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Christ Reformed Church Cemetery
Union Twp, Adams County, Pennsylvania

131 Christ Church Rd, Littlestown PA 17430

Lat: 39° 45' 24"N, Lon: 77° 03' 21"W

To reach take Hwy 194 NE out of Littlestown for about a mile. Then a left or north onto Christ Church Rd. The cemetery will be on the right side (east) of the road after only a short distance.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Jul 20, 2011. Total records = 202.

Contributor's Index:

Adams, Ada P, b. 6/29/1902, d. 5/1/1975, [NS]
Adams, Richard M, b. 01/30/1899, d. 3/2/1960, [NS]
Altand, Sandra E, b. 10/10/1944, d., [NS]
Altand, Terry L, b. 1/1/1946, d., [NS]
Amspacher, Alverta M, b. 1901, d. 1991, [NS]
Amspacher, Edwin N, no dates, [NS]
Amspacher, Emma M, b. 11-02-1876, d. 9/25/1925, [NS]
Amspacher, J Oscar, b. 1896, d. 1961, [NS]
Amspacher, John E, b. 1874, d. 4/20/1931, [NS]
Angel, Estella C, d. 10-05-1898, age: 1y 6m 13d, [NS]
Anthony, Flora A, b. 12/5/1916, d. 5/29/2001, [NS]
Anthony, Ross L, b. 10/3/1910, d. 12/26/2001, [NS]
Arentz, Beatrice A, b. 3/14/1913, d., [NS]
Arentz, Elizabeth, b. d. 4/30/1903, age: 73y 28d, [NS]
Arentz, Ivan E, b. 11/22/1910, d. 10/30/1998, [NS]
Arentz, Joseph A, b. 87y 11m 4d, d. 8/12/1920, [NS]
Arentz, Vernon, no dates, [NS]
Arnold, Elizabeth R, b. 1937, d. 1994, [NS]
Arnold, John M, no dates, [NS]
Arter, Carrie N, d. 3/18/1988, [NS]
Arter, Henry, b. 07-20-1838, d. 01-06-1864, [NS]
Arter, Lydia, b. 08-05-1864, d. 01-17-1865, [NS]
Arter, Mary C, b. 02-19-1861, d. 02-19-1865, [NS]
Atland, Toby, no dates, [NS]
Ault, Isabella, d. 06-18-1881, age: 41y 6m 9d, [NS]
Ault, John, Rev., b. 04-01-1836, d. 07-26-1880, [NS]
Aumen, Lisa Ann, b. 1/12/1954, d. 8/27/1974, [NS]
Bailey, Alice, b. 03-29-1870, d. 7/22/1930, [NS]
Bair, Aaron W, b. 3/5/1915, d., [NS]
Bair, Albert J, b. 09-03-1854, d. 11/8/1945, [NS]
Bair, Alice J, b. 06-16-1880, d. 8/7/1966, [NS]
Bair, Amelia, d. 7/10/1926, age: 77y 10m 9d, [NS]
Bair, Amna Mary E, b. 10-16-1842, d. 10/16/1922, [NS]
Bair, Athalia B, b. 01-22-1869, d. 5/16/1954, [NS]
Bair, Catherine D Ruby, b. 12-19-1858, d. 2/26/1938, [NS]
Bair, Charlotte A, b. 8/8/1907, d. 9/16/1986, [NS]
Bair, Clark M, d. 5/9/1913, [NS]
Bair, David F, b. 06-01-1824, d. 7/9/1909, [NS]
Bair, David G, d. 6/17/1936, age: 87y 10m 11d, [NS]
Bair, David J, b. 1892, d. 1892, [NS]
Bair, Dorothy M, b. 1/10/1934, d., [NS]
Bair, Elizabeth, d. 5/7/1923, age: 72y 28d, [NS]
Bair, Ellen L, b. 1868, d. 1870, [NS]
Bair, Elmira, d. 11-08-1881, age: 34y 11m 8d, [NS]
Bair, Emanuel, b. 06-06-1822, d. 05-03-1866, [NS]
Bair, G E, no dates, [NS]
Bair, George, b. 05-24-1785, d. 02-01-1855, [NS]
Bair, Harriet, b. 10-17-1817, d. 1/2/1903, [NS]
Bair, Harry E, b. 08-23-1876, d. 9/25/1952, [NS]
Bair, Henry E, d. 11/1/1918, age: 67y 4m 14d, [NS]
Bair, Henry T, b. 06-17-1879, d. 3/13/1901, [NS]
Bair, Hollin E, b. 07-10-1882, d. 12/9/1955, [NS]
Bair, Issac P, b. 10-23-1878, d. 01-15-1879, [NS]
Bair, Jeremiah, b. 08-25-1842, d. 11/6/1919, [NS]
Bair, Jesse E, b. 11-25-1879, d. 1/30/1950, [NS]
Bair, John A, b. 02-13-1851, d. 10/16/1925, [NS]
Bair, John A, b. 8y 7m 24d, d. 11-13-1850, [NS]
Bair, John, b. 03-30-1811, d. 04-21-1875, [NS]
Bair, Leo, b. 02-25-1860, d. 09-05-1863, [NS]
Bair, Leroy, d. 12/30/1908, [NS]
Bair, Levi G, no dates, [NS]
Bair, Levi, b. 06-01-1827, d. 01-04-1851, [NS]
Bair, Lewis E, b. 11/21/1908, d. 2/22/1988, [NS]
Bair, Louisa Annie, b. 10-09-1850, d. 11-09-1870, [NS]
Bair, Margaretta, b. 09-05-1809, d. 08-11-1868, [NS]
Bair, Maria, d. 02-13-1872, age: 31y 3m 19d, [NS]
Bair, Marian E, b. 1853, d. 6/28/1930, [NS]
Bair, Mark C, b. 1914, d. 1915, [NS]
Bair, Mary E, b. 02-17-1846, d. 5/12/1905, [NS]
Bair, Mary J, no dates, age: 1y 8d, [NS]
Bair, Mary L, b. 1892, d. 1934, [NS]
Bair, Maurice, d. 04-10-1889, age: 11y 9m 23d, [NS]
Bair, Mytrle V, b. 6/18/1913, d. 11/5/1999, [NS]
Bair, Polly, b. 05-25-1824, d. 02-08-1892, [NS]
Bair, Reuben I, b. 08-17-1853, d. 8/12/1939, [NS]
Bair, Susan, b. 08-17-1853, d. 8/12/1939, [NS]
Bair, Theodore L. Sr., b. 2/10/1933, d. 3/16/1986, [NS]
Bair, William H, b. 1855, d. 4/12/1931, [NS]
Baker, Catherine M, b. 1857, d. 1931, [NS]
Baker, Earl L, b. 08-04-1898, d. 6/23/1961, [NS]
Baker, Elizabeth, b. 1850, d. 1928, [NS]
Baker, Elizabeth, d. 06-06-1895, age: 83y 6m 3d, [NS]
Baker, Emory R, b. 1898, d. 1/28/1980, [NS]
Baker, Jacob E, b. 1896, d. 4/7/1975, [NS]
Baker, John E, b. 10-18-1844, d. 7/29/1919, [NS]
Baker, John, d. 07-14-1884, age: 76y 3m 23d, [NS]
Baker, Mary, b. 06-11-1804, d. 11-08-1869, [NS]
Baker, Ruth E, b. 12/11/1922, d. 4/11/1933, [NS]
Baker, Ruth E, b. 1900, d. 1969, [NS]
Baker, Samuel E, b. 1840, d. 10-11-1890, [NS]
Bankard, Aaron, no dates, [NS]
Bankard, Alfred, d. 1863, [NS]
Bankard, Belinda, b. 10-06-1815, d. 11-02-1873, [NS]
Bankard, Bessie A, b. 4/12/1903, d. 9/15/1952, [NS]
Bankard, Emma C, b. 06-08-1854, d. 06-22-1858, [NS]
Bankard, George M, no dates, [NS]
Bankard, Grace M, b. 1904, d. 1954, [NS]
Brown, Clara A, b. 1933, d. 5/25/1937, [NS]
Brown, Clarence O, no dates, [NS]
Brown, Clyde L, b. 4/12/1933, d. no date, [NS]
Brown, Delia A, b. 8-9-1874, d. 1/4/1953, [NS]
Brown, Dorothy E, b. 5/5/1924, d. no date, [NS]
Brown, Ernest M, b. 1902, d. 1/6/1994, [NS]
Brown, Gladys Marie, b. 1901, d. 8/28/1993, [NS]
Brown, Harold A, b. 6/27/1930, d. 6/18/1953, [NS]
Brown, Homer F, b. 6/19/1926, d. 12/31/1972, [NS]
Brown, Infant, d. 1/10/1944, [NS]
Brown, Irene E, b. 1928, d. no date, [NS]
Brown, Leonard I , b. 3/3/1940, d. 8/27/1991, [NS]
Brown, Louise E, b. 5/11/1900, d. 11/1/1996, [NS]
Brown, Mary E , b. 1902, d. 2/2/1980, [NS]
Brown, Mildred M, b. 12/18/1916, d. no date, [NS]
Brown, Noah V, b. 3/5/1926, d. 3/15/1996, [NS]
Brown, Patricia Ann, b. 5/17/1948, d. no date, [NS]
Brown, Pearl R, b. 4/27/1947, d. no date, [NS]
Brown, Ralph B, b. 1906, d. 1912, [NS]
Brown, Ronald D, b. 10/20/1944, d. 11/18/1985, [NS]
Brown, Rosemary K, no dates, [NS]
Brown, Russel V, b. 2/10/1904, d. 8/19/1961, [NS]
Brown, Verley J, b. 8-21-1874, d. 1/11/1960, [NS]
Brown, Verly, no dates, [NS]
Brown, Vernon Leroy, b. 1898, d. 10/22/1976, [NS]
Duttera, John, b. 4-6-1807, d. 9-20-1881, h/o Margaret Duttera, [NS]
Duttera, Margaret, b. 12-5-1812, d. 6-18-1888, nee Weikert, w/o John Duttera, [NS]
Lohr, John Bankert, b. 10-11-1845, d. 12/12/1901, h/o Lydia Ann, nee Palmer, [NS]
Lohr, Lydia Ann, b. 9-6-1847, d. 6/22/1918, w/o John Bankert Lohr, [NS]
Palmer, Amos A, b. 9-6-1854, d. 10/16/1944, h/o Annie M, [NS]
Palmer, Annie B, b. 1888, d. 1963, w/o John E, [NS]
Palmer, Annie M, b. 4-25-1858, d. 2/28/1933, w/o Amos A, [NS]
Palmer, Annie M, d. 3-24-1888, [NS]
Palmer, Arthur L, b. 10/31/1911, d. 4/10/1989, h/o Edna, [NS]
Palmer, Augusta E J Miller, b. 8-28-1884, d. 4/28/1965, w/o Lee E, [NS]
Palmer, Calvin, b. 1-13-1881, d. 3/22/1967, [NS]
Palmer, Catherine, b. 2-26-1844, d. 1-6-1845, [NS]
Palmer, Catherine, b. 8-22-1790, d. 2-20-1862, M.N. Emlet, w/o John, [NS]
Palmer, Charles L, b. 2/16/1932, d. 2/16/1932, s/o Arthur Enda, [NS]
Palmer, Clarence, b. 2-24-1871, d. 5/10/1956, b/o Daniel, [NS]
Palmer, Daniel G, b. 4-10-1869, d. 4/23/1951, [NS]
Palmer, Daniel, b. 6-15-1822, d. 4-12-1885, h/o Mary, [NS]
Palmer, Edna E , b. 10/4/1913, d. no date, [NS]
Palmer, Eliza Ann, b. 1-20-1840, d. 1-19-1845, [NS]
Palmer, Elizabeth, b. 6-21-1803, d. 12-29-1876, w/o John, [NS]
Palmer, Emma J, b. 7-30-1882, d. 5/1/1900, [NS]
Palmer, Frederick, b. 5-31-1815, d. 6-30-1879, h/o Lydia, [NS]
Palmer, George E, d. 1970, [NS]
Palmer, Helen A , b. 8/6/1907, d. 7/3/1998, [NS]
Palmer, John E, b. 5-1-1886, d. 12/1/1952, h/o Annie, [NS]
Palmer, John, b. 10-17-1810, d. 6-21-1880, h/o Elizabeth, [NS]
Palmer, John, b. 12-25-1783, d. 11-1-1846, h/o Catherine, [NS]
Palmer, Lee E, b. 4-13-1888, d. 7/9/1968, h/o Augusta, [NS]
Palmer, Levi, d. 7-30-1843, age: 4m 6d, s/o Jacob, [NS]
Palmer, Lucinda M , d. 4-10-1870, age: 39y, [NS]
Palmer, Lydia Ann, b. 7-23-1845, d. 2-18-1854, [NS]
Palmer, Lydia, d. 9-10-1876, age: 60y 2m 24d, w/o Frederick, [NS]
Palmer, Mary A , b. 6-27-1820, d. 11-30-1884, w/o Daniel, [NS]
Palmer, Mary E , b. 1863, d. 3/21/1933, [NS]
Palmer, Richard Miller, b. 10/29/1916, d. 6/6/1944, Killed D-Day, [NS]
Palmer, Samuel, b. 12-13-1851, d. 6-8-1883, s/o Daniel, [NS]
Palmer, Sarah, b. 7-2-1841, d. 5-23-1898, w/o John, [NS]
Rahn, Catherine, b. 3-17-1769, d. 1-19-1839, w/o Philip, [NS]
Rahn, Charles William, d. 3-28-1883, [NS]
Rahn, Cora M, b. 1877, d. 1961, [NS]
Rahn, Elizabeth, d. 2-9-1890, age: 75y 9m, [NS]
Rahn, Emory, d. 8/10/1903, age: 29y 3m 2d, [NS]
Rahn, Henry V, b. 1871, d. 1944, [NS]
Rahn, Howard M., b. 2-10-1879, d. 5/31/1921, [NS]
Rahn, Isaac, b. 12-30-1811, d. 04-11-1811, [NS]
Rahn, John P., d. 11-131863, age: 12y 11m 22d, [NS]
Rahn, John P., d. 5-?-1940, [NS]
Rahn, John, d. 10-28-1890, age: 83y 3m 14d, [NS]
Rahn, Louisa, b. 7-19-1838, d. 02-27-1894, [NS]
Rahn, Ludin, d. 6/7/1910, age: 70y 5m 19d, [NS]
Rahn, Philip, b. 12-15-1757, d. 3-6-1837, Rev. War, h/o Catherine, [NS]
Rahn, Rachel, d. 4-1-1807, age: 21y 1m, [NS]
Rahn, Sarah J., b. 1871, d. 1895, [NS]
Rahn, Washington, d. 2/1/1909, age: 72y 6m 8d, [NS]
Rahn, Wilmer C., b. 1895, d. 1896, [NS]
Sell, Abraham, b. 1715, d. 6-16-1786, h/o Maria Zimmerman, [NS]
Sell, Abraham, b. 1773, d. 3-3-1824, h/o Barbara Palmer, [NS]
Sell, Christina, b. 1753, d. 1820, w/o Jacob Sell, [NS]
Sell, Jacob, b. 12-10-1741, d. 10-23-1825, h/o Christina Hesson, [NS]
Unger, Eva, b. 1-24-1785, d. 12-13-1859, nee Palmer, w/o Adam Unger, [NS]
Unger, George, b. 1-1763, d. 12-8-1836, h/o Maria Fraunfelder, [NS]
Unger, Harriet, b. 1817, d. 1891, w/o Henry Unger, [NS]
Unger, Henry, b. 1815, d. 5-5-1875, h/o Harriet Unger, [NS]
Unger, Jacob H., b. 2-19-1846, d. 5/29/1912, h/o Mandilla, [NS]
Unger, John, d. 3-1857, h/o Margaret Unger, [NS]
Unger, Margaret, no dates, w/o John Unger, [NS]
Unger, Susan M., b. 4-25-1860, d. 1/10/1949, w/o Jacob H. Unger, [NS]
Weikert, Anna Mariah, b. 9-1-1765, d. 5-12-1824, nee Muller, w/o John Andrew Weikert, [NS]
Weikert, Catherine, b. 4-21-1809, d. 10-6-1889, w/o Peter Weikert, [NS]
Weikert, Hannah, b. 3-11-1789, d. 7-7-1810, [NS]
Weikert, John Andrew, b. 1-2-1762, d. 9-26-1839, h/o Anna Mariah Weikert, [NS]
Weikert, John Andrew, b. 1735, d. 1797, unmarked, h/o Mary Eve, [NS]
Weikert, John W. , b. 1-27-1814, d. 10-24-1887, h/o Lydia Weikert nee Staley, [NS]
Weikert, Lydia, b. 11-1-1800, d. 11-1-1883, w/o John W., [NS]
Weikert, Maria Barbar, b. 5-29-1791, d. 4-3-1793, [NS]
Weikert, Martha, b. 7-27-1808, d. 9-15-1813, [NS]
Weikert, Mary Eve, no dates, unmarked, w/o John Andrew Weikert, [NS]
Weikert, Peter, b. 5-5-1795, d. 12-26-1872, h/o Catherine Duttera, [NS]
Willet, John, no dates, h/o Anna Mary, [NS]
Willet, Mary Ann, b. 2-23-1792, d. ?, w/o John Willet, [NS]


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