1935, h/o Mary S Moore, [KA]
Newcomb, Dayton Col., d. 3-22-1809, aged at death 57y, h/o Prudence Newcomb, Flag indicates he was in Rev War, [KA]
Newcomb, Prudence, d. 6-30-1802, aged at death 47y, w/o Dayton Newcomb, [KA]
Ogden, Abigail, d. 2-22-1818, aged at death 57y, Consort of John Ogden, [KA]
Ogden, Adrian, b. 9-6-1810, d. 5-23-1861, [KA]
Ogden, Albert B., b. 9-10-1842 d.4-8-1843, [KA]
Ogden, Charles, no dates, [KA]
Ogden, Cornelius, d. 5 Jul 1798 aged 8mo, c/o Benjamin S. and Nancy his wife, [CG]
Ogden, Eleanor B., b. 8-20-1845, d. 10-28-1845, [KA]
Ogden, Eleanor D., b. 1-1-1816, d. 2-2-1897, [KA]
Ogden, Francis S., b. 6-2-1840, d. 12-1-1840, [KA]
Ogden, Hannah, d. 6 Apr 1785, aged 7m 22d, d/o John & Abigail Ogden, [CG]
Ogden, Isaac, d. 16 Jun 1796 aged 1 da, c/o Benjamin S. and Nancy his wife, [CG]
Ogden, James Capt., b. 1-1-1753 d. 7-21-1822, h/o Ruth Ogden, Flag indicates he was in Rev War, [KA]
Ogden, Jane B., b. 3-12-1839, d. 7-18-1839, [KA]
Ogden, Jason, d. 8-4-1804, aged at death 58y, h/o Joannah Ogden, Flag 1861-1865 indicates he was in Civil War, [KA]
Ogden, Joannah, d. 4-12-1804, aged at death 57y, w/o Jason Ogden, [KA]
Ogden, John G., d. 11-1815 aged at death 25y 6 M, [KA]
Ogden, John, d. 27 Jun 1832 in 77th yr., was a member of this church 34 years 29 of which he was a ruling Elder, [CG]
Ogden, John, no dates, his stone says Abigail Ogden was his "consort", [KA]
Ogden, Josiah, d. 8-28-1857, aged at death 81y 2 M, [KA]
Ogden, Mary B., d. 8-6-1886, aged at death 87y, w/o Thomas S Ogden, [KA]
Ogden, Mary Teresa S., b. 1-17-1844, d. 12-15-1939, [KA]
Ogden, Nancy, d. 22 Aug 1790 aged 4d, c/o Benjamin S. and Nancy his wife, [CG]
Ogden, Nathan, d. 4-20-1782, [KA]
Ogden, Nathaniel B., b. 4-13-1853, d. 2-22-1823, [KA]
Ogden, Nathaniel, d. 26 Apr 1782 in 5th yr, [CG]
Ogden, Obed, d. 15 Mar 1794 aged 12 mo, c/o Benjamin S. and Nancy his wife, [CG]
Ogden, Ruth, b. 5-4-1771, d. 9-1-1851, w/o Capt. James Ogden, [KA]
Ogden, Sarah, d. 1 Nov 1809 aged 74 yrs., widow of Thomas Ogden, [CG]
Ogden, Sarah, d. 11-18-??, [KA]
Ogden, Sarah, d. ?-29-1806, [KA]
Ogden, Susan, d. 10-2-1870, aged at death 55y, [KA]
Ogden, Thomas S., no dates, aged at death 59y 8m 8d, h/o Mary B Ogden, [KA]
Ogden, Thomas, d. 12-23-1785, aged at death 65y, [KA]
Ogden, Thomas, d. 23 Dec 1785 aged 65 yr, [CG]
Ogden, Violetta, d. 14 Nov 1788 aged 17d, c/o Benjamin S. and Nancy his wife, [CG]
Ogden, Zephaniah, b. 8 Sept 1792 d. 30 Apr 1848, [CG]
Ogden, Zepharina, b. 9-8-1792, d. 4-30-1848, [KA]
Pancoast, Ellsworth W., b. 1889, d. 1966, h/o Marion E Pancoast, [KA]
Pancoast, John F., b. 2-24-1917, d. 2-25-1972, NJ PHM1 U.S. Navy WWII, [KA]
Pancoast, Marion E., b. 1888, d. 1964, w/o Ellsworth W Pancoast, [KA]
Parvin, Bathshebe, d. 9-28-1801, aged at death 72y, w/o Theophulus Parvin, [KA]
Parvin, Theophulus, d. 10-1805, aged at death 31y, h/o Bathshebe Parvin, [KA]
Parvin, Theophulus, d. 12-1833 aged at death 33y, s/o Theophulus & Bathshebe Parvin, [KA]
Pine, Benjamin, d. 2-20-1867, aged 39y 6m 9dy, H/o Susan (Campbell) Pine, [KA]
Pine, Susan, b. 1-12-1834, d. 9-17-1918, (Nee Campbell), W/o Benjamin Pine
Powell, Emily B., d. 10-21-1853, aged at death 1y 9m 10d, [KA]
Powell, Henry, d. 12-10-1861, aged at death 55y, h/o Rebecca S Powell, [KA]
Powell, Rebecca S., d. 7 July 1865 aged 55yr 5mo 26da, w/o Henry Powell, [CG]
Powell, Ruth B., d. 6-9-1851, aged at death 15y 8m 10d, d/o Henry & Rebecca S Powell, [KA]
Preston, William, d. 13 Sept 1786 aged 25 yrs, [CG]
Seeley, Tamson, d. 15 Dec 1824 in 44th yr, [CG]
Shaw, Mary, d. 10-9-1824, aged at death 81y, w/o Daniel Elmer &, w/o Mancah Lummis, [KA]
Shaw, Mary, d. 9 Oct 1824 in 84th yr, successively the w/o Daniel Elmer & Manoah Lummis, [CG]
Sheppard, Anna P, d. 6-18-1870, aged at death 19y 5m 18d, d/o Nathan L & Caroline Sheppard, [KA]
Sheppard, Caroline, d. 2-2-1863, w/o Nathan L Sheppard, [KA]
Sheppard, Eliza W., b. 1877, d. 1877, [KA]
Sheppard, Elizabeth L., b. 7-20-1812, d. 3-21-1871, w/o William Sheppard, [KA]
Sheppard, Florence L., b. 1888 d.1888, [KA]
Sheppard, Furman M., b. 1889, d. 1889, [KA]
Sheppard, George D., b. 1883, d. 1884, [KA]
Sheppard, Harrison W., b. 1849, d. 1924, [KA]
Sheppard, Harry S., b. 1875, d. 1895, [KA]
Sheppard, Henry W., b. 12-18-1832, d. 2-14-1850, s/o William & Elizabeth L Sheppard, [KA]
Sheppard, Jacob D., b. 1850, d. 1940, h/o Mary J Sheppard, [KA]
Sheppard, Jacob H., b. 1892, d. 1894, [KA]
Sheppard, James H., b. 10-13-1844 d. 3-15-1856, s/o William & Elizabeth L Sheppard, [KA]
Sheppard, Martha, d. 18 Jul 1847 in 8th yr, [CG]
Sheppard, Martha, d. 7-18-1817, aged at death 8y, [KA]
Sheppard, Mary J., b. 1852, d. 1899, w/o Jacob D Sheppard, [KA]
Sheppard, Nathan L. Jr., b. 30 Jun 1855 d. 30 May 1913, [CG]
Sheppard, Nathan L. Sr., b. 31 Oct 1828 d. 21 Dec 1904, [CG]
Sheppard, Nathan L., b. 10-31-1828 d. 12-24-1864, h/o Caroline Sheppard, [KA]
Sheppard, Nathan, d. 3-?-1835, aged at death 58y, [KA]
Sheppard, Nathan, d. 9 Mar 1855 in 58th yr, [CG]
Sheppard, Rachel J., b. 5-27-1844, d. 12-26-1848, d/o William & Elizabeth L Sheppard, [KA]
Sheppard, Sarah B., d. 11 Jan 1881 in 84th yr, w/o Nathan Sheppard, [CG]
Sheppard, William, b. 7-18-1806, d. 7-14-1881, h/o Elizabeth L Sheppard, [KA]
Shull, David L., b. 8-29-1830, d. 3-17-1840, s/o David R. & Sarah Ann Shull, [KA]
Shull, Sarah Ann, b. 3-7-1818, d. 12-5-1840, d/o David R. & Sarah Ann Shull, [KA]
Smith, Asa Col, b. 10-24-1771 d. 9-27-1836, [KA]
Socwell, Benjamin Franklin, Civil War soldier, d. 5 Jul 1863, 22y 3m, s/o Sherrerd & Sarah Socwell, [CG]
Socwell, Sarah A., b. 22 May 1817 d. 15 Sept 1904, w/o Sherrerd, [CG]
Socwell, Sherrerd, b. 22 Dec 1806 d. 6 Oct 1890 in 78th yr, [CG]
Stratton, Abigail, d. 10 Dec 1785 in 44th yr, w/o Levi Stratton, [CG]
Stratton, Edward, d. 27 Aug 1809 aged 4mo 9da, s/o Daniel & Jane Stratton, [CG]
Stratton, Levi, d. 16 Feb 1792 in 49th yr, [CG]
Stratton, Robert, d. 16 Aug 1812 aged 4mo 16da, s/o Daniel & Jane Stratton, [CG]
Sutton, Amy, Mar 16, 1888, d. Aug 16, 1907, w/o Clarence M. Sutton, [MS]
Sutton, Carolyn Scythes, Aug 18, 1890, d. Jan 6, 1970, [MS]
Sutton, Casper S., Aug 30, 1857, d. Aug 28, 1929, [MS]
Sutton, Chucky, 1940, d. 1966, [MS]
Sutton, Clarence M. Jr., Nov 15, 1912, d. Apr 18, 1982, [MS]
Sutton, Frank B., Aug 14, 1894, d. Nov 5, 1918, [MS]
Sutton, Hannah P., Mar 13, 1864, d. Jan 31, 1912, [MS]
Sutton, Leon H., 1907, d. 1931, [MS]
Thompson, Sarah, d. 24 Jul 1851 aged 29yr 5mo., w/o Thomas H. Thompson, [CG]
Trenchard, Eleanor, b. 20 Aug 1782 d. 8 Apr 1815 aged 32y 7m 18d, w/o John Trenchard, [CG]
Trenchard, Eleanor, b. 31 Mar 1815 d. 6 Apr 1879, [CG]
Trenchard, Hannah L. Pierson, b. 1 Oct 1793 d. 17 Feb, 1862 in 69th yr, w/o John Trenchard, [CG]
Trenchard, James H., d. 8 Jul 1810 aged 5mo 27da, s/o John & Eleanor Trenchard, [CG]
Trenchard, Jennie, b. 13 Feb 1835 d. 17 Aug 1871, [CG]
Trenchard, John, b. 21 Jul 1783 d. 6 Jul 1863 in 80th yr, [CG]
Trenchard, Theodosia, d/o John & Eleanor Trenchard d. 26 Dec 1805 ages 2mo 12 da, [CG]
Westcott, Amos Esq., d. 2 Jul 1815 in 73rd yr., [CG]
Westcott, Henry, d. 10-14-185?, aged at death 88y, [KA]
Westcott, Henry, d. 14 Oct 1850 in 83rd yr., [CG]
Westcott, Rhoda Esq, d. 8 Dec 1794 in 48th yr, once the w/o Amos Westcott, [CG]
Whitakar, Jeremiah, d. 18 Jun 1814 in 60th yr, [CG]
Whitakar, Sarah, d. 8 Jan 1833 in 76th yr, [CG]
Whiteaker, Betsey, d. 4-17-1816, aged at death 55y, w/o Carll Whitaker, [KA]
Whiteaker, Carll, d. 10-20-1824, h/o Betsey Whitaker, [KA]
Whitekar, Mariah, d. 19 Oct 1829 aged 26y 6m 17d, [CG]
Whiticar, Bertha, d. 12 Dec 1787 in 75th yr, "once the relect" of John Ogden, Esq, [CG]
Whiticar, Jane H., d. 18 Jul 1835 in 36th yr, w/o William Conner, [CG]

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