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Smithboro Methodist Cemetery
Smithboro, Tioga County, New York

Lat: 42° 01' 57"N, Lon: 76° 24' 04"W

Contributed by Robert R. Fuller, Jun 19, 2012, last edited Jul 10, 2012 [rfuller953@aol.com]. Total records = 94.

This cemetery is located on Bridge Street, south of Route 17C, before the railroad tracks.

This is owned and was maintained for a time by the Methodist Church in Smithboro. All are very old tombstones, and I managed to record them all. My ancestor, Jonathan Allen, was a revolutionary soldier from 1776 to 1783.

This is a complete listing of all legible headstones done on Jun 15, 2012.
- Robert R. Fuller
Allen, Anna, d. Nov 1, 1837, age: 78yr, wife of Jonathan Allen
Allen, Jonathan, d. Jun 3, 1836, age: 83yr son of Jonathan & Amy (Beecher) Alling, Revolution Soldier
Ball, Amiel, d. Jan 18, 1811, age: 66yr
Ball, David, d. May 20, 1863, age: 57yr 9mo 7da
Ball, Jacob L., d. Jan 20, 1838, age: 27yr 18da
Ball, Martha, d. Jan 14, 1871, age: 86yr 23da, wife of Samuel Ball
Barnes, Lovinia, d. Aug 21, 1843, age:69yr 11mo 15da, wife of Samuel Barnes
Bartron, Lois A., d. Mar 19, 1866, dau of Moses & Emily Bartron
Boardman, Abigail, d. Oct 10, 1842, wife of I.S. Boardman
Boardman, John S., d. Sep 26, 1832, age: 25yr, son of Isaac Smith & Abigail (Saltmarsh) Boardman
Bogart, Infant, d. Jul 18, 187-, son of Samuel & Lydia Bogart
Boman, Adalaid, d. May 16, 1853, unreadable, dau of Charles & Vatherine(?) Boman
Bonham, Andrew, d. Sep 19, 1859, age: 73yr
Bonham, Elizabeth, d. May 1, 1864, age: 77yr 9mo, wife of Andrew Bonham
Bonham, Ephraim, d. Sep 6, 1849, age: 35yr
Bonham, Isaac, no dates, 14th N.Y. H.A.
Bonham, William, b. Apr 16, 1842, enlisted in Co. E 86 N.Y. Veteran Vol's.
Bonham, William, d. Nov 3, 1874, age: 32, 109 NY Inf
Bowman, Barbary, d. Jan 22, 1837, age: 21yr, wife of Arsalom Bowman
Bowman, Charles C., d. Aug 25, 1856, age: 1mo, son of Arasolom & Catherine Bowman
Bowman, Charles F., d. Aug 19, 1867, age: 13yr, son of Arasolom & Catherine Bowman
Bowman, Mary J., d. Jul 27, 1851 age: 6yr, dau of Arasolom & Catherine Bowman
Bowman, Nancy, d. Nov 10, 1844, age: 27yr, wife of Arsalom Bowman
Bravo, Louisa, d. Jun 20, 1811, wife of Wm. Bravo
Burham, Clark, no dates, 14th NY H.A.
Buttles, Sarah J., d. Mar 3, 1851, age: 35yr 1mo, wife of Morden V. Buttles
Cable, Abigail, d. Apr 9, 1879, age: 4yr 10mo 9da, name of parents, unreadable
Coralinn, Harriet, d. Dec 18, 1844 5yr 10mo 2da, dau of S.P. & N.A. Saxton
Courtwright, William, d. Mar 3, 1871, age: 62yr 3mo 11da
Curkendoll, Adaline, d. Jan 9, 1847, age: 23yr 11mo 6da, wife of Chas. Curkenoll
Curkendoll, Charles, d. Jul 1, 1870, age: 52yr 1mo
Denison, George, d. Dec 1, 1872, age: 6mo 2da, son of Willard & Palmira Denison
Denison, Palmira, d. May 16, 1871 age: 43yr 2mo, wife of Willard Denison
Deyo, Louesa E, d. Jul 2, 1863, age: 15yr 10mo, dau of David & Lucy Deyo
Dinehart, Lucretia, d. May 30, 1857, age: 60yr, wife of Richard Dinehart
Dinehart, Richard, d. Apr 11, 1864, age: 80yr, husb of Lucretia Dinehart
Field, Cyrus, d. Feb 1, 1838 age: 48yr 2mo 5da
Foster, Daniel A., d. Dec 12, 1881, age: 66yr 2mo 10da, husb of Susanna Foster
Foster, Gilbert D., d. Jun 1, 1865, age: 18yr, son of ?? Foster
Foster, Lusina M., d. Feb 23, 1856, age: 19yr, dau of D.A. & Susan Foster
Foster, Susanna H., d. Feb 19, 1854, age: 38yr, wife of Daniel A. Foster
Frister, Mary, d. Apr 15, 1857, wife of Moses Frister
Garland, Catty, d. Feb 17, 1852, age: 59yr, wife of E.O. Garland
Garland, Charles T., d. Aug 16, 1812, age: 7mo 27da, son of Joseph J. & Lucy S. Garland
Garland, Lucy S., d. Jan 19, 1843, age: 26yr 1 mo & 12da, wife of Joseph J. Garland
Garland, Martha L., d. Mar 11, 1846, dau of J.J. & Mary Garland
Higgins, James, no dates, son of Silas & Sarah(sp) Higgins
Higgins, Mary, d. Sep 20, 1861, dau of Silas & Sarah Higgins
Hunts?, Amy Ann, d. Dec 26, 1854, age: 28yr 9mo 18da, wife of Curin Hunts?
Knapp, Celestia, d. May 20, 1852
Knapp, Fitch, d. Dec 7, 1859, son of S. & A.A. Knapp
Knapp, Jabez F., d. May 29, 1852, age: 19yr 10mo 21da
Lang, Dr. J., d. Feb 23, 1858, age: 51yr 11mo 17da, husb of Sarah J. Lang
Lang, Sarah J., d. Feb 21, 1863, wife of Dr. J. Lang
Mallory, Laura, d. Jul 7, 1838, dau of C.C. & Paulina Mallory
Pearson, Lydia H., d. Sep 20, 1852, age: 56yr, wife of Zachariah Pearson
Pearson, Zachariah, d. May 17, 1871, age: 78
Pepper, Amy Bell, d. Oct 8, 1867 age: 3yr, dau of Jackson & Lorena Pepper
Pepper, Celestia, d. Jul 5, 1872 age: 28yr, wife of Jackson Pepper
Pepper, Lorena, d. Jan 28, 1861, age: 21yr 1mo, wife of Jackson Pepper
Perry, M., d. May 29, 1891, age: 40yr, tombstone says: Major M. Perry
Ryphenburgh, Georgia, d. Jul 18, 187-, age: 2mo, dau of John II Ryphenburgh
Saxton, Mary A., d. Mar 7, 1840, dau of S.P. & N.A. Saxton
Saxton, Stephen, d. Aug 26, 1842, age: 62yr
Saxton, Stephen, d. Dec 26, 1815, son of S.P. & N.A. Saxton
Sherwood, Henry II, d. Aug 22, 1812, age: 2yr 1mo 6da, son of Joseph & Lydia Sherwood
Shipman, Hannah, d. Oct 29, 1860, wife of Levi Shipman
Shipman, Levi, d. Jan 11, 1870, age: 80yr 8mo 11da, husb of Hannah Shipman
Smith, Maria, d. Jan 27, 1869, age: 53yr 9mo, wife of John P. Smith
Smith, Mathew, d. Jul 2, 1847, age: 37yr 3mo
Terrel, Ashel J., d. Mar 20, 1882, age: 70yr
Terrel, Benjamin, d. Feb 11, 1814, age: 3yr 6mo, son of Ashel & Charity Terrel
Terrel, Charity, d. Oct 8, 1876 age: 62yr, wife of Ashel J. Terrel
Terrell, Hattie May, d. May 22, 1869, age: 2yr 3mo, dau of ?? & Elizabeth Terrell
Tidd, Eliza, b. Oct 21, 1810, Died Apr 18, 1854
Turk, Adell, d. Jun 27, 18--, age: 1yr 6mo, dau of Thomas & Cornelia Turk
Turk, Henrietta, d. Sep 7, 1811, age: 7mo 28 days, dau of Thomas & Cornelia Turk
Turk, Infant, d. Apr 3, 1850, dau of Thomas & Cornelia Turk
Turk, Infant, d. Aug 21, 1851, son of Thomas & Cornelia Turk
Turk, Infant, d. Feb 3, 1849, dau of Thomas & Cornelia Turk
Turk, Thomas E., d. Sep 21, 1851, son of Thomas & Cornelia Turk
Vandemark, Lydia, d. Nov 3, 1876, age: 76yr, wife of Benjamin Vandemark
Vandemark, Orsemous, d. Oct 13, 1812 age: 21yr 3mo 18da, son of Benjamin & Lydia Vandemark
Vandermark, Benjamin, d. Aug 4, 1845, age: 21yr & 10mo, son of Casper & Kesier Vandermark
Vandermark, Emma D., d. Jul 7, 1862, age: 3yr, dau of ?? Vandermark
White, Dora, d. Apr 29, 1873, age: 20yr 10mo 7da, wife of Lewis White
Whitmarsh, Catherine, d. Sept, 17, 1869 age: 87yr, wife of Lambert Whitmarsh
Whitmarsh, Harry, d. Sep 28, 1858, age: 1yr 4mo, son of Luther & A.M. Whitmarsh
Whitmarsh, Lambert, d. Aug 3, 1866 age: 81yr
Whitmarsh, Peter E., d. Mar 21, 1875, age: 9yr 6mo 9da, son of Luther & A.M. Whitmarsh
Wiggins, James, no dates, son of Silas & Sarah Wiggins
Wiggins, Mary L., d. Sep 29, 1861, dau of Silas & Sarah Wiggins
Wood??, Philander, d. Aug 11, 1839, age: 1yr 11mo 11da, son of ?? & Elizabeth (Tomstone broke half, info. lost)
Wright, William Court, d. Mar 3, 1871 age: 62yr

??, ??, d. Apr 20, 1850, age: 76yr 10mo 12da, Top tombstone broken off, information lost.
??, ??, d. Aug 20, ---, age: 78yr, Top tombstone broke off, lost.
??, ??, d. Feb 28 1854, 6mo 16da, Sarah F. Smith (Top tombstone broke & unreadable)
??, ??, d. Jun 17, 1864, age: 20yr, top tombstone broke, lost
??, ??, d. Nov 3, 1874, Top of tombstone lost
??, ??, ,Died Jan, tombstone unreadable
??, ??, no dates, tombstone, damage: unreadable, next to Palmira Denison
??, Sarah F., no dates, wife of ?? ??
?M__ne____, Elizabeth, d. Jul 17, 1860 age: 29yr 9 Ms 7 Ds , wife of George K. M__ne_ (Last name unreadable)
?St________, Lucy L, d. 187-, age: 1yr 1mo, dau of William & Rachel St____


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