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Gallihugh Cemetery
Ruth, Madison County, Virgina

Contributed by C. J. Gallihugh, Apr 22, 2001 [gsdcjst@home.com]. Total records = 7.

Take Ruth Rd from the main street in Madison, VA, about 5 miles, past Redish Acres, go past a fork in the road, past a clearing, down a hill, past a log cabin. At the bottom of the hill, there's a white house, the road curves, the cemetery will be on your left, before the next house.

The cemetery cannot be seen from the road. You must climb a fence, walk across the farm field, toward a clump of trees. The cemetery is under the trees, surrounded by a barbed wire fence. It's located on someone's farm, and is in good condition.

I have transcribed from my findings when I visited this cemetery on 10/5/2000 and copied the inscriptions of all the stones.

-C. J. Gallihugh

Berry, Alice, b. 6/8/1918, d. 2/15/1994, s/w Stewart Gallihugh
Berry, Larnie Almond, b. 4/11/1898, d. 8/31/1972, s/w Nina Utz
Berry, Virginia Ann Jenkins, b. 1859, d. 1944
Gallihugh, Herbert L , b. 5/12/1884, d. 10/22/1976, s/w Minnie
Gallihugh, Minnie B, b. 1/4/1892, d. 9/17/1969, s/w Herbert
Gallihugh, Stewart R, b. 9/18/1910, d. 2/15/1984, s/w Alice
Utz, Nina, b. 12/7/1892, d. 1/23/1959, s/w Larnie Berry

One small marker with no inscription


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