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Little Lost Cemetery
Parsippany, Morris County, New Jersey

Littleton Rd
Parsippany, NJ

Lat: 4052'02"N, Lon: 7425'01"W

Contributed by Richard Hrazanek, Apr 24, 2002 [rhrazanek@yahoo.com].  Total records = 14.

The Little Lost Cemetery is located directly behind the District # 6 firehouse on Littleton Road, on a hill directly below Route 287.

I walked and recorded this cemetery on April 22, 2002. It is a complete listing. One note, one of the children named Angel has a stone which is illegible.

The cemetery is believed to have belonged to an orphanage. Little Lost cemetery is lovingly maintained by the firefighters of the District # 6 firehouse. They have planted many flowers and bushes and have also installed bird houses and benches, turning the area into a park like setting.

- Richard Hrazanek

??, Angel, no dates
Bowman, Maud, b. 9 Aug 1893, d. 29 Apr 1896
Bradley, Clarence, b. 23 Jul 1888, d. 10 May 1892
Daly, Fanny, b. 4 Nov 1894, d. 24 Jun 1906
Esposito, Rose, b. 28 Jan 1899, d. 29 Jan 1903
Hamm, Lizzie, b. 4 Mar 1898, d. 8 Sep 1902
Kimble, Lucy, d. 20 Jun 1887, age: 4y,
McCarty, Ida, b. 5 Jul 1888, d. 26 Jul 1904
Meslar, Vliet, d. 3,Jan 1895, age: 4y
Morgan, Frank, b. 16 May 1892, d. 20 May 1899
Peckwill, Raymond, b. 10 Jun 1890, d. 30 Apr 1896
Richards, Samuel, b. 28 Feb 1897, d. 7 Jan 1899
Seray, John E., b. 14 Apr 1882, d. 9,Sep 1893
Shawger, Frances, b. 4 Jul 1874, d. 14 May 1892


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