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Ballard Church Cemetery
Ballard, Monroe County, West Virginia

Adair Ridge Road, Ballard WV 24918

Lat: 37° 29' 05"N, Lon: 80° 46' 43"W

To reach this cemetery in Ballard from Orchard Road, turn right or north onto Adair Ridge Road. continue north less than one mile and you will see the cemetery on your left or west side of the road. This cemetery is situated beside the Ballard Baptist Church.

This is not a complete listing of all burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Sep 21, 2007. Total records = 25.

Submitters' Index:

Law, James D, b. 8-12-1843, d. 5-30-1926, [CM]
Law, Sarah E, b. 5-1-1857, d. 9-8-1904, w/o James, parents of Rosa May Meador, [CM]
Meador, Bertie Alice, b. 4-29-1882, d. 1-28-1946, w/o John O, [CM]
Meador, Danny, b. 7-6-1916, d. 7-7-1916, s/w & twin to Sammy, s/o Thomas and Rosa, [CM]
Meador, John Otis, b. 10-15-1881, d. 6-15-1937, [CM]
Meador, Lexie Jane, b. 1-5-1886, d. 3-8-1967, [CM]
Meador, Rosa May, b. 4-20-1888, d. 10-2-1964, w/o Thomas, [CM]
Meador, Sammy, b. 7-6-1916, d. 7-7-1916, s/w & twin to Danny, s/o Thomas and Rosa, [CM]
Meador, Thomas Edgar, b. 7-25-1875, d. 6-27-1943, [CM]
Meadows, Allie Imes, b. 6-8-1891, d. 6-27-1892, d/o Lewis and Delilah, [CM]
Meadows, Anna Laura, b. 6-6-1885, d. 6-25-1887, d/o Lewis and Deliliah, [CM]
Meadows, Annie M, b. 4-12-1913, d. 9-10-1915, d/o Lewis and Delilah, [CM]
Meadows, Aurther H, b. 8-22-1878, d. 1-10-1967, [CM]
Meadows, Aurther Jr, b. 5-24-1919, d. 2-21-1954, [CM]
Meadows, Basil I, b. 9-25-1910, d. 11-8-1988, [CM]
Meadows, Delilah R, b. 8-1-1854, d. 11-30-1931, w/o Lewis, [CM]
Meadows, Eugenia B, b. 8-30-1911, d. 5-1-1997, w/o Basil, [CM]
Meadows, infant, b. 5-5-1912, d. 5-5-1912 son of Lewis and Delilah, [CM]
Meadows, infant, b. 9-21-1898, d. 9-22-1898 son of Lewis and Delilah, [CM]
Meadows, Lewis A, b. 10-20-1849, d. 3-3-1940, [CM]
Meadows, Lucy H, b. 8-8-1892, d. 7-1-1966, w/o Arthur, [CM]
Meadows, Margaret Morgan, b. 3-31-1840, d. 11-31-1924, w/o J.A., bur. by Craddock plots, [CM]
Meadows, Ruth N, b. 1-11-1917, d. 2-22-1918, [CM]
Noble, James, b. 1856, d. 1931, [CM]
Noble, Mary F, b. 1857, d. 1945, wife, [CM]


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