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Mount Zion Cemetery
Brooklyn, Queens County, New York

5963 54th Avenue
Maspeth, NY 11378
(718) 335-2500

Lat: 40° 43' 53"N, Lon: 073° 54' 28"W
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This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Nov 17, 2008. Total records = 34.

Contributor's Index:

Astrofsky, Rebecca, d. Nov 1928, [MM]
Buntzis, Bertha, d. 12/25/1938, Our Beloved Mother, Bynah Perel bat Yisroel, [LA]
Dissick, Harry, d. 6 Oct 1918,,France, age: 23 yrs, Our Beloved Son and Dear Brother, Died in France Co. F 305 Infantry, Zvi bar Nachum, [LA]
Dissick, Sarah, d. 7 Aug 1934, 63 yrs, In Memory Of Our Beloved Mother, Chaya Sarah bat Yakov, [LA]
Finkel, Barnet, b. 20 Jan 1878, d. 28 Feb 1923, [RS]
Finkel, Jacob, b. 14 Jun 1905, d. 3 Jun 1954, [RS]
Finkel, Samuel, d. 22 Jan 1925, [RS]
Finkel, Sophie, b. Apr 1883, d. 4 Jul 1940, [RS]
Gelband, Morris Mischa, b. 1892 Ukraine, Russia, d. 1917, (name on the tombstone is spelled incorrectly: Morris Gelbont, [SS]
Goldman, Bertha (Peskowsky), d. 10 Mar 1919, age 31yr, d/o Jacob, "Beloved wife and our dear mother", [BR]
Ludwak, Ora, d. 10 Aug 1930, 83 yrs, Our Beloved Mother, Yerah bat Yechezkel Ha'Kohain, [LA]
Rosen, Meyer, d. 25 Apr 1924, 2y 6m, Son, Meir bar Shlomo Zalman Ha'Kohain, [LA]
Schorr, Samuel R., b. 1889, d. 1931, h/o Nettie Weisfeld, [MS]
Schwartz, Albert (Abraham), b. 1904, d. 1918, s/o Anna and Israel Schwartz, [RB]
Schwartz, Morris, b. 1874 Russia, d. 30 Aug 1936 Brooklyn, age: 62yr, s/o Frank and Fannie, h/o Pessie Troyansky, [LA]
Soblick, Sam b. 1852, d. 1918, from Ukraine, Russia (name is misspelled "Solik Sinnilo, Sam Sobluk), [SS]
Spiegel, Bertha, d. 18 Aug 1940, age: 69yr, [BR]
Spiegel, Samuel, d. 11 Aug 1941, age: 73yr, [BR]
Supnick, Joseph, b. 15 Dec 1885, d. 2 Mar 1972, [RS]
Supnick, Rose, d. 9 Oct 1954, [RS]
Tishman, Sarah, d. 7 Jun 1957, 68 yrs, My Dear Wife, She Was My Best Friend In Life, Sarah bat Shalom, [LA]
Troy, Bella, b. 20 Aug 1916, d. 9 May 1989, age: 72y 9m 11, Beloved Wife Dear Mother and Sister, Bynah Bracha bat Binyamin, [LA]
Troy, Esther, d. 8 Feb 1965, "Beloved Wife, Dear Mother and Grandmother, d/o Reb Moshe, [LA]
Troy, Julius, d. 8 Sep 1962, "Beloved Husband, Dear Father and Grandfather", "Yehuda", s/o Aaron David, [LA]
Troy, Zachary, b. 6 Aug 1910, d. 13 Jan 1981, age: 71y 5m 7d, Beloved Husband Dear Father and Brother, Zachriah bar Michel Leizer, [LA]
Troyansky, (Miriam) Rachel, b. 1850, d. Dec 11, 1940 in Brooklyn, d/o Gedalia Troyansky and Nassie, w/o Hyman Troyansky, [LA]
Troyansky, Anna, b. 1888, d. 24 Sep 1918, age: 30 yrs, "My Beloved Wife, Hannah Zlota, [LA]
Troyansky, Barnett, b. 1857, d. Nov 21 1927 in Brooklyn, s/o Chaim Troyansky and Sophie Zamhofsky, h/o Ida Levovsky, [LA]
Troyansky, Elias, d. 6 Oct 1920, age: 2yrs, Here Lies Ha Yeled (the Boy), Eliyahu bar Tuvia. Cemetery Office confirms record as to age of boy., [LA]
Troyansky, Hyman, b. 1820, d. May 5, 1923 in Manhattan at, age: 103 years old, s/o Chaunon Efraim Troyansky and Goldie Cohen, [LA]
Troyansky, Ida Levovsky, b. 1858, d. Jan 12, 1936, age: 78, w/o Barnett Troyansky, [LA]
Troyansky, Morris, b. 1882, d. Mar 16, 1915, age: 33yr, s/o Barnett Troyansky and Ida Levovsky Troyansky, [LA]
Troyansky, Tillie, b. 1886, d. Sep 3, 1945, d/o Isaac, [LA]
Tucker, Eva, d. 26 Dec 1955, age: 84 yrs, Beloved Mother and Grandmother, Chava Riva bat Moshe, [LA]
Wincor, Kate, b. 9 Oct 1890, d. 11 Jul 1941, age: 50y 9m 2d, Beloved Sister, Gittel bat Aaron, [LA]


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