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Clark Family Cemetery
Halifax, Windham County, Vermont

Located in southeast Halifax on Stark Mountain Road, near Amadon Road, in a field behind a trailer.

Lat: 42°44'40"N, Lon: 72°42'43"W

Contributed by Ray Henry, Nov 08, 2001 [ray.henry@unisys.com]. Total records = 14.

This is a complete work, based on tombstones seen, but there may be other tombstones buried. It looks like there may be other burials at this location.

Records complied on Sep 21, 2001 from tombstones. Cemetery is abandoned, tombstones down and thrown about, some broken. This is a family cemetery on what was once the Clark family farm.

Clark, Elizabeth, d. 8 Mar 1790 age 43 yrs, wife of Thomas Clark
Clark, Josiah Jr., d. 12 March 1813 age 23 yrs, son of Josiah and Rachel Clark
Clark, Josiah, d. 21 Aug. 1815 age 70 yrs
Clark, Margaret, d. 11 July 1799 age 72 yrs, wife of Samuel Clark
Clark, Naomi, d. 31 Aug 1777 age 2 yrs, dau. of Josiah and Rachel Clark
Clark, Samuel, d. 25 May 1789 age 74 yrs
Clark, William, d. 16 Feb 1791 age 21 yrs, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Clark
Everett, Polly, d. Nov 1790, dau. of Doctor Jeramiah and Mrs. Elisabeth Everett
Fish, Anna, d. 4 Jul 1785 age 4 yrs, dau. of Nathan and Phebe Fish
Gaut, Elisabeth, d. 14 Aug 1800 age 71 yrs, wife of William Gaut
Gaut, James, d. 12 Feb 1791 age 21 yrs, son of William and Elisabeth Gaut
Gaut, Jane, d. 1791, wife of Ens. William Gaut
Gaut, William, d. 24 Jan 1801 age 66 yrs
Taggart, George, d. 3 Dec 1799 age 21 yrs


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