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Rusco Cemetery
Greenwich, Huron County, Ohio

Lot 16, Sect. 3, Twp 1, Range 21, Greenwich Twp

Contributed by Anne Giddings, Jan 25, 2002 [agiddings@newington-schools.org].
Total records = 13.

Cemetery is on the G. R. Roscoe farm, on the south side of Alpha Road, 1/4 mile west of SR 13, from a point 1 mile north of US 224.

This information was obtained from the transcription of Mrs. Grace Gridely Roscoe done 7/6/1919.

This is all the people who are buried in this tiny cemetery. It was on a farm owned by the family. It is not an active cemetery. No contact person. A distant cousin sent me some photos of it and a layout of the burials.

- Anne Giddings

Doud, Polly, d. 3 Apr 1853, age: 72y 1m 11d, w/o Solomon Doud
Doud, Solomon, d. 24 Mar 1849, age: 72y 4m 2d
Rusco, Alva, d. 24 Jan 1859, age: 8y 11m 9d, s/o Jeremiah & Selinda Rusco
Rusco, Benjamin, d. 1 Jan 1848, age: 51y 11m 24d
Rusco, Hannah, d. 27 Jul 1845, age: 79y 2m 13d, w/o Josiah Rusco
Rusco, Jeremiah, d. 1844, age: 2y 2d
Rusco, Jeremiah, d. 5 Apr 1872, age: d 75y 1m 29d
Rusco, Josiah, d. 24 May 1845, aage: 76y 10m 20d
Rusco, Laura A., d. 29 Dec 1849, age: d 12y 6m 18d, d/o B. & L.P. Rusco
Rusco, Mary, d. 10 Jun 1842, age: d 6y 3m 1d, d/O Jeremiah & Selinda Rusco
Rusco, Sallyann, d. 21 Jul 1842, age: 14Y
Rusco, Selinda, d. 12 Jun 1841, age: 8m 14d, d/o Jeremiah & Selinda Rusco
Rusco, Selinda, d. 7 Oct 1876, age: 69y 8m 17d, w/o Jeremiah Rusco


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