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Jericho Cemetery
Clarendon, Donley County, Texas

Contributed by Jerry Schaffer, March 19, 2000 [jschaffer@centramedia.net] Total records = 86.

Located in in Donley County, Clarendon, Texas.
Transcribed by Kelly Schaffer, March 2000

Banta, Mary (nee) Morgan, b.2-3-1903, d.3-8-1957, Age:, 54, North half
Brown, Alida A., b.1894, d.1969, Age:65, South half
Brown, Andrew David, b.7-1-1944, d.6-5-1988, Age:43, A loving husband & father, South half
Brown, Andrew S., b.11-25-1918, d.8-13-1982, Age:64, Andy, South half
Brown, Arthur P., b.1892, d.1969, Age:67, South half
Brown, Clarice Etta, b.1909, d.1974, Age:65, Married 3-18-1926, North half
Brown, Guy Delbert, b.1902, d.1984, Age:82, Married 3-18-1926, North half
Brown, June Bernal, b.9-6-1937, d.12-22-1938, Age:15m, North half
Brown, Linda L., b.10-5-1942, d.10-25-1994, Age:52, Luttrell, South half
Brown, Rex C., b.11-26-1904, d.1-1-1995, Age:90, North half
Carver, Harrison I., b.10-10-1887, d.11-27-1918, Age:31, Gone but not forgotten, South half
Carver, Kathryn I., b.1853, d.1918, Age:65, South half
Hamblin, Clyde David, b.8-20-1930, d.8-7-1965, Age:35, Loving memory, South half
Hamblin, George T., b.7-27-1851, d.2-2-1915, Age:64, South half
Hamblin, Harold Lee, b.12-28-1918, d.3-22-1920, Age:2, South half
Hamblin, James G., b.10-26-1926, d.4- ?-1936, Age:10, South half
Hamblin, Joseph Weldon, b.6-24-1921, d.10-20-1994, Age:73, PFC. US Army World War II, South half
Hamblin, Mila A.(Tad), b.2-20-1885, d.8-18-1966, Age:81, 10-4-1888 1-20-1987 99, South half
Hamblin, Mildred, b.1929, d.1993, Age:64, South half
Hamblin, Ritchie R., b.10-5-1893, d.10-27-1931, Age:38, Texas Pvt.111 Sup. Tn. 36 Div., South half
Hamblin, Roberta D., b.1930, d.1997, Age:67, South half
Hamblin, Ruby Mae, b.6-6-1929, d.6-6-1929, Age:, South half
Hamblin, Sarah F., b.8-19-1851, d.7-3-1938, Age:87, South half
Hamblin, Uncle Walter, b.1-28-1854, d.12-10-1911, Age:57, South half
Hamblin, William G. Sr., b.1917, d.1988, Age:71, South half
Hamblin, William E, no dates, South half
Hunt, Eva, b.3-26-1875, d.7-15-1953, Age:78, Mother, North half
Hunt, Jesse E., b.11-25-1870, d.3-22-1948, Age:77, Father, North half
Hunt, Ruby, b.3-12-1900, d.10-12-1919, Age:19, Daughter, North half
Loftis J.L., no dates, S.W. Corner
Loftis, Eva Harris, no dates, S.W. Corner
McAvoy, Austin Carl, b.3-29-36, d.3-16-1975, Age:39, Husband of Bernice( Brown)McAvoy. Father of Carla, Lanita, Darrell, North half
McDowell, Charles Moore, b.3-19-1883, d.8-8-1932, Age:49, At Rest, South half
McDowell, Jimmie J., b.12-4-1932, d.1-15-1998, Age:66, 82nd Airborne, South half
McDowell, Mrs. Bettie, b.1-12-1917, d., Age:60, At Rest, South half
McDowell, R.C., b.8-31-1913, d.1-8-1994, Age:81, US Army, South half
McDowell, Tom Richard, b.8-23-1896, d.3-22-1919, Age:23, South half
McDowell, Joseph W. Bill, b.1880, d.1955, Age:75, At Rest, South half
McNabb, Rose E., b.1895, d.1923, Age:28, Mother, North half
Morgan, Albert A, b.12-9-1900, d.11-30-1901, Age:1m, Gone but not forgotten, North half
Morgan, Chester S., b.3-10-1895, d.5-21-1962, Age:67, Texas PFC Co. B-22 Engineers World War I, North half
Morgan, Florence Lee, b.3-13-1909, d.1-14-1910, Age:9m, Gone to be an angel, North half
Morgan, Jettie Mae, b.1876, d.1944, Age:70, North half
Morgan, Sidney Thomas, b.1871, d.1944, Age:73, North half
Morgan, W.T., no dates76 years, His memory is blessed, North half
Murray, Violet, b.1900, d.1919, Age:19, South half
Palmer, Samuel H., no dates73, 73 years of age he is at rest, North half
Phillips, Lillian, b.2-28-1905, d.4-22-1940, Age:35, Daughter, North half
Rawlings, A.J., no dates, S.W. Corner
Rawlings, Madge, no dates, S.W. Corner
Rawlings, Perry, no dates, S.W. Corner
Ray, B.B., b.3-12-1849, d.2-22-1932, Age:82, North half
Ray, Cary M., b.1876, d.1905, Age:29, North half
Ray, Floyd, no dates, North half
Ray, Mattie, b.3-21-1850, d.12-9-1895, Age:44, North half
Ray, Pearl (Tip), b.3-6-1890, d.8-16-1906, Age:16, North half
Ray, Tom, b.7-8-1889, d.1-19-1975, Age:86, Pvt. US Army World War I, North half
Reed, Dr. Mary Evelyn, b.11-15-1928, d.6-28-1987, Age:58, To give of oneself so that others may live in health and happiness is a truly noble gesture. Texas Tech school of medicine., South half
Reed, Eula Eva, b.1892, d.1979, Age:87, Mother in loving memory, South half
Reed, Joe M., b.4-18-1922, d.3-18-1971, Age:48, Joe-Joe in loving memory, South half
Reed, K.C., b.1883, d.1948, Age:65, Father in loving memory, South half
Reed, Ronny, b.11-9-1967, d.10-2-1969, Age:2, Son of Tom & Glenna, South half
Schaffer, Alexander, b.1841, d.1928, Age:87, North half
Schaffer, Allen R., no dates, Infant son of Mr.& Mrs. Dick Schaffer, North half
Schaffer, Claude C, b.7-2-1902, d.10-22-1978, Age:76, North half
Schaffer, Cleo C., b.1-16-1892, d.9-6-1963, Age:71, Father at rest, South half
Schaffer, Curtis Calvin, b.12-3-1916, d.8-25-1989, Age:73, Pop, South half
Schaffer, Ephfrom, b.4-4-1871, d.3-18-1960, Age:88, North half
Schaffer, Garil Prest, b.6-4-1896, d.1-24-1897, Age:71/2m, Son, North half
Schaffer, Jimmie, b.1-31-1912, d.12-11-1941, Age:28, Daughter, Gone but not forgotten, North half
Schaffer, Liza, b., d.1-24-1906, Age:, Infant daughter, North half
Schaffer, Mary E., b.1846, d.1932, Age:86, North half
Schaffer, Mary Ida, b.2-24-1875, d.3-26-1915, Age:40, Gone but not forgotten, North half
Schaffer, Mertie L., b.10-27-1907, d.5-3-1991, Age:84, North half
Schaffer, Nova B., b.8-30-1894, d.10-28-1989, Age:95, South half
Schaffer, Oma McDowell, b.12-10-1917, d.7-18-1998, Age:81, Mom, South half
Shirey, Earl D., b.1900, d.1962, Age:62, South half
Shoop, Andrew J., b.1865, d.1918, Age:53, South half
Shoop, Cordelia C., b.1869, d.1946, Age:77, South half
Shoop, George A., b.1887, d.1946, Age:77, South half
Stanly, John, b.7-1-1896, d.4-14-1905, Age:8, Son of J.A. & S.J. Clark, Twas hard to give thee up. But thy will, O God, be done, North half
Still, Jake, 1899 only date, North half
Turner, Alice R., b.2-21-1907, d.6-24-1962, Age:54, North half
Turner, H.C., b.10-31-1912, d.2-6-1967, Age:55, North half
Turner, b., 8-6-1936, d., Age:, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs H.C. Turner, North half
Williams, John Earl, b.4-8-1914, d.1-16-1986, Age:72, Wed. Dec. 24-1938, North half


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