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Soccumtitckun Cemetery
Fruitland, Stevens County, Washington

Contributed by Bud Engelhardt [budengelhardt@msn.com]. Transcribed and compiled by Bud Engelhardt 1999. Submitted by Bud Engelhardt January 9, 2000. Total records = 15.

aka Sutton-Lynn Cemetery
(Spokane Indian Reservation)
Fruitland, WA
T28N R36E Section 18

SOCCUMTITCKUN-LYNN CEMETERY (sometimes known as the Sutton-Lynn Cemetery) is located in a field West of highway 25 overlooking Lake Roosevelt about three mile north of Fort Spokane.

EDWARDS, Julia, *3, died 20 May 1926
HANES, Annie SaKumTicken
, b.1899, d.3 Oct 1932
HANES, Jimmie A
, b.9 Sep 1926, d.3 Mar 1946, Pfc 51st MP Bn WWII
HILL, Elsie Hanes Sutton
, b.12 Jun 1917, d.11 Oct 1969
LYNN, Maurice E
, b.22 May 1905, d.30 Aug 1981, "Husband"
LYNN, Eva A, b.17 Oct 1909, d.5 Apr 1999, "Wife"
OST, Baby, died 1982
QUINQUINOMOSO, Nancy, *1, b.1868, d.26 Aug 1948, TYE
SOCCUMTITCKUN, Gary, *1&2, b.1868, d.26 Aug 1948
SOCCUMTITCKUN, Jim, *2, died 1923
SOLOMON, Josephine, *3, died 1924
SUTTON, Anne R, b.1940, d.1995
SUTTON, Baby Sister, no dates
SUTTON, Elsie, see HILL above
SUTTON, Larry Wade, b.1939, d.1977, Photo on stone

1. Only one date on double headstone for both Gary SOCCUMTITCKUN & Nancy QUINQUINOMOSO.

2. The sign on the gate is spelled SOCCUMTITCKUN but on some stones and records the spelling is SAKUMTICKEN.
3.Buried side by side and with a double headstone is Julia EDWARDS and Josephine SOLOMON.


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