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Wolfe Cemetery
Monongalia County, West Virginia

Lat: 3941'17"N, Lon: 7949'53"W

Contributed by Robert D. Donaldson, Jr., Jul 06, 2001 [wv_donaldsons@hotmail.com].
Total records = 13.

Directions From Morgantown WV:
1. Take I-68 East to exit 10, Fairchance Road, Rt. 857 North.
2. Turn Left onto Rt. 857N.
3. Travel 5.5 miles to Cheat Lake United Methodist Church, Wolfe Cemetery is located across street (left side of road) on the corner of Sirockman Drive and adjacent to the Blaney Family Cemetery.

The Cemetery is located 3 miles south of the PA state line. The Wolfe Cemetery was read July 3, 2001 by Robert and Brandy N. Donaldson.

Fowler, Howard E,
b. 9/12/1894, d. 1/27/1951
Fowler, Lavinia E, b. 8/26/1892, d. 11/14/1950
Fowler, Samuel F, b. 5/17/1932, d. 5/17/1932, "Son of H.F. - L.E. Fowler"
Goodwin, Chas T, b. 8/3/1865, d. 2/25/1937
Goodwin, Corrdie B, b. 9/22/1876, d. 2/2/1951
Goodwin, Richard Dale, b. 4/17/1958, d. 12/25/1982
Wolfe, Bessie I, b. 2/2/1892, d. 2/9/1966
Wolfe, Edna B, b. 7/2/1896, d. 12/29/1939
Wolfe, James Lewis, b. 12/20/1888, d. 12/27/1959, "PFC CDC 341 Machine Gun World War I"
Wolfe, John E, b. 11/4/1927, d. 9/19/1978
Wolfe, John E. S., b. 5/22/1885, d. 2/22/1953
Wolfe, Marjorie A, b. 2/29/1928, d. 11/9/1983, "We Love You Mom"
Wolfe, Robert L, b. 11/1/1929, d. 11/16/1994, "Col US Army Korea"


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