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Chestnut Hill Church Cemetery
Coopersburg, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

6870 Chestnut Hill Church Rd
Coopersburg, PA 18036-3528

Lat: 40° 29' 32"N, Lon: 75° 27' 10"W
Lower Milford Township

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 32.

Contributor's Index:

Erney, Alvin E., b. 6/19/1890, d. 5/25/1950, son of Morris L. Erney and Mary Huber, [IE]
Erney, Catharine, b. 10/29/1849, d. 9/12/1920, w/o David S. Erney, [IE]
Erney, David S., b. 5/5/1844, d. 6/7/1908, [IE]
Erney, Douglas L., b. 5/29/1964, d. 5/31/1964, s/o Erwin Elmer Morris Erney and Margaret E. P. Frankenfield, Twin of Donna Marie Erney, no TS, [IE]
Erney, Ebert W., b. 12/11/1910, d. 2/13/1960, [IE]
Erney, Ellen E. J., b. 1870, d. 1948, [IE]
Erney, Emma J., b. 7/5/1869, d. 01/21/1935, [IE]
Erney, Emma M., b. 1901, d. 1971, [IE]
Erney, Erwin Elmer Morris, b. 8/23/1925, d. 3/14/1998, s/o Alvin E. Erney and Hattie M. Snyder, [IE]
Erney, Estella V., b. 1879, d. 1965, [IE]
Erney, Frank A., b. 6/15/1889, d. 11/2/1955, [IE]
Erney, George H., b. 1884, d. 1952, [IE]
Erney, Hattie M., b. 2/6/1894, d. 5/28/1941, w/o Alvin E. Erney, d/o Elmer G. Snyder and Flora Alles Oberly, [IE]
Erney, Hazel E., b. 1893, d. 1944, [IE]
Erney, Henry H., b. 4/12/1863, d. 4/24/1922, [IE]
Erney, Ira A., b. 1869, d. 1945, [IE]
Erney, Laura A., b. 6/3/1882, d. 3/10/1971, [IE]
Erney, Levi S., b. 12/11/1910, d. 2/13/1960, [IE]
Erney, Lilly J., b. 9/25/1873, d. 6/19/1944, [IE]
Erney, Mary Ann, b. 2/10/1843 d. 8/14/1880, [IE]
Erney, Mary M., b. 3/27/1849, d. 6/14/1926, [IE]
Erney, Orlando M., b. 1900, d. 1987, s/o Morris L. Erney and Mary Huber, h/o Emma Oswald Erney, [IE]
Erney, Robert D., b. 3/16/1877, d. 4/14/1918, [IE]
Erney, Sarah A., b. 10/28/1860, d. 10/13/1929, [IE]
Erney, Stella H., b. 1886, d. 1971, [IE]
Erney, Thomas S., b. 7/11/1838, d. 3/01/1912, [IE]
Erney, Wallace E., b. 5/23/1882, d. 10/01/1946, [IE]
Erney, William S., b. 7/15/1846 d. 2/22/1930, [IE]
Hillegass, Elizabeth, b. 9 Feb 1785, d. 20 Mar 1860, w/o Peter Hillegass, [JH]
Hillegass, Peter, b. 14 Nov 1783, d. 19 Jul 1859, h/o Elizabeth Hillegass, [JH]
Seaser,William L, b. 29 Sep 1924, d. 23 Feb 2001, h/o Minnie McCarthy, [JH]
Zellner, John R., b. Nov 27, 1918, age: 88yr, d. Sep 5, 1999, [SJ]


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