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Granite Hill Cemetery
Grants Pass, Josephine County, Oregon

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Cahill, Samuel O, d. (7/06/1915), LBH p2/bk5-1915, married, died GP, [JB]
Cahn, Chris, d. 10/19/1964, Aged 86 yrs 3 mos ?7 days, mortuary marker w/ bullet holes, Plot S/47/L15-4, [JB]
Cain, R(iley) H, b. 12/12/1840, d. 2/17/1915, Sargent, Co H First Neb Inf, LBH p274/bk1915, single, farmer, age 74y2m5d, Plot F/34/L3-7, [JB]
Cain, Riley H, no dates, Sergt Co H 1 Neb Inf, , Plot F/34/L2-8, [JB]
Caine, T T, no dates, Co B, Batt N, Cal Cav, Plot O/08/L1-1, [JB]
Caldwell, Acie V(ernon), b. 12/26/1907, d. 11/02/1978, Plot S/52/L12-5, [JB]
Caldwell, C M, b. 5/22/1869, d. 5/19/1921, Plot O/24/L2-5, [JB]
Caldwell, Gladys E(ells), b. 5/08/1908, d. 6/04/1945, Plot S/39/L1-6, [JB]
Caldwell, Jessie I, b. 11/13/1910, d. 10/12/1988, Plot S/52/L12-7, [JB]
Caldwell, Lulu L, b. 7/03/1867, d. 6/07/1947, Plot O/24/L2-7, [JB]
Caldwell, Robin Dale, b. 1903, d. (2/12)1906, Our Darling, Son of GM & LL Caldwell, Engraved wrapped around two sides - very unusual, LBH p99/bk1907, age 3y, Plot O/24/L2-1, [JB]
Caldwell, Shane Allen, b. 10/20/1966, d. 10/25/1966, Plot S/52/L12-1a, [JB]
Callahan, Tina L, d. 10/25/1966, Aged 0 yrs 5 mos 5 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/38/L2-4, [JB]
Callender, Ronald Earl (aka Story), no dates, Plot F/07/L8-1, [JB]
Campbell, Albert Melvin, no dates, Plot S/18/L1-2, [JB]
Campbell, Alvin, no dates, Plot S/56/L5-4, [JB]
Campbell, Baby, no dates, Plot S/28/L7-22, [JB]
Campbell, Edward Wayne, d. 6/21/1960, Ages 5 yrs 1 mo 28 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L1-6, [JB]
Campbell, Emma Z, no dates, Plot S/36/L7-6, [JB]
Campbell, Francis LeRoy, no dates, Plot S/34/L4-7, [JB]
Campbell, Gregory Allen, no dates, Plot S/15/L5-20, [JB]
Campbell, Ivan, b. 1892, d. 1950, Plot S/32/L3-1, [JB]
Campbell, John Alvin, b. 1900, d. 1989, Shared stone w/ Paula Amelia Campbell, Plot F/31/L7-2, [JB]
Campbell, Lydia L, b. 1866, d. 1934, Shared stone w/ Myrtle O Campbell, Plot F/31/L7-4a, [JB]
Campbell, McClain, no dates, Plot S/41/L8-7, [JB]
Campbell, Myrtle O, b. 1896, d. 1942, Plot F/31/L7-4b, [JB]
Campbell, Paula Amelia, b. 1903, d. 1990, Shared stone w/ John Alvin Campbell, Plot F/31/L7-?, [JB]
Campbell, Thelma Lillian, b. 1904, d. 1965, Plot F/31/L7-3, [JB]
Campbell, William N(ewton), b. 1851, d. 1930, Plot F/31/L7-6, [JB]
Candee, Will D(unnage), b. 12/22/1870, d. 5/25/1964, Plot S/53/L2-1, [JB]
Carey, Lusitta Jean, b. 9/10/1864, d. 5/17/1922, Plot F/22/L7-5, [JB]
Carey, Samuel, no dates, Plot F/22/L7-3, [JB]
Carll, William, d. 3/17/1964, Aged 81 yrs 11 mos 23 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L11-4, [JB]
Carlson, Carl August, no dates, Plot S/53/L8-8, [JB]
Carlson, Carl G, no dates, Plot F/38/L12-6, [JB]
Carlson, Chester Donald, b. 10/28/1927, d. 6/09/1967, Sgt, US Army, Plot F/11/L3-6, [JB]
Carlson, Ida A, b. 1881, d. 1961, Shared stone w. John E Carlson, Plot F/11/L2-6, [JB]
Carlson, John E, b. 1874, d. 1935, Shared stone w/ Ida A Carlson, Plot F/11/L2-8, [JB]
Carlson, William E, b. 1885, d. 1930, Plot F/11/L3-8, [JB]
Carlton, James G, no dates, Plot S/44/L3-8b, [JB]
Carlton, James Garfield, d. 5/29/1967, Aged 21 yrs 8 mos 19 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/44/L3-8a, [JB]
Carlton, Luen D, no dates, Plot S/31/L7-3, [JB]
Carlton, Lura, no dates, Plot S/44/L3-8, [JB]
Carnegie, Edward T, no dates, Plot S/17/L4-2, [JB]
Carpenter, Edward J, b. 12/20/1920, d. 1/25/1970, Age 50, mortuary marker, Plot F/44/L14-7, [JB]
Carpenter, Frank A (Francis Abner), b. (7/22)1864, d. (8/11)1940, LBH p297/bk9, sp Martha Carpenter, b Mason Co, IL, owned store, Galice, died Merlin, OR, father George Washington carpenter, mother Harriett Amoma, Plot S/25/L8-4, [JB]
Carpenter, Martha, b. 1879, d. 1970, Widow of Frank Carpenter, Plot S/25/L8-6, [JB]
Carper, Eugene, b. 1921, d. 1927, Plot F/13/L4-7, [JB]
Carrigan, Mary L(illian), b. 1895, d. 1971, Mother, Plot S/36/L5-6, [JB]
Carson, Amelia B, b. 1882, d. 1956, Shared stone w/ Leonard L Carson, Plot S/37/L8-5, [JB]
Carson, Leonard L, b. 1884, d. 1964, Shared stone w/ Amelia B Carson, Plot S/37/L8-3, [JB]
Carter, Arthur Jackson, b. 1894, d. 1922, Plot F/29/L2-3, [JB]
Carter, Millie, no dates, Plot S/18/L1-3, [JB]
Carter, Viola E, no dates, Plot F/38/L10-7, [JB]
Cartley, Jeff H, d. 9/06/1962, Aged 77 yrs 7 mos 5 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L11-7, [JB]
Cary, Samuel A, b. 1857, d. 1923, Plot F/22/L7-3, [JB]
Case, Lillian, b. 1893, d. 1970, Shared stone w/ Roy F Case, Plot S/31/L6-3, [JB]
Case, Roy F, b. 1890, d. 1950, Shared stone w/ Lillian Case, Plot S/31/L6-1, [JB]
Casey, Jack, no dates, Plot S/42/L5-8, [JB]
Caspescha, Andrew, b. 1851, d. 1937, Shared stone w/ J Flisch, Plot F/27/L6-4, [JB]
Cassady, Riley (Rilla) B, no dates, Plot F/23/L8-8, [JB]
Cates, Alvin Fred, b. 7/29/1887, d. 4/19/1961, Aged 73 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L6-2, [JB]
Cates, Calvin L, no dates, Plot S/19/L8-7, [JB]
Cates, Robert Morgan, b. 7/31/1875, d. 9/22/1954, Pvt Co C 15 Minn Infantry, Sp Am War, Plot S/19/L8-5, [JB]
Catlin, Henry, d. (1/03/1904), LBH p1/bk1904, single, age 40, farmer, died GP, [JB]
Catlin, Hosea Franklin, d. (3/1/1933), LBH p511/bk7a, 803 D St, GP, Age 54y2m8d, b Concordia, KS, father George Catlin, Ohio, mother Alice Martell, Iowa, [JB]
Cavez, Refugio, no dates, Plot F/35/L8-1, [JB]
Caviness, Margaret L, no dates, Plot F/04/L7-6, [JB]
Cavyell, Clarence C, no dates, Plot S/09/L1-2b, [JB]
Cavyell, Lumon, d. 6/10/1956, Aged 76 yrs 2 mos 11 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/45/L2-4, [JB]
Cavyell, M(illie?), d. (5/16/1981)?, mortuary marker (name scratched on), Plot S/09/L1-2, [JB]
Cavyell, WIllis, no dates, Plot S/09/L1-4, [JB]
Chadwell, Alma May, no dates, Plot F/03/L5-8, [JB]
Chahon, William C Jr, b. 1950, d. 1950, Our darling, Plot S/17/L5-7, [JB]
Challen, Norman E, b. 6/18/1905, d. 7/05/1973, Oregon, Pvt US Army, World War II, Plot F/13/L7-5, [JB]
Chamberlain, Charles Eugene, b. 1882, d. 1954, Plot F/10/L5-1, [JB]
Chamberlain, Joseph, d. 10/17/1923, Co I, 2 Colo Cav, Plot F/31/L6-2, [JB]
Chamberlain, Melissa J, b. 1850, d. 1937, My mother, , Plot F/31/L6-4, [JB]
Chambers, Joseph, d. (5/04/1917), LBH p136/bk1917, Aged about 70y, b New York, [JB]
Champion, Baby, d. 12/29/2002, Beautiful baby girl, Plot S/38/L7-19, [JB]
Champlin, Frank C, b. 6/10/1862, d. 1/26/1947, Plot F/09/L4-5, [JB]
Champlin, Margaret Jordan, b. 1880, d. (6/23)1963, Plot F/33/L7-8, [JB]
Champlin, Nellie A, b. 2/14/1852, d. 12/12/1928, Plot F/09/L4-7, [JB]
Chancler, Toni Lee, no dates, Plot S/38/L2-10, [JB]
Chandler, Elizabeth L, b. 1856, d. 1934, Plot S/57/L4-2, [JB]
Chandler, Grover, no dates, Plot S/17/L6-6, [JB]
Chandler, Jerusha, b. (3/14/1844), d. (6/26/1928), LBH p447/bk7, Age 84y3m12d, married, housewife. B Pitcher Springs, NY, father Wm Davis, mother Elizabeth Clinton, [JB]
Chandler, Joshua Green, no dates, Plot F/17/L4-5, [JB]
Chandler, Lonzo D, b. 1892, d. 1936, Plot S/57/L4-4, [JB]
Chapin, Charles, no dates, Plot S/42/L3-2, [JB]
Chapin, William, no dates, Plot S/45/L8-1, [JB]
Chapman, Eliza Ann, b. 4/29/1832, d. 4/30/1925, Born in Vermont, Died in Oregon, Plot F/18/L5-2, [JB]
Chappell, Jesse William, no dates, Plot F/37/L11-8, [JB]
Chartrand, Burt, no dates, Plot S/31/L2-4, [JB]
Chartrand, Paul, b. 6/25/1816, d. 6/13/1901, Plot O/10/L7-5, [JB]
Chase, Elza G, b. 1865, d. 1951, Shared stone w/ Lillie G Chase, Plot S/32/L1-2, [JB]
Chase, Lillie G, b. 1874, d. 1961, Shared stone w/ Elza G Chase, Plot S/32/L1-4, [JB]
Chastain, Chris, b. 1907, d. 1928, Plot O/21/L4-3, [JB]
Chastain, Myrtle, b. 10/10/1900, d. 1/1?/1908, LBH P177/BK1907, dod 12/30/1907, diphtheria, age 7y2m11d, near GP, Plot O/21/L4-1, [JB]
Childers, John Riley, b. 1/02/1856, d. 8/10/1923, LBH p398/bk1923, Age 67y7m9d, b Ohio, res Leland,OR, died at Glanigan Mine, father M O Childers, mother Carah Cox, Plot F/17/L2-4, [JB]
Chiles, Ed W, no dates, Plot O/01/L1-8, [JB]
Chiles, J Florence, b. 1858, d. 1935, Mother, On reverse of JM Chiles, Plot O/01/L1-2, [JB]
Chiles, J M, b. 1839, d. 1915, On reverse of J Florence Chiles, Plot O/01/L1-4, [JB]
Chiles, Nannie H, b. 12/26/1871, d. 11/03/1909, Born at Christiansburg Va, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord that they may rest from their labors, Plot O/01/L1-6, [JB]
Chipley, John Henry, b. 8/02/1867, d. 12/05/1923, LBH p549/bk1924, res Bellingham, WA,age 57y4m3d, died GP, b KY, occ carpenter, father b Ireland, Plot F/17/L8-6, [JB]
Chisamore, Joseph W, b. 1912, d. 1918, Plot F/24/L3-7, [JB]
Chittenden, Delia A, b. 1/1/1824, d. 7/20/1895, Wife of Edward P Wright, Plot O/05/L7-2, [JB]
Christian, Clemma O, b. 11/20/1913, d. 9/10/1939, Forever in our hearts, Shared stone w/ Eugene D Christian, Plot S/26/L2-3, [JB]
Christian, Eugene D, b. 10/11/1910, d. 10/27/1999, Forever in our hearts, Shared stone w/ Clemma O Christian, Plot S/26/L2-1, [JB]
Christianson (Christensen), Tom, d. 3/09/1956, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L2-2, [JB]
Christie, Elizabeth, b. 11/06/1846, d. 2/06/1929, LBH p531/bk7, Age 82y3m, married, housewife, b KY, father Dudley, mother Mary Polsgrove, Plot O/31/L6-4, [JB]
Christie, Johnson J, b. 10/20/1845, d. 10/09/1936, Plot O/31/L6-6, [JB]
Christie, Nancy E, b. 11/26/1872, d. 9/03/1951, Plot O/31/L6-8, [JB]
Christie, Roland Richard, b. 1947, d. 1947, Plot O/31/L6-3a, [JB]
Christie, Roland S, b. 5/12/1921, d. 11/09/1990, Plot O/31/L6-5, [JB]
Christie, Virginia J, b. 7/05/1920, d. 9/03/1988, Plot O/31/L6-3, [JB]
Chunn, Ethel R, b. 1898, d. 1993, Shared stone w/ William B Chunn, Plot S/32/L6-8, [JB]
Chunn, William B, b. 1873, d. 1953, Shared stone w/ Ethel R Chunn, Plot S/32/L8-6, [JB]
Churchill, Alice E, b. 1858, d. 1934, Plot F/39/L4-6, [JB]
Churchill, Edward L, b. 1858, d. 1937, Plot F/39/L4-4, [JB]
Ciora, Charles, no dates, Plot F/39/L12-5, [JB]
Clair, William, d. 3/29/1940, Maine, Sgt 30 Inf, Plot S/09/L1-3, [JB]
Clapper, Walter, no dates, Plot F/44/L9-4, [JB]
Clark, Baby, no dates, Plot O/35/L7-8, [JB]
Clark, Eula, b. 1900, d. 1956, Plot S/46/L1-7, [JB]
Clark, George Robert, d. 12/08/1957, Aged 31 yrs 5 mos 0 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L2-7, [JB]
Clark, George Washington, b. 1815, d. 1881, In Loving Memory of, Shared with Polly Ann Nickerson, wife, children listed, buried on Bolt Mountain Ranch, marker moved 6/07/2006, Plot O/01/L8-5A, [JB]
Clark, George Washington, d. 1909, Plot O/36/L4-7, [JB]
Clark, Henry, no dates, Plot F/01/L7-8, [JB]
Clark, Inza Parker, b. 1900, d. 1938, Shared stone w/ William A Clark, Plot S/39/L2-3, [JB]
Clark, Joe, b. 1892, d. 1969, Plot S/46/L1-7a, [JB]
Clark, Polly Ann Nickerson, b. 1825, d. 1914, In loving memory of, Shared with Geo W Clark, children listed, Plot O/01/L8-5B, [JB]
Clark, William A, b. 1890, d. (12/30)1985, Shared stone w/ Inza Parker Clark, Plot S/39/L2-1, [JB]
Clastrom, Hattie, no dates, Plot F/07/L8-7, [JB]
Claudson, F Dwight, b. 1904, d. 1993, Shared stone w/ Marie A Claudson, Plot S/21/L6-1, [JB]
Claudson, Francis Dwight, b. 1904, d. 1993, Aged 88, mortuary marker, Plot S/21/L6-1, [JB]
Claudson, Francis W(alter), b. (9/28)1875, d. (11/12)1944, At rest, LBH p158/bk1943, res Rt 2 Box 225, GP, husb of Mary Jessie Claudson, farmer, age 69y1m14d, b Weldon, Iowa, father Charles Claudson, Copenhagen, Denmark, mother S Elvena Vaught, Weldon, Iowa, Plot S/21/L5-1, [JB]
Claudson, Marie A, b. 1910, d. N/D, Shared stone w/ F Dwight Claudson, Plot S/21/L6-3, [JB]
Claudson, Mary Jessie Hardin, b. 1876, d. 1948, At rest, Beloved mother & grandmother, Married 5/05/1896, Plot S/21/L5-3, [JB]
Claudson, Mary Jessie, b. 1876, d. 1948, Aged 72, mortuary marker, Plot S/21/L5-3, [JB]
Claybaugh, W J, no dates, Plot F/07/L7-3, [JB]
Clayton, Robert O, no dates, Plot S/26/L1-7, [JB]
Cleveland, Charles T, d. 1/17/1961, Aged 2 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L7-4, [JB]
Cleveland, Gertrude, no dates, Plot S/19/L7-7, [JB]
Cleveland, Van C(handler), b. 1888, d. 1970, Plot S/19/L7-5, [JB]
Clippinger, Gerald L, d. 8/11/1960, Aged 17 yrs 5 mos 22 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L2-4, [JB]
Close, Arthur, no dates, Broken concrete, Plot F/37/L1-6, [JB]
Close, Etta Belle, b. 10/07/1870, d. 3/25/1955, Plot F/37/L1-8, [JB]
Close, L S, b. 9/21/1927, d. 11/22/1914, Plot F/37/L1-7, [JB]
Closton, Hattie, b. 8/08/1831, d. 11/16/1924, LBH p544/bk1924, b Bangor, ME, father Benjamin Stevens, TN, mother Sallie Burns, Bangor ME, Age 93y3m8d, widow, [JB]
Coats, Frank (possibly), no dates, Plot F/30/L4-2, [JB]
Cobb, Charles, no dates, Plot S/15/L6-1, [JB]
Cobb, Frederick Clyde, no dates, Plot F/37/L11-7, [JB]
Coburn, Byron C, b. 4/25/1866, d. 4/27/1931, Shared stone w/ Catherine E Coburn, Plot F/41/L1-1, [JB]
Coburn, Catherine E, b. 6/30/1875, d. 6/30/1943, Shared stone w/ Byron C Coburn, Plot F/41/L1-3, [JB]
Cochran, Charles A, b. 2/08/1909, d. 2/03/1948, Plot S/30/L5-8, [JB]
Cochran, Charles S(tewart), b. 5/17/1868, d. 6/20/1954, Plot S/08/L5-5, [JB]
Cochrane, E(dmund) R(andolph), b. 1871, d. 12/11/1962, Shared stone w/ Meda A Cochrane (No DOD), Plot F/09/L8-8, [JB]
Cochrane, Meda A, b. 1874, d. 1926, Shared stone w/ F R Cochrane, Plot F/09/L8-6, [JB]
Coder, George Franklin, no dates, Plot F/02/L5-8, [JB]
Coder, Mary, no dates, mortuary marker, Plot F/02/L5-6, [JB]
Coder, Mary, no dates, Plot F/02/L5-6, [JB]
Coffman, Nancy J, no dates, Plot S/38/L5-5, [JB]
Cogeshall, John G(uthrie), b. (5/30)1845, d. (4/11)1917, LBH p132/bk1917, COGSHALL, died 302 Booth St, GP, occ retired, widowed, father Wm H Cogshall, Ohio, mother Margaret/Mary A, KY, b Bath, IL, age 71y10m11d, Plot F/24/L2-3, [JB]
Colburn, Gabrilla A, b. 4/27/1845, d. 12/30/1904, In memory of, Wife of T E Colburn, Plot O/21/L7-2, [JB]
Coldren, William M, d. 8/28/1961, Age 77 yrs 8 mos 5 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L5-4, [JB]
Cole, Alice B, b. 1876, d. 1955, Shared stone w/ Nelson W Cole, Plot O/35/L4-4, [JB]
Cole, Belle Hawkins, b. 11/12/1856, d. 7/13/1938, Plot O/07/L1-6, [JB]
Cole, Bert, no dates, Plot S/33/L3-4, [JB]
Cole, George Washington, b. (4/24/1931), d. (2/04/1921), LBH p118/bk1921, res/died Pickett Creek, OR, miner, single, age 89y9m7d., Plot F/23/L7-5, [JB]
Cole, Henry D, b. 7/11/1900, d. 9/19/1964, Plot O/35/L4-5, [JB]
Cole, Jesse, b. 4/05/1916, d. 10/29/1947, Age 31, mortuary marker, Plot S/29/L2-4, [JB]
Cole, Lessel, no dates, Plot S/29/L2-2, [JB]
Cole, Louise, b. 1/08/1908, d. 5/26/1909, Dau of NW & AB Cole/God needed one more angel child amidst His shining band, Plot O/35/L4-8, [JB]
Cole, Lydia Reymers, b. 1887, d. 1909, Plot O/36/L7-8, [JB]
Cole, Millie P (Permelia), b. 3/07/1908, d. 10/28/1955, Plot O/35/L4-7, [JB]
Cole, Nelson W, b. 1876, d. 1944, Shared stone w/ Alice B Cole, Plot O/35/L4-2, [JB]
Cole, Nelson, b. 11/19/1824, d. 11/20/1882, In memory, Wisconsin, Pvt Co B 13 Regt Wis Inf, Civil War, Plot O/07/L1-3a, [JB]
Cole, R D, b. 7/12/1846, d. 8/04/1922, Plot O/07/L1-4, [JB]
Collins, Agnus (Agnes), b. ???, d. (10/20/1929), Plot F/09/L2-7, [JB]
Collins, Albert M, no dates, Plot S/56/L6-7, [JB]
Collins, Franklin, b. ???, d. (5/26/1935), Plot F/09/L2-5, [JB]
Colvin, Minnie Spencer, b. 1868, d. 1938, Plot S/23/L2-6, [JB]
Colvin, Narcissus E, d. 2/24/1933, LBH p508/bk7a, 322 West Bridge St, GP, age 65y8m11d, single, retired housekeeper, b Eureka CA, father August G Colvin, Wayne Co NY, mother Emma Tuckel, Green Co Wis., [JB]
Colwell, Infant, d. 7/31/??, LBH p44/vol2, age 2m1d, father Henry D Colwell, [JB]
Comstock, George M, no dates, Plot S/26/L1-8, [JB]
Condert, William, no dates, Plot F/27/L2-7, [JB]
Condit, Harry, no dates, Plot S/24/L7-6a, [JB]
Condit, Irving Robert, b. 1908, d. 1936, Son, Plot S/24/L7-6, [JB]
Condit, Martha Patrick, no dates, Plot S/24/L7-6b, [JB]
Condit, Stella Inez, b. 1874, d. 1932, A loving mother, Plot S/24/L7-4, [JB]
Condit, W Harry, b. 1868, d. 1940, In memory of, Plot S/24/L7-6a, [JB]
Conger, Juanita Varner, b. 8/10/1912, d. 3/26/1935, Plot O/24/L3-4, [JB]
Conger, Lillie, b. 2/16/1901, d. 5/18/1907, Daughter of Mr & Mrs M A Conger, Plot O/24/L3-, [JB]
Connett, Eliza, b. 9/19/1840, d. 10/29/1936, LBH p372/bk7b, died Jose. Genl, age 96y1m10d, widow, housewife, b Clark Co,IL, father James Walker, Clark Co IL, mother Melinda Hill, Clark Co IL., [JB]
Conrad, Perry Edward, no dates, Plot S/10/L4-2, [JB]
Conway, John Walter, no dates, Plot F/38/L11-3, [JB]
Cook, Arley, no dates, mortuary marker, Plot F/09/L7-4, [JB]
Cook, David S, b. 1853, d. 1929, Plot F/44/L3-1, [JB]
Cook, Laura F, no dates, Plot F/44/L3-3, [JB]
Cook, Sarah 'Theo' (Rebecca), b. 7/18/1917, d. 10/21/1994, In loving memory, Plot F/31/L8-6, [JB]
Cook, Unknown, no dates, mortuary marker, Plot F/09/L7-1, [JB]
Cook, Unknown, no dates, mortuary marker, Plot F/09/L7-3, [JB]
Cooke, Adeline, d. 7/29/1962, Aged 76 yrs 6 mos 5 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/44/L7-5, [JB]
Cooke, Harlan G, d. 10/18/1970, Aged 81 yrs 1 mos 27 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/44/L7-3, [JB]
Cooke, Hilda Murray, b. 1896, d. 1982, Beloved wife and mother, Plot F/37/L10-6, [JB]
Cooley, Sam Willet, no dates, Plot S/52/L5-2, [JB]
Copley, Rufus Ralph, no dates, Plot S/18/L7-8, [JB]
Copp, Eddie (Edward) V, b. 8/03/1883, d. 3/14/1963, Washington, 1sr Sgt 47 Field Artillery, World War I, Plot S/47/L2-5, [JB]
Coppock, Charles H, no dates, Plot S/37/L2-1, [JB]
Corbin, Albert Benjamin, d. 5/31/1974, Aged 92 yrs 1 mos 13 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/35/L1-4, [JB]
Corus, Cecile, b. 2/18/1900, d. 5/07/1971, Age 87, mortuary marker, Plot S/33/L2-7, [JB]
Cotter, William P, d. 6/29/1928, LBH p448/bk7, Age 99y7m4d, widower, retired, b Canada, indigent, [JB]
Coulter, Dolly (Mae), b. 2/13/1919, d. 8/23/1944, H&H1944-177, Sp Alvin Coulter, b Klamath Falls, OR, mother Aletha A Whiteman, survivors: Kenneth & Terry Coulter, Clark, Ernest, Anneta, Carlos & Leo Akin, Leona Frye. Gdaughter of Emma Savage, GGdaughter Matilda Kinkle, Plot O/02/L6-8, [JB]
Counce, Charles M(ilton), b. 1879, d. 1939, Plot S/23/L6-4, [JB]
Countryman, Arthur, no dates, Plot S/56/L2-2, [JB]
Cousins, Baby Boy, d. 5/08/1960, Aged 0 yrs 0 mos 6 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/38/L2-20, [JB]
Covell, Eliza, no dates, Plot F/37/L8-4, [JB]
Covey, Bryon (E), b. 1871, d. 1946, Plot S/37/L1-8, [JB]
Cowdin, Lon, b. 1865, d. 1942, Plot F/11/L6-1, [JB]
Cox, Della M, b. 2/22/1874, d. 8/28/1960, Plot F/10/L2-8, [JB]
Cox, Lloyd D Baker (Buddy), b. 6/07/1947, d. 5/04/1948, Beloved son of Ethel Sue Baker-Dyer, Plot S/29/L5-6, [JB]
Crabb, William F, d. 10/27/1917, LBH p157/bk1917, died below Selma, age about 70, [JB]
Crabtree, George M, no dates, Plot S/42/L7-7, [JB]
Craig, William Lee, d. 8/18/1958, Aged 70 yrs 11 mos 8 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/45/L8-6, [JB]
Crawford, S(imeon) P(eter), b. 1/04/1831, d. 7/27/1906, Shared stele w/ W M Crawford, LBH p40/bk1906, farmer, married, age 75y6m23d, Plot O/06/L4-5, [JB]
Crawford, W M, b. 8/07/1873, d. 5/25/1905, Shared stele w/ S P Craawford, Plot O/06/L4-2, [JB]
Crawford, Willie Lincoln, b. 12/30/1866, d. 12/03/1900, Born in Iowa, Aged 33 yrs 11 mo 3 ds, Plot O/06/L4-7, [JB]
Creech, Grace, b. 1891, d. 1964, Mother, Plot S/52/L14-4, [JB]
Crenshaw, Leonard F, b. 1848, d. 1930, Plot F/01/L6-5, [JB]
Crerar, Grace, d. (6/11/1949), Plot S/31/L5-8, [JB]
Crippen, Elmer, no dates, Plot F/21/L3-1, [JB]
Crittenden, Dorothy, no dates, Plot S/35/L7-2, [JB]
Crittenden, John, d. 2/20/1965, Aged 85 yrs 1 mos 10 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/35/L7-4, [JB]
Crockett, Louis Henry, d. 4/09/1956, Aged 77 yrs 0 mos 2 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L2-4, [JB]
Croisant, Mable A, b. 6/29/1883, d. 9/05/1911, Plot O/20/L5-1, [JB]
Croisant, Stephen Herman, b. 7/07/1832, d. 12/22/1922, LBH p328/bk1922, b Illinois, widower, age 90y5m15d, res GP, [JB]
Cron, Azrow Kinley, b. 1/25/1877, d. 12/11/1948, Ohio, Pvt US Army, Spanish American War, Plot F/18/L3-1, [JB]
Crosby, Albert, no dates, Plot S/39/L7-3, [JB]
Croson, Lee W, b. 1887, d. 1948, Shared stone w/ Ruth E Croson, Plot S/29/L4-6, [JB]
Croson, Ruth E, b. 1882, d. N/D, Shared stone w/ Lee W Croson, Plot S/29/L4-8, [JB]
Cross, Cecil M(ae), b. (5/8)1896, d. (6/3)1933, Daughter, LBH p533/bk7a, b Washburn, WI, died Hilt, CA, occ hosp cook, age 37y25d, married, father Daniel Warner, Utica, NY, mother Cassie Layton, Augusta, ME, Plot O/35/L6-1, [JB]
Crouch, A N, b. 1852, d. 1936, Plot S/25/L4-1, [JB]
Crouch, Daisy Bell, b. 10/02/1883, d. 8/04/1961, Shared stone w/ Ernest Roy Crouch, Plot S/52/L6-6, [JB]
Crouch, Edwin O, b. 11/05/1896, d. 8/19/1954, Washington, Sgt 84 Aero Sq, World War I, Plot S/28/L1-5, [JB]
Crouch, Ernest Roy, b. 3/24/1881, d. 1/26/1974, Shared stone w/ Daisy Bell Crouch, Plot S/52/L6-8, [JB]
Crouch, Ernest Roy, d. 1/26/1974, Aged 92 yrs 10 mos 2 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/52/L6-8, [JB]
Crouch, Frank, d. (7/30/1951), mortuary marker, Plot S/25/L4-5, [JB]
Crouch, Minnie (Belle), d. (10/18/1931), mortuary marker, LBH p315/bk7a, died Jos Genl Hosp, age 54y1m1d, married, housewife, b Teffin, Ohio, father Arrin Lityenberger, PA, mother Mary E Snyder, Ohio, sp Frank A Crouch, 811 East D, GP, Plot S/25/L4-7, [JB]
Crowe, Dean Howard, b. 3/02/1950, d. 3/02/1950, H&H 1950-831, b GP, father Howard W Crowe Jr, Wenatchee WA, sawyer in mill, mother Alberta U Bailey, Elvins, MO, res R#1, Box 946, Plot S/15/L5-1, [JB]
Croxton, Emma, b. 1848, d. 1938, Plot F/30/L3-7, [JB]
Croxton, James Henry, b. 5/21/1855, d. 10/02/1918, Plot F/30/L3-5, [JB]
Croxton, Myrl, d. 7/30/1896, Beloved son of T F & E I Croxton, Drowned/ Aged 10 yrs 4 mos 30 days, Plot O/41/L2-8, [JB]
Croxton, William Alfred, b. 1/08/1852, d. 12/13/1934, Age 82y11m5d, miner, wife: Susan Croxton, Father: Thomas Croxton Mother: Hannah Box, Degenerative myocarditis, Res: 809 'K' Street, Plot F/30/L3-8, [JB]
Culpepper, Henry C, b. 9/11/1921, d. 3/13/1940, Plot S/26/L7-7, [JB]
Culpepper, John Henry, b. 7/21/1886, d. 11/15/1954, Missouri, F1 US Navy, World War I, Plot S/26/L7-5, [JB]
Culpepper, Ruby Wilmoth, b. 8/12/1901, d. 7/10/1974, Plot S/26/L7-3, [JB]
Cunningham, Nancy C(larinda), b. 12/03/1883, d. 6/30/1943, Plot S/27/L5-4, [JB]
Cunningham, Robert D, b. 1/13/1883, d. 11/03/1942, Plot S/27/L5-2, [JB]
Cunningham, Robert D, b. 1883, d. 1942, Metal mortuary marker, Plot S/27/L5-2, [JB]
Curnow, Allen, no dates, Plot S/09/L1-1, [JB]
Curnow, Ellen, b. 6/11/187?, d. 6/06/1940, Wooden, Plot S/09/L1-6, [JB]
Curnow, James (J), b. 5/13/1872, d. 2/26/1940, Wooden, Plot S/09/L1-8, [JB]
Curnow, James J, d. 2/26/1940, Aged 67 yrs 9 mos 13 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/09/L1-8, [JB]
Curphey, Amelia, b. 1876, d. 1944, Mother At rest, Plot S/23/L7-3, [JB]
Curphey, Lenora L(ynn), b. 11/30/1914, d. 6/13/1967, Beloved mother and wife, Plot S/52/L19-2, [JB]
Currie, Daniel Joseph, b. 4/03/1897, d. 4/30/1960, Sgt Co A 10 Infantry Regt, World War I & II SS-PH, Plot S/52/L2-7, [JB]
Currie, Denver Gordon, b. 9/24/1903, d. 8/10/1918, Beloved son of Will D & Jessie M Currie, Plot F/23/L5-5, [JB]
Currier, Clara May 'Jessie', b. 5/12/1878, d. 7/29/1942, Mother, Forever in the hearts of your beloved family, Shared stone w/ William Currier, Ferne & Douglas Kellow, Plot S/25/L6-3, [JB]
Currier, William Doten, b. 6/04/1863, d. 9/03/1937, Father, Forever in the hearts of your beloved family, Shared stone w/ Clara May Currier, Ferne & Douglas Kellow, Plot S/25/L6-7, [JB]
Curry, James, no dates, Plot S/37/L7-3, [JB]
Curtice, Eva Cole, b. 5/22/1868, d. 10/13/1911, Mother, CURTICE on base, , Plot O/25/L8-1, [JB]
Curtis, Robert, no dates, Plot F/37/L2-8, [JB]
Custar, Abigail, d. 9/04/1896, In memory of, Wife of Isaac Custar, Aged 63 yrs, Shared stone w/ Isaac Custar, Plot O/09/L1-6a, [JB]
Custar, Alonzo D, b. 10/06/1862, d. 5/03/1905, Plot O/09/L1-2, [JB]
Custar, B W, d. 10/27/1899, Aged 26 years, Only crossed the river of death to the beautiful summer land, Plot O/09/L1-7, [JB]
Custar, Isaac, d. 5/19/1912, Aged84 yrs, Shared stone w/ Abigail Custar, Plot O/09/L1-6, [JB]
Cutting, M K, d. 8/06/1906, LBH p42/bk1906, single, age 83, [JB]
Dailey, Edward J, no dates, Plot S/42/L4-4, [JB]
Dale, Ralph Ray, no dates, Plot F/37/L10-2, [JB]
Dambree, Sally, no dates, Plot F/39/L5-7, [JB]
Daniel, Susie Ann, d. 5/1/1952, mortuary marker, Plot S/15/L6-6, [JB]
Daniels, Emma, b. 3/30/1844, d. 12/18/1919, Plot F/30/L1-1, [JB]
Daniels, Tarence Walace, b. 9/25/1926, d. 9/25/1926, LBH p177/bk1926, d Merlin, OR, father Walter D Daniels, Roosevelt, OK, mother Bernice C Gay, North Bend OR, Plot ?/15/L?-1, [JB]
Dark, Misty Dawn, b. 9/23/1983, d. 1/05/1984, Aged 3 mos 2 days, mortuary marker (Age doesn't work), Plot S/28/L1-6a, [JB]
Darling, Mary Joann, b. 1863, d. 1938, Plot S/23/L5-7, [JB]
Darling, Oscar W, b. 1858, d. 1941, Plot S/23/L5-5, [JB]
Darneille, Lula A, b. 4/28/1909, d. 12/05/1994, Plot O/39/L1-2, [JB]
Darneille, Marion L, b. 10/30/1895, d. 8/19/1980, Pvt US Army, World War I, Plot O/39/L1-4, [JB]
Darneille, Sarah Louise, b. 1899, d. (5/12)1932, Mother, Plot O/13/L2-5, [JB]
Dassy, Carrie, no dates, Plot F/43/L5-4, [JB]
Dassy, Henry, no dates, Plot F/43/L5-2, [JB]
Davenport, Alva B, d. 11/23/1955, Aged 75 yrs ? mos 8 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L3-1, [JB]
Davenport, Frank H, no dates, Plot S/37/L2-8, [JB]
Davenport, Lona, d. 10/09/1963, Aged 83 yrs 5 mos 19 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L3-1a, [JB]
David, Robert Gordon, no dates, Plot F/17/L8-8, [JB]
Davidson, Alta C(hristine), b. 1/03/1906, d. 2/03/1995, Shared stone w/ Arthur Davidson, Plot S/09/L6-3, [JB]
Davidson, Arthur, b. 7/02/1902, d. 2/03/1986, Shared stone w/ Alta C Davidson, Plot S/09/L6-1, [JB]
Davidson, Baby Boy, d. 1932, Plot F/09/L5-7, [JB]
Davidson, Bonnie Jean, b. 1932, d. 1941, I cannot say and I will not say That she is dead. She is just away! With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand, She has wandered into an unknown land., Plot S/09/L6-7, [JB]
Davidson, Chester Clyde, b. 4/11/1884, d. 6/23/1942, Plot F/09/L5-4, [JB]
Davidson, Ethel Mae, b. 1883, d. 1961, Plot S/47/L4-4, [JB]
Davidson, Ethel, b. 10/09/1891, d. 3/04/1938, Mother, Plot F/09/L5-6, [JB]
Davidson, Frank W, b. 1872, d. 1954, Plot S/47/L4-2, [JB]
Davidson, Illa Elizabeth, b. 1/24/1904, d. 2/28/1954, She is not dead, she is just away, H&H 1954-1252, b Jackson Hole, WY, sp William H Davidson, father George Matson, mother Carrie Harrison?, children Della Marie Bell, Carrie Jones, died Placerville, CA, Plot S/09/L6-5, [JB]
Davidson, Oliver Samuel, b. 1884, d. 1971, Plot S/47/L4-6, [JB]
Davidson, Royal, b. 2/28/1913, d. 10/12/1927, Brother, Plot F/09/L5-8, [JB]
Davies, Eunice Clair, b. 10/09/1903, d. 7/16/1991, Plot S/32/L5-7a, [JB]
Davies, Michael William, b. 4/18/1897, d. 10/04/1991, PFC US Army, World War I, Plot S/32/L5-7, [JB]
Davis, C B (Rev), b. 1/22/1859, d. 2/12/1928, Plot F/12/L2-8, [JB]
Davis, Clara E (Trefren), b. 3/19/1886, d. (10/15/1990), Shared stone w/ William G Davis, Plot O/05/L8-2a, [JB]
Davis, Claude LeRoy, no dates, Plot F/17/L8-8, [JB]
Davis, Edward, d. 1/16/1932, LBH p490/bk7a, Potters Field, age 75y, occ miner/prospector, d Josephine Gen'l Hosp, [JB]
Davis, Ella May, d. 1/27/1933, LBH p495/bk7a, Potters Field, Age 69y1mo18d, b New York City, married housewife, father E Spencer, [JB]
Davis, Emma, b. 1855, d. 1927, Plot F/01/L5-8, [JB]
Davis, Mary E, b. 4/22/1861, d. 9/13/1949, Plot F/12/L2-6, [JB]
Davis, Robert Gordon, b. 8/28/1923, d. 10/28/1924, LBH p539/bk1924, b Seattle, WA, d GP, OR, age 1y2m, father Claud L Davis, Kansas, mother Lucile Patter, Minnesota, Plot ?/17/L8-1, [JB]
Davis, William F, b. 3/20/1854, d. 6/24/1953, Plot F/01/L5-6, [JB]
Davis, William G, b. 1/16/1880, d. 9/16/1949, Shared stone w/ Clara E Davis, Plot O/05/L8-2b, [JB]
Dawe, William, b. 11/05/1878, d. 2/10/1929, LBH p532/bk7, b Durham, England, father Isaac Dawe, England, mother Emily Downing, England, age 50y3m5d, occ miner, Plot F/11/L8-5, [JB]
Dawson, Peter, no dates, Plot S/33/L3-8, [JB]
Day, Baby Girl, d. 3/07/1973, Plot S/38/L7-1, [JB]
Day, Horace, no dates, Plot F/18/L1-2, [JB]
Day, Stella May (Morse), b. 3/10/1883, d. 1/15/1965, Plot F/18/L1-5, [JB]
Day, Wendy Ann, d. 5/14/1972, Our Baby, Daughter of Jim & Juanita Day, Plot S/38/L7-7, [JB]
Dean, James N, b. 1879, d. 1969, Husband, Shared stone w/ Mattie O Dean, Plot F/38/L2-1, [JB]
Dean, Mattie C, b. 1886, d. 1982, Wife, Shared stone w/ James N Dean, Plot F/38/L2-3, [JB]
Deason, Adolphus E, no dates, Plot S/29/L7-7, [JB]
Deater, Iola M(ae), b. 1888, d. 1928, Plot F/31/L8-5, [JB]
DeBord, Elzora O, b. 3/31/1906, d. 3/05/1985, Plot F/26/L8-7, [JB]
Dedrick, Catherine Emma, no dates, Plot F/20/L7-3, [JB]
Dedrick, R S, no dates, Plot F/20/L7-1, [JB]
DeEll, Arthur, d. 12/05/1965, Aged 94 yrs 5 mos 7 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L6-6, [JB]
DeEpp, Dorothy Marie, b. 2/03/1944, d. 2/03/1944, Age 0, mortuary marker, [JB]
Dees, Herman, b. 12/09/1916, d. 8/10/1953, Plot S/35/L8-6, [JB]
Dees, Herman, d. 8/10/1953, Aged 36 yrs 8 mos 1 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/35/L8-6, [JB]
Dees, Jossie Elizabeth, b. 7/15/1910, d. 6/22/1989, Plot S/35/L8-8, [JB]
DeFur, Baby, no dates, Plot S/38/L8-14, [JB]
Demelmaier, Alois Anton, b. 10/24/1840, d. 6/10/1921, Shared stone w/ Elise Demelmaier, Plot F/29/L2-7, [JB]
Demelmaier, Elise, b. 12/23/1845, d. 11/19/1921, His wife, Shared stone w/ Anton Alois Demelmaier, Plot F/29/L2-5, [JB]
Demores, W, no dates, Plot F/17/L2-7, [JB]
DeNike, Thomas, no dates, Plot F/07/L1-4, [JB]
Denison, Ruth Dean, b. 1884, d. (4/22)1966, Plot F/24/L6-1, [JB]
Denniston, Edward E, d. 8/12/1955, Aged 83 yrs 2 mos 2 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/29/L7-5, [JB]
Derby, Alice, no dates, Plot S/41/L3-5, [JB]
Derby, Robert, no dates, Plot S/09/L7-1, [JB]
Dericks, Minnie Ernestine Fisher, b. 2/03/1859, d. 9/06/1924, LBH p520/bk1924, father John Fisher, Germany, [JB]
Desnoyer, George, b. Jan 1860, d. 6/29/1908, Death Certificate , [JB]
DeVinney, James, d. 10/02/1935, Wisconsin, Sgt 23 Inf, Indian War, Plot F/11/L2-2, [JB]
Devlin, Scott Douglas, d. 10/08/1964, Aged 0 yrs 0 mos 0 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/38/L2-11, [JB]
DeVoe, Earl H(enry), b. (10/14)1884, d. (2/12)1937, Plot F/11/L2-7, [JB]
DeVoe, Mary, b. 7/31/1853, d. 1/12/1936, LBH p274/bk7b, b St Stephens, New Brunswick, d Wilderville, OR, age 82y5m10d, widowed housewife, Plot F/11/L2-1, [JB]
DeVore, Benjamin, no dates, Plot F/08/L1-6, [JB]
DeVore, Bernice Emma, d. 1/14/1930, LBH p60/bk7a, age 55y5m29d, married, camp cook, b Magorpin, IL, father John Ladley, Magorpin, IL, surv Elmer B & B J Devore, Leland, Mt Rubin Mine, Plot F/08/L1-?, [JB]
DeVore, Elmer B, b. 11/10/1898, d. 1/09/1952, Kansas, Cpl, 137 Infantry, World War I & II, Plot F/08/L1-4, [JB]
DeWolf, Albert Horrace, b. 2/13/186?, d. 9/08/1935, Minn, Ore, Foil stickers on stone - 3 missing, Plot F/37/L2-2, [JB]
Dickey, Harry W, d. 10/07/1925, LBH p49/bk1925, d Almeda, OR, cau ruptured appendix, coroner's case, age 63y, single miner, Plot ?/17/L8-?, [JB]
Dillen, Columbus L, b. 2/08/1850, d. 3/07/1916, Plot F/33/L8-8, [JB]
Dillen, Naoma, b. 1/28/1857, d. 4/21/1927, Plot F/33/L8-6, [JB]
Dilley, Alexander, no dates, Plot S/41/L6-8, [JB]
Dilley, Anna, no dates, Plot S/41/L6-6, [JB]
Dillon, Mary Lanora, b. 1893, d. 1941, Plot S/23/L8-1, [JB]
Dimick, Harry O(tis), b. 6/26/1874, d. 12/15/1944, LBH p167/bk1943#117, died on road - car went over bank, sp Edith Dimick, age 68y, occ carpenter,mother Sarah Croxton, res Galice, OR, Plot S/37/L5-3, [JB]
Dimmick, Lee, no dates, Plot F/17/L1-3, [JB]
Dingler, Minerva, b. 1852, d. 1939, Plot F/27/L7-7, [JB]
Dingler, Olive, b. 1887?, d. 1917, Plot F/27/L7-3, [JB]
Dingler, W J, b. 1848, d. 1922, Plot F/27/L7-5, [JB]
Ditty, Baby, no dates, Plot S/42/L6-4, [JB]
Doane, Laval Whelan, no dates, Plot S/37/L3-1, [JB]
Dodge, Carl M(ason), b. 1898, d. 1963, Plot F/28/L3-7, [JB]
Dodge, David D, b. 1867, d. 1955, Shared stone w/ Ida L Dodge, Plot F/28/L3-4, [JB]
Dodge, David G, b. 7/29/1888, d. 3/20/1969, Oregon, Pvt 18 Spruce Sq, World War I, Plot F/28/L3-2, [JB]
Dodge, Georgie Nellson, b. 6/21/1912, d. 10/16/1947, Husband, Plot S/35/L5-2, [JB]
Dodge, Ida L, b. 1866, d. (7/4)1954, Shared stone w/ David D Dodge, Plot F/28/L3-6, [JB]
Dodge, James, no dates, Plot F/17/L4-6, [JB]
Dodge, Wilbur W, b. 1890, d. 1925, Plot F/28/L3-8, [JB]
Doggett, George Lewellen, b. 11/21/1858, d. 4/07/1922, Plot F/21/L8-3, [JB]
Dolan, Franklin, no dates, Plot S/18/L4-6, [JB]
Dolan, Thomas, d. 12/13/1932, LBH p473/bk7a, Potters Field, d Josephine Gen'l Hosp, age 56y, occ miner, b Grass Valley, CA, [JB]
Dorman, Daniel L, b. 1909, d. 1967, Brother, Plot F/38/L12-7, [JB]
Dorr, Daniel, no dates, Plot F/32/L1-1, [JB]
Dorr, Louise, no dates, Plot F/32/L1-3, [JB]
Dotson, Garrison, no dates, Corpl, Co E, 6 W Va Inf, Plot O/27/L5-3, [JB]
Douglas, Harry O, d. 2/24/1955, Aged 75 yrs 10 mos 10 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/28/L2-6, [JB]
Douglas, James, no dates, Plot S/21/L8-8, [JB]
Downing, Benjamin F, d. (4/30/1922), Co E, 194 NY Inf, Plot F/26/L8-1, [JB]
Downing, Josephine Lucy, no dates, Plot F/26/L8-3, [JB]
Doyle, Earl T(erence), d. 8/19/1930, Oregon, Corp 8 Inf, Plot F/17/L2-8, [JB]
Drain, John Charles, no dates, Plot S/45/L1-4, [JB]
Drake, Dell, no dates, Plot F/22/L1-6, [JB]
Drake, Evelyn, d. 1923, Age 1, mortuary marker, Plot F/07/L5-7, [JB]
Drake, Fannie, no dates, Plot F/22/L1-8, [JB]
Drake, Harold E(lmo), b. 3/22/1920, d. 9/18/1970, Oregon, S1 US Navy, World War II, Plot F/02/L5-7, [JB]
Drake, Hiram, d. 6/1/1906, LBH p27/bk1906, Potters Field, d GP, OR, occ laborer, single, [JB]
Drake, Jennie, b. 1892, d. 1958, Plot F/02/L5-4, [JB]
Drake, Moses F, no dates, Plot F/02/L5-2, [JB]
Driebelblis, Gale, d. 9/25/1930, LBH p160/bk7a, Age 52y, single miner, b KY, Plot ?/01/L6-1, [JB]
Drolette, Cora B, b. N/D, d. N/D, Shared stone w/ John H Drolette/ Not in ODI - maybe remarried, Plot F/33/L7-?, [JB]
Drolette, John H, b. 1883, d. (5/16)1950, Shared stone w/ Cora B Drolette, Plot F/33/L7-5, [JB]
Duarte, Unk, no dates, Plot F/17/L5-7, [JB]
Ducharme, Henry, b. 1858, d. 1931, Shared stone w/ Susie C Ducharme, Plot F/44/L1-8, [JB]
Ducharme, Susie C, b. 1873, d. 1955, Shared stone w/ Henry Ducharme, Plot F/44/L1-6, [JB]
Duffiner, H, no dates, Plot S/35/L2-5, [JB]
Dufur, Edmond, no dates, Plot S/19/L2-5, [JB]
Dukes, Edith May, no dates, Plot S/15/L8-7, [JB]
Dukes, Etta, b. 9/28/1872, d. 3/24/1929, Plot F/38/L1-4, [JB]
Dukes, Francis, no dates, Plot S/15/L8-5, [JB]
Duley, Unk, no dates, Plot S/56/L2-3, [JB]
Duncan, Cameron Currie, no dates, Plot S/17/L2-1, [JB]
Duncan, T Frank, d. 7/08/1906, LBH p35/bk1906, d Leland, OR, single, age 29y9m9d, [JB]
Dungey, Elira Connett, no dates, Plot F/11/L2-4, [JB]
Dungey, John, b. 1874, d. 1939, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot F/19/L4-4, [JB]
Dungey, Lewis George, b. 1909, d. 1926, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot F/19/L4-6, [JB]
Dungey, Mary Maude, b. 1874, d. 1948, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot F/19/L4-2, [JB]
Dunn, Frederick, no dates, Plot S/23/L6-1, [JB]
Durkee, Anna, b. 7/31/1912, d. 2/28/1913, Beloved daughter of F & B Durkee, Plot F/27/L6-7, [JB]
Duval, Baby Girl, b. 1948, d. 1948, mortuary marker, Plot S/31/L4-1, [JB]
Duval, Rodney A, no dates, Plot S/31/L4-1, [JB]
Dye, Friend E, no dates, Plot S/18/L1-5, [JB]
Dyer, Glen Jackson, b. 11/21/1971, d. 4/08/2002, Beloved son of Kim & Toni, Loving Father of Glen & Austin, Thy trials ended thy rest won, Plot S/35/L7-8, [JB]
Dysert, Ida Lee, b. 4/27/1878, d. 1/16/1906, LBH p4/bk1904,dod 1/15/1904, married, housewife, age27y, Plot O/13/L2-3, [JB]
Dysert, Joseph, b. 1/1/1883, d. 5/17/1901, Plot O/07/L2-2, [JB]
Dysert, Ray A(lvarado), b. 10/06/1896, d. 11/16/1972, Oregon, Pvt 141 Aero Sq, World War I, Plot F/06/L6-3, [JB]
Eades, Joseph Carl, b. 5/08/1869, d. 1/03/1948, Eads misspelled Eades on stone, Plot F/07/L4-5, [JB]
Eads, Esther Rebecca, b. 12/05/1853, d. 4/06/1916, LBH p46/bk5-1916, sp prob James R Eads, age 62y4m1d, housekeeper, father John Wolestine, New York, mother Lavina Wolestine, New York, [JB]
Eads, John G(ilbert), b. 4/09/1905, d. 2/14/1974, PFC US Army, Plot F/07/L4-8a, [JB]
Eads, Vista (Susan) Mastin, b. 1877, d. 1969, Cremains of son John Gilbert at foot, Plot F/07/L4-8, [JB]
Eads, W H, b. 1903, d. 1922, Plot F/07/L4-7, [JB]
Earl, Fannie E, b. 1889, d. 1925, Plot O/03/L1-3, [JB]
Earlscourt, Charles B, d. 1/30/1933, LBH p498/bk7a, age 77y, widower, b Kansas, occ miner, surv W B Earlscourt, Spokane, WA, Plot ?/56/L3-1, [JB]
Eastman, Edwin R(andall), b. 189?, d. 1978, In loving memory, Papa?, Plot O/06/L6-5, [JB]
Eastman, Hester P, b. 1896, d. 1961, In loving memory, Mama, Plot O/06/L6-3, [JB]
Eastman, LaVina Jean, b. 11/04/1927, d. 2/05/1929, LBH p530/bk7, Age 1y3m1d, b GP, OR, father Ralph H Eastman, Sheridan, Iowa, mother Cecile Ackard, Pierre, South Dakota, possibly Unk Eastmen F/02/L6-12, [JB]
Eastmen, Unk, no dates, Possibly LaVina Jean Eastman, Plot F/02/L6-12, [JB]
Ebro, Ewald, d. 6/16/1964, Aged 87 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot S/53/L2-3, [JB]
Eddy, Emma Irene, b. 7/28/1895, d. 5/29/1924, Plot F/07/L8-2, [JB]
Eddy, Irene, no dates, Plot F/07/L8-4, [JB]
Edmisson, Cylde H, no dates, Plot S/57/L4-3, [JB]
Edwards, George A Sr, b. 1882, d. 1934, Plot S/10/L5-5, [JB]
Edwards, Jesse M, no dates, Plot S/41/L3-2, [JB]
Eells, Emma E(lizabeth), b. 5/08/1909, d. 12/27/1982, Plot S/39/L1-3, [JB]
Eells, Frank E(lmer), b. 3/14/1906, d. 10/15/1945, Plot S/39/L1-7, [JB]
Eells, Horace E, b. 8/26/1862, d. 10/04/1947, Plot S/39/L1-2, [JB]
Eells, Leland E(verett), b. 5/28/1910, d. 7/05/1979, Plot S/39/L1-1, [JB]
Eells, Leonard A, b. 6/27/1946, d. 1/16/1947, Plot S/39/L1-5, [JB]
Eells, Mary Ann, b. 11/28/1839, d. 1/30/1939, Plot S/42/L4-5, [JB]
Eells, Virginia C, no dates, Plot S/45/L6-3, [JB]
Eells,Virginia Catherine, b. 2/19/1884, d. 4/26/1960, Born, Entered into rest, Homemade concrete, Plot S/45/L6-3, [JB]
Eels, Marjorie E, b. 5/29/1924, d. 12/1/1941, Plot S/39/L1-8, [JB]
Eggert, Orsat L, no dates, Plot S/24/L6-1, [JB]
Eipp, Opal Mae, d. 4/29/1952, Aged 52 yrs 11 mos 16 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/31/L7-4, [JB]
Elbrecht, Bessie, no dates, Plot S/28/L6-1, [JB]
Eller, Fern, b. 1924, d. (4/5)1969, In eternal memory, In Cemetery records as Pearl L Eller, Plot F/27/L4-4, [JB]
Eller, Pearl L, no dates, Plot S/27/L4-4, [JB]
Elliot, Daisy, no dates, Plot S/10/L5-3, [JB]
Elliott, Georgeanna Baily, b. 1921, d. 1954, & infant son Irvin, Shared stone w/ Irvin Elliott, Plot S/20/L7-6, [JB]
Elliott, Irvin, b. 1954, d. 1954, Shared stone w/ Georgeanna Baily Elliott, Plot S/20/L7-6, [JB]
Elliott, Theodore O, b. 1903, d. 1964, Plot S/35/L2-6, [JB]
Elliott, Velma Videssa, b. 3/25/1906, d. 9/11/1953, Plot S/35/L2-8, [JB]
Elliott, William H, b. 1875, d. 1945, Plot S/37/L4-4, [JB]
Elmore, Addie (Ada) Warner, b. 6/14/1898, d. 10/25/1982, Plot F/29/L8-6, [JB]
Elmore, Mary Ann, b. 1848, d. 1920, Plot F/23/L8-7, [JB]
Elmore, Robert A, b. 1877, d. 1955, Plot F/23/L8-5, [JB]
Emblem, Unk, no dates, Plot F/32/L6-7, [JB]
Emerson, Eugene H, d. 5/03/1933, US Navy, Plot F/13/L2-2, [JB]
Emge, John H, b. 6/08/1876, d. 1/28/1956, In walkway, Plot S/21/W8, [JB]
Emmons, Alice Marie, b. 1911, d. 1967, Mother, Plot S/38/L4-7, [JB]
Emmons, Arlo J, b. 12/17/1931, d. 12/1/1976, US Army, Plot S/38/L5-1, [JB]
Emmons, Garry Lee, no dates, Plot S/38/L6-4, [JB]
Emory, June L(eola) Meade, b. 6/09/1925, d. 5/17/1996, Mama, Plot S/26/L8-3, [JB]
English, Christopher G, b. 1848, d. 1922, Shared stone w/ Laura V English, Plot F/22/L4-1, [JB]
English, Laura V, b. 1860, d. (2/11)1923, Shared stone w/ Christopher G English, Plot F/22/L4-3, [JB]
Enos, Helen, no dates, Plot F/30/L7-5, [JB]
Entriken, Richard, no dates, Plot S/42/L6-5, [JB]
Ereman, Billy G(ene), d. 10/09/1928, Aged 0 yrs 6 mos 5 days, mortuary marker, Plot F/09/L7-6, [JB]
Ereman, Carl A, no dates, Plot S/09/L5-5, [JB]
Ereman, Fred, no dates, Minnesota, Farrier Vet Hosp, 18 Vet Corps, Plot S/09/L5-8, [JB]
Ereman, Wilda G(eneva), d. 9/30/1928, Aged 4? yrs 5 days, mortuary marker, Plot F/09/L7-8, [JB]
Erickson, Fern (McKy), b. 1887, d. 1963, Plot F/40/L1-1, [JB]
Espinoza, Raymond J, d. 5/08/1967, Aged 52 yrs 8 mos 29 days, mortuary marker, Plot F/38/L10-1, [JB]
Estberg, Hattie Mae, b. 1879, d. 1970, Plot F/44/L15-1, [JB]
Estes, Robert Glenn, b. 1891, d. 1941, Plot S/26/L7-8, [JB]
Etter, Noah, no dates, Plot F/37/L2-4, [JB]
Evans, Carol D(iann), d. 1/03/1963, Aged 0 yrs 5 mos 25 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/38/L2-18, [JB]
Evans, Horace, no dates, Plot S/09/L2-7, [JB]
Everman, Charles, no dates, Plot S/35/L5-3, [JB]
Everton, Asenath, d. 1/21/1900, Departed this life, Aged 58 yrs 3 mos 9 das, Plot O/09/L3-6, [JB]
Evitt, John F(lorence), d. 3/18/1965, Aged 86 yrs 10 mos 15 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L15-7, [JB]
Ewing, Clyde P(omroy), b. 11/29/1885, d. 8/25/1963, Age 68 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot F/31/L4-3, [JB]
Ewing, Clyde P(omroy), b. 1895, d. 1963, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot F/31/L4-3, [JB]
Ewing, Kathryn R, b. 1901, d. 1983, Metal mortuary marker embedded, Plot F/31/L4-1, [JB]
Ewing, Kathryn, b. 3/25/1901, d. 10/21/1983, Age 82, mortuary marker, Plot F/31/L4-1, [JB]
Fager, Charles D, b. 1874, d. (11/1)1969, Plot S/30/L4-8, [JB]
Fager, Mary B, b. (1/26)1886, d. (11/6)1984, Plot S/30/L4-7, [JB]
Fager, Mary E L, b. 1873, d. 1948, Plot S/30/L4-6, [JB]
Fairchild, Emma Ann, b. 1/14/1842, d. 2/12/1928, Plot F/28/L2-8, [JB]
Fairchild, Leland L, no dates, Plot F/44/L14-2, [JB]
Fairfield, Richard W, b. 7/07/1888, d. 1/18/1947, Plot S/36/L7-7, [JB]
Fairfield, Richard W, d. 1947, mortuary marker, Plot S/36/L7-7, [JB]
Falkenhagen, Infant, b. 3/1/1920, d. 3/1/1920, LBH p25/bk1920, died Mountain View Hosp, father L C Falkenhagen, [JB]
Falwell, Kim E, no dates, Plot S/15/L1-20, [JB]
Faneb ?, George W, no dates, Plot F/14/L8-6, [JB]
Farleigh, George W, no dates, Plot S/26/L2-6, [JB]
Farmer, Floyd J, b. 7/17/1912, d. 6/24/1992, Our Beloved Parents, At Rest, Forgiven, Shared stone w/ Phyllis A Farmer (N/D), Plot S/34/L1-2, [JB]
Farmer, Lawrence Neil, no dates, Plot S/38/L2-9, [JB]
Farmer, Phyllis, no dates, Plot S/34/L1-4, [JB]
Farrat, Leon, no dates, Plot S/42/L8-6, [JB]
Farrer, Frank, no dates, Plot S/16/L4-2, [JB]
Farrer, Thomas, b. 9/10/1881, d. 4/20/1917, At rest, Native of London England, Plot F/24/L2-1, [JB]
Farwell, E, no dates, Plot S/42/L1-3, [JB]
Farwell, L E, no dates, Plot S/42/L1-7, [JB]
Fawcett, Catherine L, no dates, Plot S/43/L3-3, [JB]
Fay, Charles Dale, b. 4/07/1930, d. 3/03/1997, Cpl US Army, Korea, Plot F/44/L8-4a, [JB]
Fay, Edith A(gnes), b. 4/22/1905, d. 8/02/1990, Together forever, Shared stone w/ Edwin Fay, Plot F/44/L8-4, [JB]
Fay, Edwin N, b. 6/09/1889, d. 1/1/1972, Together forever, Shared stone w/ Edith A Fay, Plot F/44/L8-6, [JB]
Fay, William A, b. 1882, d. 1954, Father, Plot S/21/L8-1, [JB]
Fay, William Edwin, no dates, Plot F/44/L8-2, [JB]
Feagan, Jewell E, d. (3/04/1960), Kansas, ? Co D 351 Infantry, Stone half-buried, Plot S/52/L4-1, [JB]
Feff----, Henry Jerome, no dates, Plot S/42/L2-6, [JB]
Feiring, Edwin, b. 1921, d. 1925, Plot F/07/L3-8, [JB]
Feiring, Florence, b. 5/12/1901, d. 12/17/1966, Plot F/07/L3-6, [JB]
Feiring, Nellie (Lucille), b. 1901, d. 1972, Plot F/07/L3-5, [JB]
Feiring, Otto, b. 11/20/1891, d. 3/23/1970, California, Sgt Air Service, World War I, Plot F/07/L3-7, [JB]
Felker, John, no dates, Plot F/23/L5-4, [JB]
Fender, Lowell, no dates, Plot S/45/L3-1, [JB]
Fenn, G(eorge) H, no dates, Co H, 34 NY Inf, Plot O/07/L5-5, [JB]
Fenn, Julian N, b. 8/12/1880, d. 1/31/1901, Plot O/07/L5-1, [JB]
Fenn, Marie, no dates, mortuary marker, Plot O/07/L5-7, [JB]
Ferguson, Henry May, b. 1857, d. 1952, 95 yrs 1 mo 25 days, Plot S/34/L4-3, [JB]
Ferren, James A, no dates, Plot S/10/L5-4, [JB]
Ferris, Caroline, d. 1922, Aged 1 day, Homemade, Plot F/29/L7-2, [JB]
Ferry, George W, b. 11/29/1880, d. 7/?/1937, mortuary marker, Plot O/36/L2-1, [JB]
Ferry, Lenny, b. 6/09/1903, d. 3/09/1909, mortuary marker, Plot O/36/L2/4, [JB]
Ferry, Levi W, no dates, Co I, 1 Neb Inf, Plot O/36/L2-2, [JB]
Fetter, Baby Boy, b. (4/12/1952), d. 4/12/1952, Aged - yrs - mos - days, mortuary marker, Plot S/15/L6-5, [JB]
Fick, Herman Fredrick, b. 12/31/1860, d. 6/22/1946, Shared stone w/ Margurete Jane Fick, Plot O/05/L1-7, [JB]
Fick, Margurete Jane, b. 2/14/1875, d. 2/22/1950, Shared stone w/ Herman Fredrick Fick, Plot O/05/L1-7a, [JB]
Fielder, Jane Erie, no dates, Plot F/04/L6-4, [JB]
Fielder, Thomas Harrison, no dates, Plot F/04/L6-2, [JB]
Fields, Alice I, b. 7/19/1880, d. 12/11/1906, LBH p77/bk1906, age 26y5m, surv S & AH Fields, Plot O/28/L4-1, [JB]
Fields, Alva Lee, d. 3/22/1953, mortuary marker, Plot O/28/L4-4, [JB]
Fields, Charles S, b. 3/02/1926, d. 9/25/1996, S1 US Navy, World War II, Plot O/28/L4-7, [JB]
Fields, Clyde E, d. 11/27/1965, Aged 66 yrs 4 mos 4 days, mortuary marker, Plot O/28/L4-8, [JB]
Fields, Lexie Elvira, d. 6/26/1960, Aged 63 yrs ? mos 19 days, mortuary marker, Plot O/28/L4-6, [JB]
Fields, Richard Michael, no dates, Plot S/44/L2-20, [JB]
Figg, Hiram Gilbert, no dates, Plot F/44/L8-8, [JB]
Figg, Nora Marie, no dates, Plot F/44/L9-3, [JB]
Finch, Frances J, no dates, Plot S/47/L3-3, [JB]
Finch, Frank (Francis) J, d. 12/30/1960, Aged 96 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L3-3, [JB]
Finley, Margaret Kingsmill, b. 12/1/1865, d. 6/15/1956, Plot S/45/L2-1, [JB]
Finney, Baby Girl, no dates, Plot S/16/L4-13, [JB]
Fisher, George W, no dates, Plot S/29/L4-5, [JB]
Flaharty, Laura Kate, b. 9/02/1834, d. 3/08/1922, Plot F/22/L2-4, [JB]
Flaharty, Lida Leora, b. 12/21/1910, d. 3/08/1913, Plot F/22/L2-6, [JB]
Flannigan, Elizabeth, d. 1945, mortuary marker, Plot S/28/L1-8, [JB]
Flatman, Fannie, no dates, Plot F/37/L2-6, [JB]
Fleming, Jerry, b. 1880, d. 1925, Plot F/32/L3-7, [JB]
Flisch, J(acob), b. 1838, d. (2/25)1913, Shared stone w/ Andrew Caspescha, Plot F/27/L6-2, [JB]
Flux, Rhoda Maida Fisher, b. 4/26/1856, d. 7/19/1922, LBH p285/bk1922, b Grant Co, Ohio, d Jerome Prairie, age 66y2m23d, cause of death suicide drowning in well, father Orange Fisher, New York, mother Julia Ballard, Mass, widow of Alfred Flux, surv Alferd Flux, RFD GP, Plot F/29/L7-7, [JB]
Folger, Baby Boy, d. 4/07/1951, Plot S/15/L5-19, [JB]
Fontaine, Eva, b. 5/27/1885, d. 9/07/1947, LBH p112/bk1946#63, res 210 East C St, sp Joseph Fontaine, age 62y3m10d, b Victor, MT, father James R Darby, mother Sarah R White, Plot S/36/L2-7, [JB]
Fontaine, Joseph, b. 5/27/1878, d. 12/11/1956, Plot S/36/L2-5, [JB]
Foote, Warren, no dates, Plot S/23/L8-4, [JB]
Ford, Baby Boy, d. 12/07/1962, Aged 0 yrs 0 mos 0 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/38/L2-17, [JB]
Ford, Baby Boy, no dates, Plot S/15/L5-10, [JB]
Forrer, Henry, no dates, Plot S/15/L5-7, [JB]
Forrest, Pearl L, no dates, Plot S/52/L2-2, [JB]
Forrester, Alice P, no dates, Plot S/28/L8-8, [JB]
Forster, Jacqueline Ann, b. 12/17/1923, d. 6/28/1996, Plot S/28/L6-7, [JB]
Forster, James S Jr, b. 1/24/1918, d. 4/11/2003, PFC US Army, World War II, Purple Heart, Plot S/28/L6-7a, [JB]
Forsythe, Edga R, no dates, Plot S/21/L7-2, [JB]
Fortner, Dwayne L, no dates, Plot S/38/L5-3, [JB]
Foshee, Baby, d. 1953, Our baby boy, Plot S/15/L1-14, [JB]
Foster, Allen G, d. 12/1/1906, LBH p 75/bk1906, married, age 49y, cause of death typhoid, [JB]
Foster, Baby, d. 1949, mortuary marker, Plot S/31/L4-21, [JB]
Foster, Floy G, b. 1889, d. 1952, Plot F/20/L2-4, [JB]
Foster, Frieda, no dates, Plot F/37/L3-5, [JB]
Foster, Harry, b. 12/11/1911, d. 6/17/1987, Plot F/20/L2-7, [JB]
Foster, Herbert W, b. 1/29/1870, d. 3/07/1953, Plot S/34/L3-5, [JB]
Foster, Horace M, no dates, Plot S/41/L1-3, [JB]
Foster, Jack A, d. 2/08/1965, Aged 68 yrs, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L15-3, [JB]
Foster, Jerald J W, b. 8/23/1953, d. 8/23/1979, US Navy, Vietnam, Plot F/20/L2-2, [JB]
Foster, Lulu Viola, no dates, Plot O/01/L4-6, [JB]
Foster, Milton J, b. 1885, d. 1942, Plot F/20/L2-6, [JB]
Foster, Ralph L, b. 1914, d. 1929, Plot F/20/L2-8, [JB]
Foster, Rochelle Dawn, b. 9/30/1970, d. 10/02/1970, Beloved sister and daughter, Plot S/38/L7-21, [JB]
Fowler, Chester F, no dates, Co G, 2 Colo Cav, Plot O/34/L2-2, [JB]
Fowler, G K, no dates, Plot S/41/L3-1, [JB]
Fox, Bessie, no dates, Plot S/40/L1-6, [JB]
Fox, James, no dates, Plot S/36/L2-3, [JB]
Fox, Myra, no dates, Plot F/22/L1-7, [JB]
Frakes, Sophia, b. 3/27/1841, d. 7/22/1919, Shared stone w/ William Frakes, Plot F/23/L2-3, [JB]
Frakes, William, b. 7/23/1841, d. (11/16/1924), Shared stone w/ Sophia Frakes, LBH p541/bk 1924, res Roseburg Soldiers Home, retired farmer, b Indiana, d State Hosp, Salem, OR, age 83y, father William Frakes, Germany, mother Lyda Thacker, Scotland, Plot F/23/L2-1, [JB]
Frame, Robert Loward, d. 9/09/1964, Aged 79 yrs 1 mos 17 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/47/L14-3, [JB]
Frank, Dorothy, no dates, Plot F/44/L2-1, [JB]
Frank, Joseph, d. Feb (20) 1954, Aged 87, mortuary marker, Plot S/35/L7-6, [JB]
Franklin, Charles B, b. 2/18/1888, d. 10/24/1957, Father, Plot S/22/L3-5, [JB]
Franklin, Marvin C, b. 10/31/1930, d. 3/14/1994, Beloved son, brother and father, Plot S/22/L3-7a, [JB]
Franklin, Mildred E, b. 1919, d. 1936, Plot F/15/L2-5, [JB]
Franklin, Nellie M, b. 9/11/1897, d. 9/15/1958, Mother, Plot S/22/L3-7, [JB]
Fraser, George Henry, d. 4/24/1929, LBH p561/bk7, age 80y8m23d, widower, occ contractor, b Wakefield, MA, father George H Fraser, Waskefield, MA, surv George F Fraser, Plot ?/23/L?-?, [JB]
Fraser, Lucy Jane, b. 9/03/1858, d. 5/06/1924, Plot F/23/L1-8, [JB]
Fraser, Marjorie R, b. Nov 1911, d. Aug 1947, Plot S/23/L1-2, [JB]
Frasier, Donald A, no dates, Plot S/23/L1-4, [JB]
Frazer, Carrie, no dates, Plot F/43/L4-8, [JB]
Frazer, John, no dates, Plot F/43/L4-6, [JB]
Fridgen, Edward N(ick), b. 9/10/1898, d. 7/20/1963, Iowa, S2 US Navy, Plot S/47/L8-4, [JB]
Fridley, Josephine, b. 1860, d. 1953, Plot S/35/L7-7, [JB]
Frisbie, Lottie, no dates, Plot S/47/L4-7, [JB]
Frisbie, Richard, no dates, Plot S/47/L4-5, [JB]
Fritz, John R, d. 5/02/1955, Aged 82 yrs ? mos 26 days, mortuary marker, Plot S/36/L1-1a, [JB]
Frost, Clarence, no dates, Plot S/18/L3-1, [JB]
Fry, George F(rancis), b. 5/1/1868, d. 11/19/1944, LBH p160/bk1943/#110, res 707 East K St, GP, SS#543-07-1408, sp Lillie Fry, b Harrison Co, Iowa, father George Washington Fry, IN, mother Sarah Palmer, occ laborer, age 76y6m18d, Plot S/08/L5-1, [JB]
Fry, Lillie May, no dates, Plot S/08/L5-3, [JB]
Frye, Anna E, b. 3/15/1857, d. 12/13/1915, Plot F/27/L7-6, [JB]
Fryer, Arthur Lee, d. 24514, Plot O/07/07a-3, [JB]
Fryer, Ida May, d. 24194, Plot O/07/07a-1, [JB]
Fryer, Iona S, b. 11/15/1860, d. 12/14/1932, Shared stone w/ Jacob L Fryer, Plot F/12/L3-2, [JB]
Fryer, Jacob L(andon), b. 10/16/1854, d. 2/13/1931, Shared stone w/ Iola S Fryer, LBH p215/bk7a, died Holland, OR, occ carpenter, b Allegheny Co, PA, surv M H Fryer, Kerby OR, Plot F/12/L3-4, [JB]
Fryer, Walter Willis, b. 1889, d. 1927, Plot F/12/L3-6, [JB]
Fuller, Fred E Sr, b. 1874, d. 1949, Plot S/27/L1-4, [JB]
Fuller, Marguerite, b. 1886, d. 1942, Daughter of the Civil War, Plot S/27/L1-2, [JB]
Fulmer, Child, d. (1903), Plot O/02/L2-4, [JB]
Fulmer, William O, d. (1909), Plot O/02/L2-1, [JB]
Furlong, William S, b. 10/1/1889?, d. 12/11/1960, Washington, PFC 16 Co Coast Arty, World War I, Plot S/52/L3-1, [JB]


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