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Lee Cemetery
Lee, Oneida County, New York

Contributed by Kathleen L. Last, Feb. 2000 [kllast@juno.com]. Total records = 390.

This cemetery listing was coped by Kathleen L. Last and Virginia Ackerman on November 18, 1998. The front section of the cemetery is the oldest part of the cemetery with the earliest date being 1835.

FRONT SECTION (old part):
Armstrong, Alexander, b.1849, d.1918
Armstrong, Jesse T., b.1870, d.1950
Armstrong, Sadie M., b.1895, d.1948
Armstrong, Doris J., b.(May 21), 1926, d.(Dec.), 1986, dau (of Jesse T. & Sadie M. Armstrong)
Austin, Simon J., b.1850, d.1918
Austin, Ellen Wood, b.1854, d.1928, (dau of William Wood)
Austin, Howard C., b.1891, d.(Mar. 21), 1973
Austin, Florence Cassidy, b.1893, d.(May 8), 1974
Babcock, Mailton, b.1847, d.1918
Babcock, Cenella, b.1851, d.1944
Baker, Martin, d.Jul. 7, 1890, aged 74 yrs
Baker, Margaret, d.Dec. 5, 1901 aged 78 yrs, wife (of Martin Baker)
Baker, Martin H., d.Sep. 24, 1873, aged 26 yrs 15 dys, son of Martin & Margaret Baker
Baker, Elizabeth E., d.Dec. 11, 1863, aged 8 yrs 11 mos, dau of Martin & Margaret Baker
Baker, Frank, d.Feb. 9, 1856, aged 3 mos
Baker, Hattie, b.1851, d.1919
Baker, George E., d.Feb. 18, 1848, aged 4 yrs 5 mos
Baker, Charles E., b.Sep. 7, 1863, d.Jan. 19, 1914
Ballard, Willard W. d.June 3, 1864, Capt. Co. I 81st Regt. NY V, d.in battle at Cold Harbor, Virginia, aged 38 yrs
Ballard, Martha I., d.Sep. 10, 1889, aged 60 yrs, wife of Capt. W. Ballard
Ballard, Eugene, d.Jul. 25, 1864, a member of Co. I 81st. NY Vols., aged 16 yrs, son of Willard & Martha Ballard
Ballard, Willard West, b.1859, d.1932
Ballard, Florence Cheney, b.1871, d.1928
Barnard, Alpheus, d.Aug. 21, 1871
Barnard, Caroline Richmond, b.May 6, 1833, d.Aug. 21, 1896, wife of Alpheus Barnard
Barnard, Squire A., d.Jul 8, 1871 aged 8 yrs 3 mos
Barnard, Jennie, d.Jan. 7, 1861, age, dau of A. & C. Barnard
Barnard, Benjamin, d.Feb. 1, 1864, aged 62 yrs
Barnard, George H., d.Mar. 4, 1869, aged 38 yrs 2 mos
Barnard, Harvey J., d.Oct. (?),1863, son of Benjamin Barnard
Barnard, John (Sr.), d.Oct. 6, 1865, aged 67 yrs 7 mos
Barnard, Mary (Smith), d.May 6, 1897 aged 88 yrs 6 mos, (dau of Levi Smith), wife of John Barnard
Barnard, Jay, b.June 5, 1842, d.Dec. 20, 1901, (son of John & Mary Smith Barnard)
Barnard, E. Orissa (Sexton), b.1848, d.1913, (dau of George & Emeline Sexton Castle), wife (of Jay Barnard)
Barnard, John (Jr.), d.Apr. 29, 1908, (age 74 yrs), (son of John & Mary Smith Barnard)
Barnard, Mary E. (Campbell),(born Jan. 24, 1829), d.May 8, 1907, (dau of Frank & Elizabeth Campbell), wife (of John Barnard (Jr.)
Barnard, Mary E., d.Jan. 8, 1944, (dau of John Jr. & Mary Campbell Barnard)
Barnard, Fred J., b.(Apr. 13), 1859, d.(Mar. 5), 1935, (son of John Jr. & Mary Campbell Barnard)
Barnard, Celia Davis, b.1857, d.1927, wife of Fred J. Barnard
Barnard, Clark, d.Dec. 12, 1864, aged 26 yrs 2 mos
Barnard, Caroline S., d.Nov. 23, 1865, aged 26 yrs 7 mos 15 dys, wife of Clark Barnard
Barnard, Ella, d.Dec. 7, 1864, aged 6 mos 19 dys, dau of Clark & Caroline S. Barnard
Barney, Levi D., d.Sep. 7, 1878, aged 26 yrs, Co. C 61st NYV Inf.
Bates, Elmer O., b.1886, d.(Feb. 23), 1979
Bates, Genevieve, b.1882, d.(Feb. 3), 1985
Bates, Genevieve, b.1920, d.1920
Bates, Tuttle, b.1918, d.(Jun. 16), 1919, (son of Elmer Bates)
Bates, Clayton E., b.1914, d.1942, Ens. US Navy Pilot Patrol, Sqd 82, gave his life in combat
Becker, William A., d.Mar. 21, 1924, aged 81 yrs, Co. F 100 NY Inf.
Benedict, Loryette, d.Jun. 9, 1864, aged 5 yrs 1mo 7 dys, dau of Benjamin & Ann Benedict
Bird, William T., b.1851, d.1916
Blasier, Ichabod, d.Dec. 8, 1882, aged 58 yrs 1 mo 29 dys
Blasier, Elizabeth M., d.Nov. 13, 1881, aged 54 yrs 2 mos 17 dys, wife (of Ichabod Blasier)
Blasier, Carrie, d.Feb. 25, 1874, aged 11 yrs 10 mos 21 dys
Brown, Carrie, b.1860, d.1913, wife of Warren J. Brown
Brown, Levi K., d.May 1, 1881, aged 51 yrs, Capt. Co. E 117th Regt. NYSV
Brown, Sarah, b.1831, d.1914, wife of Levi K. Brown
Button, William R., d.May 8, 1931, age 90 yrs, Co. C 81st Regt. NY Vol.
Campbell, E. L., d.Nov. 20, 1892, aged 25 yrs
Campbell, Moses, b.1828, d.1905
Campbell, Sarah Emeline, b.1836, d.1925
Campbell, Lawrence, b.1827, d.1922
Campbell, Mary, b.1840, d.1922, wife (of Lawrence Campbell)
Campbell, Giles, b.(Oct. 7), 1864, d.(Oct. 7), 1912
(Campbell), Arthur Giles, b.(May 2), 1888, d.(Sep. ), 1968
Campbell, William, b.1825, d.1916
Cheney, Fred M., b.1857, d.1916
Cheney, Harriet Ballard, b.1856, d.1915
Conrad, Burton, b.1847, d.1933
Conrad, Celia (Blasier), b.(Nov. 5), 1853, d.(May 30), 1930, (dau of Ichabod Blasier), wife (of Burton Conrad)
Cooley, Fayette S., b.1826, d.1884
Cooley, Elizabeth L., b.1835, d.1915
Coolidge, Karl H., b.1912, d.(no date)
Coolidge, Geraldine Burdick, b.1913, d.(no date), wife (of Karl H. Coolidge), married Apr. 27, 1946
Deniet, Blanche Tuttle, b.1885, d.(Aug. 8), 1980
Durst, Alpheus, b.Feb. 19, 1820, d.Aug. 3, 1881
Durst, Lydia E., b.Oct. 28, 1830, d.May 12, 1893, wife of Alpheus Durst
Durst, Almeda, d.May 30, 1885, aged 39 yrs
Durst, Albert, b.1853, d.1907
Edgarton, Lucy B., b.1883, d.1941
Evans, Adelbert E., b.1882, d.1922
Evans, Mae C., b.1886, d.(Oct. 25), 1976, wife (of Adelbert Evans)
Evans, Willis A., b.1904, d.1947
Evans, Eva Mae, b.1906, d.(Dec. 25), 1976, wife (of Willis A. Evans)
Evans, Evelyn P., b.1923, d.(Aug. 24), 1930, dau of Willis A. Evans)
Fenton, Nabby B., b.Aug. 31, 1797, d.Sep. 3, 1874
Fetterly, Charles, b.1833, d.(no date)
Fetterly, Catherine E., b.1831, d.1915, wife (of Charles Fetterly)
Fibiger, Herman W., b.Mar. 19, 1916, d.Oct. 29, 1983
Fibiger, Mary Teelin, b.Jan. 28, 1921, d.(no date)
Fibiger, Frederick H., b.Feb. 21, 1889, d.Jan. 9, 1972
Fibiger, Katherine Mueller, b.Jul. 16, 1891, d.Jul. 21, 1984
Fibiger, James J., b.Oct. 29, 1948, d.Jan. 5, 1955
Fike, Theodore E., b.1905, d.1937
Fike, Lloyd A., b.1909, d.1929
Fike, George, b.1876, d.1952
Fike, Pauline, b.1876, d.1953
Fike, Francis G., b.1907, d.(Mar. 21), 1973
Fike, Mable A. Brown, b.1904, d.1941, wife (of Francis G. Fike)
Fike, Genevieve G. Gaughran, b.1896, d.(Feb. 27), 1973
Fisher, Charles, b.1877, d.1940
Fisher, Margaret Fuller, b.1894, d.1990, wife (of Charles Fisher)
Fisher, Bertha Creppinger, b.1855, d.1938
Fisher, William, b.1822, d.1902
Fisher, Mary R., b.1830, d.1896, wife (of William Fisher)
Ford, Lillian (Forgeon) Gregory, b.1881, d.(Aug. 21), 1911 (dau of Peter Josephine Foregeon)
Forgeon, Francis E., b.(Apr. 9), 1879, d.(Feb. 1), 1942, (son of John & Josephine Barshe Forgeon)
Forgeon, Elizabeth (Gregory), b.(Feb, 17), 1882, d.(Jun. 10), 1957, (dau of Joshua & Viola Litts Gregory), wife (of Francis Forgeon)
Forgeon, Dorothy E., b.1906, d.1921
Frisbie, Alice E., b.1865, d.1951
Fuller, Theodore, b.1860, d.1936
Fuller, Abbie E., b.1859, d.1938
Fuller, Walter G., (no dates)
Fuller, Theo. H., (no dates)
Fuller, Eli, (no dates)
Gregory, Norman L., b.1885, d.(Jun. 10), 1933, (son of Joshua & Viola Litts Gregory)
Gregory, A. Maude Russell, b.1882, d.(Oct. 30), 1980, wife of Norman L. Gregory
Gregory, Russell N., b.1916, d.(no date), son (of Norman & A. Maude Gregory)
Gregory, Dorothy B. Metott, b.1926, d.(no date), wife (of Russell N. Gregory)
Gregory, Alice M., b.1910, d.1911, dau of Norman & A. Maude Gregory
Gregory, Joshua T., b.1855, d.1940
Gregory, Viola, b.(Sep. 15), 1857, d.(Mar. 18), 1935, (dau of Justice & Phoebe Parcell Litts), wife (of Joshua T. Gregory)
Gregory, J. Dora, b.1877, d.1890, son (of Joshua T. & Viola Gregory)
Gregory, Stewart L., b.1878, d.1905, son (of Joshua & Viola Gregory)
Hall, Forest W., b.1894, d.(Apr. 4), 1986
Hall, Marion W., b.1896, d.(Jan. 30), 1984
Hallman, Lewis W., b.Sep. 28, 1924, d.Feb. 14, 1991, Cpl US Army WW II
Hallman, Joan J., b.1929, d.(no date)
Harding, Lorenzo D., b.1827, d.1886
Herrick, Hattie A., b.1871, d.1875
Herrick, mother (no name), b.1837, d.1914
Herrick, father (no name), b.1825, d.1911
Howland, Ira J., b.Sep. 21, 1833 d.Aug. 28, 1902
Howland, Elizabeth West, b.Jan. 22, 1839, d.Jun. 9, 1907, wife (of Ira J. Howland)
Hyde, Michael, d.Dec. 12, 1902, aged 73 yrs
Hyde, Margaret, d.June 18, 1894, aged 65 yrs, wife of Michael Hyde
Hyde, Edgar B., b.1868, d.1962
Hyde, George, b.Jul. 3, 1807, d.Oct. 15, 1887
Hyde, Barbara M., b.Apr. 11, 1807, d.Oct. 23, 1884, wife (of George Hyde)
Hyde, Jesse M., b.1885, d.1944
Hyde, Jennie E. Ferguson, b.1887, d.1991, wife (of Jesse M. Hyde)
Hyde, William N., b.1890, d.1937
Hyde, J. Franklin, b.1857, d.1918
Hyde, Catherine A., b.1854, d.1922
Hyde, John, b.1848, d.1914
Hyde, Mary L., b.1848, d.1916, wife (of John Hyde)
Hyde, Mable Wood, b.1882, d.1965
Hyde, DeForest, b.1883, d.1945
Lane, Philander, d.Aug. 3, 1877, aged 43, Co. F 14th NYV yrs 2 mos 11 dys
Lane, William E., b.1866, d.1903
Lawrence, Seth, b.1841, d.1910
Lawrence, Reney Bridenbaker, b.1855, d.(no date), wife (of Seth Lawrence)
Lawrence, Henriette Bridenbaker, b.1832, d.1911
Lawrence, Charles, b.1856, d.(no date), son (of Henriette Bridenbaker Lawrence)
Limberger, Katherine Hyde, b.1870, d.1922
Lindridge, Thomas, b.1820, d.1903
Lindridge, Mary J., b.1818, d.1901, wife (of Thomas Lindridge)
Litts, Justus, (no dates)
Litts, Phebe, b.1816, d.1890, wife (of Justus Litts)
Litts, Judson, b.1853, d.1885, son (of Justus & Phebe Litts)
Lohnes, Mary Durst, b.1855, d.1902
Mack, Earl E., b.1887, d.1908
Mack, F. Eugene, b.1846, d.1933
Mack, Isabel Klock, b.1860, d.1937
Mack, Hezekiah, d.Mar. 16, 1879, aged 66 yrs 7 mos, Children of Hezekiah & Lucy Mack:
Mack, Irvin S., d.Apr. 7, 1837, aged 10 mos 3 dys
Mack, Elizabeth, d.Mar. 2, 1835 aged 16 dys
Mack, George S., d.Nov. 19, 1840 aged 2 yrs 5 mos 19 dys
Mack, William, d.Jun. 27, 1841 aged 8 mos 13 dys
Mack, Harriet, d.Feb. 12, 1843 aged 8 mos 25 dys
Matteson, Jesse, d.Jul. 30, 1870, aged 79 yrs
Matteson,Sarah, d.Nov. 10, 1874, aged 77 yrs, wife (of Jesse Matteson)
Matteson, Benjamin C., d.Mar. 27, 1877, aged 50 yrs 2 mos
Matteson, Emily R., d.May 26, 1876, aged 43 yrs 10 mos, wife of Benjamin Matteson
Matteson,Jesse, d.Aug. 15, 1864, aged 10 yrs 8 mos 22 dys, son of Benjamin & Emily Matteson
Matteson, Jessie E., d.Feb. 6, 1872, aged 6 yrs 8 mos
Matteson, Jesse, d.Aug. 18, 1865, aged 10 yrs 11 mos
Matteson, Sarah, d.Aug. 16, 1826, aged 2 yrs
Matteson, Adelia Ann, d.Mar. 10, 1829, aged 5 yrs 10 mos
Matteson, Maria, d.Sep. 18, 1834, aged 4 yrs 7 mos
Matteson, Martha A., d.Aug. 16, 1843, aged 22 yrs
Matthews, Earl L., b.1892, d.1958
Matthews, Leta C., b.1897, d.1989
Metott, Kenneth L., b.1919, d.(no date)
Metott, Dorothy M. Gregory, b.1918, d.1996, wife of Kenneth L.Metott
Miller, Margaret Fuller Fisher, b.1894, d.1990
Miller, Martin, d.Dec. 17, 1863, aged 69 yrs 7 mos
Miller, Elizabeth, d.July 28, 1862, aged 68 yrs 5 mos, wife of Martin Miller
Miller, Betsey Loomis, d.Nov. 25, 1902, aged 76 yrs
Neiss, Raymond E., b.June 25, 1874, d.Oct. 5, 1903
Neiss, David B., b.1856, d.1931
Neiss, Bessie Smith, b.1866, d.1919
Neiss, Claud E., b.1902, d.1902
Neiss, Jacob E., b.1905, d.1906
Neiss, Frank J., b.1876, d.1943
Neiss, Daniel, b.1852, d.1928
Neiss, Mary (Tyler), b.1861, d.(Jun. 3), 1910, (dau of V. Tyler) wife (of Daniel Neiss)
Neiss, Randall D., b.Aug. 7, 1898, d.May 29, 1969
Neiss, Charles H., b.1869, d.1929
Neiss, Mary J., b.1860, d.19(no date)
Parcell, William, b.Oct. 26, 1790, d.Oct. 12, 1870
Parcell, Martha, b.Aug. 7, 1798, d.Mar. 15, 1873, wife (of William Parcell)
Parcell, William H. Jr., b.Nov. 30, 1828, d.Mar. 18, 1881, Co. E 24th NY Cavalry
Parr, Carrie, b.1841, d.1917
Parsell, Anna Jane, d.June 22, 1840, dau of John & Angeline Parsell
Pelton, William H., b.1833, d.1908
Pelton, Phoebe A. Mooney, b.1838, d.1898, wife (of William H. Pelton)
Pelton, William H., b.1861, d.1931
Pelton, Nellie Drake, b.1863, d.1928, wife (of William H. Pelton)
Pelton, George, d.Feb. 16, 1898, aged 56 yrs, Co. I 26th Regt. NY Vol
Putnam, David, d.Feb. 22, 1900, aged 74 yrs
Putnam, Almeda M., d.Feb. 6, 1904, aged 76 yrs, wife (of David Putnam)
Riegler, Ernest, b.1890, d.1925
Riegler, Leah Sykes, b.1892, d.1918, wife (of Ernest Riegler)
Russell, Robert F., b.1854, d.1943
Russell, Alice T. Armstrong, b.1854, d.1942, wife of Robert F. Russell
Russell, Franklin (stone buried)
Russell, Elizabeth P., d.Nov. 3, 1924, aged 80 yrs, soldier widow
Sheldon, George J., b.(Jun. 2), 1856, d.(Oct. 9), 1926, (son of William Sheldon)
Sheldon, Elizabeth Hyde, b.1863, d.1946, (wife of George J. Sheldon)
Sheldon, Blanche Margaret, d.Sep. 4, 1891, aged 10 mos 14 dys, dau of George & Lizzie Sheldon
Spinning, A. (Alpheus), d.Apr. 5, 1869 aged 72 yrs
Spinning, Polly, d.Jan. 29, 1864, aged 68 yrs, wife of Alpheus A. Spinning
(?Squires?), Jennie (stone buried)
Sykes, Charles A., b.(Feb. 29), 1856, d.(Jun. 27), 1942
Sykes, Harriet Lindridge, b.1860, d.1924, (wife of Charles A. Sykes)
Teelin, Wesley R., b.Sep. 6, 1924, d.Jan. 16, 1988
Teelin, Anne Lesny, b.July 12, 1924, d.(no date), wife (of Wesley R. Teelin), married Nov. 19, 1960
Teelin, Willard W, b.Mar. 30, 1893, d.Dec. 4, 1972
Teelin, Algenia Neiss, b.Feb. 13, 1892, d.Oct. 5, 1981, wife (of Willard W. Teelin)
Thayer, John, 1969
Thayer, Joseph, 1969
Tuttle, Silas, d.Oct. 2, 1885, aged 71 yrs 6 mos
Tuttle, Harriet, d.Mar. 19, 1875, aged 60 yrs 11 mos, wife (of Silas Tuttle)
Tuttle, Charlie, d.Mar. 29, 1890, aged 1 yr 9 mos 13 dys, son of C. H. & E. Tuttle
Tuttle, Charles H., d.Feb. 9, 1888, aged 36 yrs 2 mos 22 dys
Tuttle, Ellen, b.(Jul. 26), 1858, d.(Oct. 28), 1944, (dau of Daniel & Anna Carroll Brown), wife (of Charles H. Tuttle)
Wallace, John M., d.Apr. 5, 1868, aged 13 yrs 11 mos 5 dys, son of Joseph & Sarah A. Wallace
West, Leonard, d.Oct. 8, 1888, aged 95 yrs
West, Harriett, d.Feb. 2, 1902, aged 98 yrs, wife (of Leonard West)
White, William J., b.1888, d.1954
White, Florence, b.1892, d.(no date)
White, Azel, b.Jun. 6, 1810, d.May 20, 1882
White, Hannah, b.Mar. 21, 1812, d.May 11, 1880, wife (of Azel White)
White, Francis P., d.Apr. 10, 1923, aged 87 yrs, Co. E 117 Regt.
Whitford, Dennis, (no dates), age 85 yrs, 1st Sergt. Co. K 189 Regt. NY Vols
Whitford, Vianna West, wife (of Dennis Whitford), aged 87 yrs (no dates)
Williams, Russell J., b.1870, d.1952
Williams, Anna Barnard, d.Feb. 1, 1959, (dau of John (Jr.) & Mary Campbell Barnard), (wife of Russell J. Williams)
Williams, Robert O., b.1909, d.1978, US Army WW II
Williams, Ruth Evans Willis, b.1911, d.(no date)
Williams, Ralph H., b.1880, d.1946
Williams, Martha Neiss, b.1879, d.1962
Williams, Mildred E., b.1903, d.1912
Witchley, Floyd C., b.1912, d.(Oct. 2), 1977, NY, Pfc US Army WW II
Witchley, Donna Irene, b.1967, d.1967
Witchley, Roy J., b.1907, d.(Apr. 19), 1986
Witchley, Margaret Blanchard, b.1911, d.(Dec. 24), 1982
Witchley, Robert, b.1934, d.1953
Witchley, Jerry, b.1938, d.1939
Witchley, Homer, b.Mar. 28, 1906, d.Apr. 9, 1996, Tec 4, US Army WW II

BACK SECTION (newer part):
Albiniak, Anthony S., b.1923, d.(Apr. 8), 1981
Bowers, Paul R., b.(Jul. 24), 1926, d.(Apr. 4), 1995
Bowers, Cassie Ann, b.1929, d.(no date), wife (of Paul R. Bowers), married Jul. 13, 1946
Cable, Alvin D., b.1903, d.(Feb. 8),1989
Cable, Matilda M., b.1905, d.(May 28), 1975
Cable, Norman K., b.(Aug. 24), 1929, d.(Jul. 29), 1992
Cable, Alma, b.1930, d.(no date)
Carpenter, Loren E., b.1924, d.1998
Carpenter, Olga M., b.May 31, 1920, d.Jul 6, 1990, dau of Alex & Frances Oleskiw Chomin, wife of Loren E. Carpenter Sr., married Aug. 1945
Chapple, Arthur, b.1912, d.(Dec. 26), 1982
Chapple, Elizabeth, b.(Oct. 5), 1924, d.(May 10), 1991, wife (of Arthur Chapple), married 1944
Chapple, Henry, b.1947, d.1992
Chapple, Shirley A., b.1947, d.1992
Chapple, Henry A., b.(Oct. 11), 1951, d.(Sep. 14), 1996
Chapple, Betty J.,, b.1954, d.(no date), wife (of Henry A. Chapple) married Jul. 31, 1992
Chastain, Elli Thomas, d.Jul. 25, 1996
Clark, Arlington A., b.June 11, 1921, d.Jan. 16, 1976, Pvt. US Army WW II
Clark, Helen A., b.1922, d.(Mar. 7), 1989
Clark, David M., b.Dec. 17, d.Dec. 19, 1971, infant.
Clark, Sandra E., b.Sep. 9, 1946, d.Sep. 24, 1984
Colburn, Wilbur H., b.1900, d.(Jan. 15), 1973
Colburn, Marion Williams, b.1905, d.(May 5), 1979
Coons, Harold J., b.1926, d.(no date)
Coons, Alberta Gill, b.1931, d.(no date), wife (of Harold J. Coons), married Sep. 26, 1948
Dosztan, Ada, b.1930, d.1978
Evans, Samuel Sr., b.1900, d.1993, b.Parthmadoc, North Wales
Evans, Albert E., b.1923, d.(no date)
Evans, Eva M. Fox, b.1906, d.Dec. 25, 1976, wife (of Albert E. Evans)
Feltner, Charles J., b.1916, d.(Oct. 7), 1982, Sgt. US Army WW II
Felter, Marcia Betty Bates, b.1922, d.1993, wife (of Charles J. Feltner), married Sep. 23, 1943
Fox, Mary, d.1967
Fox, Seymour A., b.1933, d.1995
Fox, Carley T., b.1933, d.(no date)
Fox, Shawnette A., b.Sep. 3, 1978, d.Nov. 24, 1994
Gleba, Henry B., b.May 30, 1930, d.June 7, 1997, Cpl. US Army Korea
Gleba, Mildred E., b.1934, d.1997
Gleba, Lawrence M., b.1961, d.(Dec. 25), 1986
Gleba, Susan, b.1925, d.(Oct. 25), 1989
Gleba, Helen, b.(May 12), 1923, d.(Aug. 20), 1991
Gleba, David D., b.1956, d.1994
Greene, Christine E., b.Nov. 28, 1997, d.Feb. 18, 1998
Hunt, Hannah M., b.Mar. 25, 1919, d.Oct. 11, 1994
Hyde, Paul R., b.1893, d.1964
Hyde, Ruth White, b.(Feb. 20),1899, d.(Feb. 19), 1991, wife (of Paul R. Hyde)
Hylla, James E., b.Jul.14, 1956, d.(no date)
Hylla, Betty J. Hunt, b.Sep. 18, 1955, d.Sep. 25, 1992, wife (of James Hylla)
Hylla, Walter T., b.1927, d.(no date)
Hylla, Florence Wuthrich, b.1927, d.(no date)
Jock, Vernon E., b.1924, d.1994
Jones, Hubert W., b.Jan. 2, 1913, d.Jul 12, 1972, Tec 5, US Army, WW II
Laufer, Earl E., b.1913, d.(Jul. 6), 1981
Laufer, Hazel V., b.(Sep. 2), 1914, d.(Aug. 13), 1991
Link, Francis E., b.1929, d.(no date)
Link, Dorothy Clemens, b.1933, d.(no date), wife (of Francis E. Link), married Sep. 30, 1950
Link, Roger L. Sr., b.Dec. 28, 1932, d.Jun. 4, 1995
Link, Pauline E., b.Dec. 27, 1936, d.(no date), wife (of Roger L. Link Sr.), married Mar. 4, 1957
Link, Roger L. Jr., b.1957, d.(Oct. 30), 1987
Massey, Robert O., b.1934, d.1976
Matthews, Earl R., b.1920, d.(Aug. 21), 1970
Matthews, Barbara O., b.1926, d.(no date)
McMullen, Robert C., b.Sep. 26, 1967, d.Jul. 25, 1983
McMullen, Paul N., b.1920, d.(Nov. 26), 1980, SM Sgt. US Air Force
McMullen, Pearl Evans, b.1930, d.(no date), (dau of Albert E. & Eva M. Evans)
Megerell, Ernest M., b.Jul. 27, 1911, d.Jan. 29, 1988
Mroz, Anthony, b.1895, d.(Jul. 14), 1989
Mroz, Frances, b.1896, d.(Mar. 19), 1982
Mroz, Josephine A., b.1928, d.(no date)
Nunhaver, Carlton G., b.1915, d.(May 17), 1984
Nunhaver, Ruth Hall, b.1920, d.(no date)
Palmer, Claude J., b.1892, d.(Mar. 8), 1978
Palmer, Stella Lake, b.1893, d.(Apr. 3), 1983
Palmer, Stewart E., b.Aug. 6, 1919, d.Feb. 25, 1990, US Army
Pelton, Frances, b.1940, d.(no date)
Pfeiffer, Clayton G., b.1910, d.1991
Pfeiffer, Ethel N., b.1908, d.1994, wife (of Clayton Pfeiffer)
Portner, Ernest Leigh, b.1933, d.(no date)
Portner, Doris A., b.1934, d.(no date), wife (of Ernest Leigh Portner), married Aug. 6, 1953
Portner, Ernest, b.1893, d.(Sep. 2), 1980
Portner, Lenora Quackenbush, b.1896, d.1988
Portner, William A., b.1903, d.1963
Rapke, Harold Edward, b.1926, d.(no date)
Rapke, Hedy Wuthrich, b.1929, d.(no date)
Recor, Robert, b.1930, d.(no date)
Recor, Fern M., b.Jan. 12, 1932, d.Jan. 28, 1989, wife (of Robert D. Recor), married Dec. 31, 1949
Redmond, Willard T., b.Mar. 24, 1903, d.Oct. 23, 1994
Redmond, Geraldine E. Streifert, b.Aug. 18, 1907, d.(no date)
Renwick, Vivian Beck, b.1915, d.Jan. 3, 1982, wife of Milton Renwick
Riegler, Harold B., b.1907, d.(Apr. 28), 1984
Riegler, Helen Harrnacker, b.1913, d.1997
Riegler, Paul F., b.1915, d.(no date)
Riegler, Rosemary Neudecker, b.1920, d.(Sep. 15), 1978
Russell, Earl J., b.1909, d.1990
Russell, Berta B. Jones, b.1911, d.1990, wife (of Earl J. Russell)
Sheffield, Michael J., b.1965, d.1998
Suiter, Fred A., b.1895, d.19(no date)
Suiter, Christie M., b.1901, d.1965
Swancott, Marion E., b.1910, d.(Dec. 26), 1988
Tencza, Frances V., b.1908, d.1990
Underwood, Charles E., b.1920, d.(no date)
Underwood, Beulah B., b.1925, d.(no date)
Underwood, Scott A., b.1963, d.(Oct. 3), 1982, son (of Charles & Beulah Underwood)
Underwood, William J. "Bill", b.1916, d.(Jul. 8), 1974
Underwood, Helen Mroz, b.1921, d.(no date)
Underwood, Brian, b.1943, d.(no date)
Underwood, Linda Backer, b.1947, d.(no date), wife (of Brian Underwood)
Underwood, Frances Pelton, b.1940, d.(no date)
Underwood, Kevin, b.1954, d.(no date)
Underwood, William J. Jr., b.1938, d.(no date)
Underwood, Joyce S., b.1941, d.(no date)
Underwood, Melvin Jr., b.1930, d.(Jul. 3), 1984
Underwood, Mack E., b.1939, d.1993
Underwood, Kenneth H., b.1928, d.(Jun. 15), 1976, Pfc US Army WW I
Underwood, Louis M., b.1926, d.(Jan. 31), 1978
Waddington,Catherine, b.1936, d.1995
Walter, William E. B. Sr., b.Apr. 15, 1918, d.Dec. 7, 1983, CM3 US Navy WW II
Walter, Ethel Gould, RN, b.1917, d.(Dec. 8), 1974
Waterman, Fremont H., b.1938, d.(Sep. 17), 1976
Waterman, Shirley Bacon, b.1941, d.(no date), wife (of Fremont Waterman), married Sep. 17, 1960
Waterman, Arnold F. Sr., b.1933, d.(Oct. 28), 1987
Waterman, Carl, b.1932, d.(Nov. 28), 1981
Waterman, Johnny C., b.Apr. 12, 1961, d.Sep. 3, 1992, Sgt. US Army, Persian Gulf, married Feb. 6, 1988 (no wife listed)
Waterman, Dennis W., b.Jun. 16, 1949, d.Oct. 6, 1991
Williams, Henry O., b.1907, d.1967
Williams, Jessie Wellman, b.1908, d.(no date)
Wilson, Harold F., b.1936, d.1992
Wilson, Rose Marie, b.1958, d.(Sep. 17), 1989
Witchley, Lawrence P., b.1931, d.1990, son of Roy & Margaret Witchley
Witchley, Lyle J., b.Jan. 4, 1930, d.Feb. 2, 1971, NY Pvt. US Army Air Force WW II
Witchley, Edna M., b.1926, d.(no date)


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