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Cedar Heights Cemetery
Wescosville, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

350 South Cedarbrook Rd
Allentown, Pa. 18104

Lat: 4034'22"N, Lon: 7532'44"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 34.

Contributor's Index:

Baker, Robert R, b. in Freemont Mich. 1946, d. Jan 09, 1993, s/o Seth and Alice (nee Deater) MacMillian, [JH]
Balcewicz, Kazimiera, b in Rygol Poland 1923, d. Jun 12,1997, d/o Franciszek and Wiktoria (nee Fiszer) Balcewicz, [JH]
Baltimore, Louis, b. 1947, d. Sep 10, 1992, US Marine Corps Vietnam, [JH]
Clark, George A Jr., b. 1928, d. Apr 20, 1994, s/o George A Sr. and Alma L (nee Brotherton) Clark, US Army Veteran WW11, [JH]
Cortz, Robert E, b. 1940, d. Sep 02, 1997, s/o Joseph and Mary (nee Marsico) Cortez, [JH]
Crist, Dorothy Marie, b. Aug 8, 1931, d. Apr 28,1997, w/o Earl S Crist Sr., d/o George Gross and Violet Schable, [JH]
Desh, William Lakas, b. 1952, d. Jul 20, 1995, s/o Warren and Kathryn (nee Walek) Fritz, Wallace I, b. Aug 11, 1910, d. Sept 02, 1995, [JH]
Dowling, John J, b. 1922, d. Dec 21, 1998, h/o Mary (nee Beattie) Dowling, s/o Mabel (nee Brown) Dowling, US Army Veteran of WW11, [JH]
Graaf, Paul D, b. Jun 12, 1920, d. May 1, 1989, h/o Lillian (nee Baily) Graaf, s/o Paul D Sr. and Florence (nee Holenbach) Graaf, [JH]
Hein, Harry, b. Feb 21, 1923, d. Aug 31, 1996, s/o Walter and Kate (nee Knittle) Hein, [JH]
Johnstone, Linda L, b. 1948, d. May 29,1997, w/o David Johnstone, d/o Albert I and Verna H (nee Comfer) Edelman, [JH]
Kilpatrick, Richard E, b. Jul 19, 1934, d. Jul 12, 1998, s/o Russell and Marguerite L (nee Unangst) Kilpatrick, [JH]
Lander, Paul Edward, b. May 23, 1934, d. Nov 25, 1994, s/o William J and Cora V (nee Thompson) Lander, [JH]
Leonard, Larry R, b. 1938, d. Jun 28, 1996, [JH]
Lory, Herbert A., d. 6 Mar 1967, s/o Anthony Lory & Jane Schwenk , [TC]
Mertz, Robert E,
b. Apr 20, 1925, d. Apr 16, 1997, [JH]
Mickley, Geraldine, b. Mar 11, 1920, d. Aug 20, 1998, w/o Thomas Mickley, d/o Charles L and Minnie (nee Hampton) Mangus, [JH]
Mickley, Thomas, b. Mar 8, 1921, d. Nov 1974, h/o Geraldine (nee Mangus) Mickley, [JH]
Miller, William R Jr., b. 1932, d. Mar 22, 1995, s/o William R and Frances (nee Kodadek) Miller, US Army Veteran Korean, [JH]
Morrison, Charles G, b. 1932, d. Oct 11, 1991, [JH]
Mullen, Butler J Jr., b. 1937, d. Jan. 26, 1995, [JH]
Patterson, Clifford LeRoy, b. Aug 31, 1943, d. Feb 11, 1997, s/o Clarence LeRoy and Violet Elizabeth (nee Keiser) Patterson, US Army Veteran Vietnam, [JH]
Rivera, Mildred, b. 1955, d. Sep 7, 1995, d/o Thomas and Dolores V Cortjo, [JH]
Rowan, Cheryil L, b. Apr 07, 1954, d. Oct 04, 1994, w/o Jay Rowan d/o Jerry E Stehly and Delilah Ruth Collett, [JH]
Sherman, Lucy A, b. in Indiana 1922, d. May 10, 1993, w/o Richard G Sherman d/o Forrest Lee and Myrtle Irene (nee Goodmiller) Jacquese, [JH]
Sickles, Edward, b. 1944, d. May 28, 1997, s/o Garner Sr. and Florence (nee Tebo) Sickle, US Navy, [JH]
Sperlbaum, David E, b. Dec 30, 1933, d. Jul 1, 1998, s/o Joseph and Edith Sperlbaum, [JH]
Steckel, Jackie Francis, b. Jan 12, 1939, d. Nov 22, 1996, [JH]
Sutter, Pearl, b. Sep 26, 1905, d. Apr 03, 1993, [JH]
Walck, Robert G, b. 1930, d. Mar 10, 1993, [JH]
Weaver, Preston, b. 1935, d. Apr 9, 1995, s/o Angnias L and Hattie Sue Weaver, [JH]
Werkheiser, Constance J, b. Aug 17, 1932, d. Feb 22, 1996, d/o Samuel D and Anna M (nee Derr) Trumbauer, [JH]
Wiggins, Park, b. 1932, d. Nov 17, 1989, US Army Veteran Korean, [JH]
Ziatyk, William, b. Mar 20, 1943, d. May 18, 1997, s/o Joseph and Julia (nee Holaboski) Ziatyk, [JH]


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