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Hauppauge Methodist Church Cemetery
Hauppauge, Suffolk County, New York

Contributed by Ed Allen, last edited Jan 21, 2010 [eallen2385@hotmail.com]. Total records = 13.

Hauppauge Methodist Church Cemetery, (Townline Road, Hauppauge, Suffolk Co., NY)

(partial listing for MacCrone/McCrone and Price Families)

MacCrone/McCrone - Price Plot

??, Timothy, 1877-1926
MacCrone, George, 1829-1887, same stone with Penelope J. Price
MacCrone, George P., 1872-1951, (Masonic symbol)
MacCrone, Jennie, Daughter of George and Jennie MacCrone, 1899 - 1900
MacCrone, Jennie Olive, Wife of George P. MacCrone, 1874 - 1937
Price, George H., d. 1869 (no birth or death date)
Price, Penelope J., 1844 - 1918, same stone with George MacCrone
Prulfllo, Mary A., 1898 - 1993
Wheeler, Emma, Wife of Issac Wheeler, d. July 12, 1868 AE
Wheeler, Sarah E, Wife of G. H. Price, 1819 - 1903

[Soloman Price, son of George and Sarah Price buried in National Cemetery, Beaufort, NC]

Arns' Plot

Arns, Viola, nee MacCrone, 1894 - 1989
Arns, Henery, 1895 - 1972

Next to church (east side)

Memory of Issac Wheeler who died Feb 28, 1847 Aged 67 years & 2 months, (note: death date could be 1814), (Issac was husband of Emma Wheeler in MacCrone/McCrone Plot)


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