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Green Mount Cemetery
Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania

Lat: 3954'06"N, Lon: 8011'16"W

Contributed by Candice Buchanan, Nov 07, 2002 [candicelynnb@yahoo.com].
Total records = 5,044.

The cemetery is located along Route 19 at the edge of Waynesburg. It is just above the Waynesburg College Campus. To get good driving directions to the cemetery from your location use the address of Waynesburg College at 51 W. College Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370. Once you locate the college you will see the cemetery.

Many thanks go to Richard and Malvine Zollars who typed a copy of the caretaker's cemetery records and made it available at the Cornerstone Genealogical Society in Waynesburg, Greene County, PA. The Zollars records are referred to throughout this document in order to provide a more comprehensive source. (Editor: An asterisk * has been placed, to save space, denoting Zollar records *)

Compiled by Candice Buchanan, Donna Buchanan, Michele Burris and Diana Ellsworth The cemetery was walked twice between the summers of 1999 and 2001 in order to collect and double check the data included.

- Candice Buchanan


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