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Henderson Road Cemetery
King of Prussia, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Lat: 4004'40"N, Lon: 7521'13"W

Contributed by Jennifer Maurer, May 2001 [jenbird@earthlink.net]. Total records = 42.

Henderson Road behind the Merion Building. The old U of PA grad school building is now the Merion Building, and also home of the Philadelphia Hand Center, on the corner of Gulph & Henderson.

I have walked this cemetery and transcribed existing tombstones or markers on Jan 26, 2002. It is incomplete in that, there is evidence of more burials, plus some stones broken/unreadable.

This cemetery is abandoned, the official name unknown, so I named it after the Road it is on.

I have digital photos of most of the markers, which I would share.

- Jennifer Maurer

??, Andrew, d. May 1798, age: 1w ?d, son of John & Hannah
??, John, d. 29 Oct 1799, age: 1y 10m 4d, son of John & Margaret
Brown, Benjamin, d. 17 Aug 1825, age: 27y, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth
Brown, Benjamin, d. May 1831, age: 70y
Brown, Elizabeth, d. ? 1881, age: 54y?
Brown, John H., d. 8 Oct 1816, age: 27y, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth
Brown, Samuel, d. ??
Buzby, Infant, d. 12 Sep 1814, age: 1y 1m, daughter of John & Jane
Colehower, Henderson, d. 3 Nov 1846, age: 13y 7m 4d, son of Peter & Jane
Davis, James D., d. 6 Mar 1808, age: 19y
DuPont, Minnie, d. 4 Sep 1855, age: 7w 1d
Forbert, Jane, d. Sep 1841, wife of Andrew
Henderson, ??, d. 26 Dec 1800, age: 10y 9m
Henderson, Ann, b. 8 Jul 1789, d. 1844, daughter of Samuel Henderson
Henderson, Ann, d. 22 Mar 1801, age: 63y 3m
Henderson, Ann, d. 29 Oct 1801, age: 1y, daughter of Alexander & Catherine
Henderson, Davis, b. 4 Nov 1790, d. 11 May 1848, To our father & mother, s/w Margaretta Henderson
Henderson, Infant, d. 10 Feb 1788, age: 2d, Son of Samuel & Mary
Henderson, John, d. 1812
Henderson, John, d. ??
Henderson, Lydia, d. 5 Jul 1800, age: 8m, daughter of Alexander & Catherine
Henderson, Margaretta B., b. 7 Aug 1797, d. 19 Jan 1861, Wife of Davis, s/w Davis Henderson
Henderson, Mary, d. 4 Jul 1825, age: 65y, wife of Samuel, s/w Samuel Henderson
Henderson, Nathaniel, b. 29 Jul 1798, d. 15 Aug 1847, son of Alexander & Catherine
Henderson, Samuel A., d. 20 Dec 1859, age: 38y, son of Davis & Margaretta
Henderson, Samuel, d. 17 Nov 1941, age: 77y, s/w Mary Henderson
Henderson, Samuel, d. 3 Jul 1800, age: 4w, son of Samuel & Mary
Henderson, William, d. 12 Jan 1866, age: 39y, son of Davis & Margaretta
Niblow, Elizabeth, d. Oct 1800, age: 1d
Niblow, Jane, d. 16 Aug 1801, age: 10m 4d
Niblow, Sarah, d. 14 Aug 1815, age: 40y, O Lord I own thy sentence just, and nature must decay, wife of William
Saured, Kenneth, d. 18??
Saured, Sarah, d. Nov 1831, age: 80yrs
Sloan, James, d. 19 May 181?, age: 44y
Sloan, Mary, d. 29 Apr 1868, age: 94y, wife of James
Supplee, Hannah, d. 11 Oct 1841, age: 77y, wife of Zimmerman
Supplee, Samuel, d. Feb 1808, age: 10m, son of Zimmerman & Hannah
Supplee, Zimmerman, d. October ?
Swenney, Charles, d. 7 Nov 1797, age: 4y 3m 7d, son of John & Mary
Tobret?, William, d. Apr 1781, age: 6?y 2m
Wells, George, d. 21 Oct 188?
Woolston, Mary G., d. 2 Feb 1859, age: 27y, Our Mary, daughter of Davis & Margaretta Henderson


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