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Cloverdale Cemetery
Sonoma County, California

Compiled and contributed by Phil Carnahan [pcarna@pacific.net]. 

Abshire, Dorlesca, b. 04/19/1838, d. 10/16/1917, T, Wife of James H. Abshire
Abshire, James H., b. 10/11/1838, d. 05/17/1909, T, Husband of Dorlesca Abshire
Abshire, James W., b. 05/19/1862, d. 03/22/1901, T, Husband of Maggie B. Abshire
Abshire, Maggie B., b. 06/10/1865, d. 07/26/1884, T, Wife of James W. Abshire
Abshire, Myrtle Laughlin, b. 05/15/1874, d. 07/08/1906
Abshire, Susie, b. 04/15/1872, d. 04/04/1902, T, Wife of Farley A. Abshire
Adams, Bertha P., b. 07/30/1885, d. 06/21/1911, T
Adams, Joshua, b. 05/16/1834, d. 11/12/1886, T, Age 52y 5m 27d
Adams, Mary M., b. 03/22/1850, d. 10/14/1911, T
Ager, Evaline G., b. 07/26/1852, d. 04/09/1940, T
Ainsworth, Henry, d. 12/13/1916, T
Albee, Aurell, b. 06/00/1822, d. 01/09/1883, T, Age 60y 7m, Husband of Hannah T. Albee
Albee, Hannah T., b. 1825, d. 03/15/1897, T, Age 72yrs, Wife of Aurell Albee
Alessandri, Tom, b. 04/10/1897, d. 01/28/1948, T
Allegrini, Frances J., b. 1834, d. 04/05/1917, T, Age 23yrs, ts knocked over
Allegrini, Guilio, b. 1869, d. 03/18/1908, T, Age 39yrs, Native of Switzerland, ts knocked over
Allen, Bertha G., b. 01/04/1867, d. 10/04/1963, T
Allen, Cecilia S., b. 1866, d. 09/09/1915, T, Age 49yrs, Wife of S. G. Allen
Allen, Charles F., b. 07/03/1905, d. 04/10/1907, T, Age 1y 9m 7d, Son of Anthony & Mary E. Allen
Allen, George M., b. 1825, d. 1893, T, Husband of Lavicy J. Allen, Native of England
Allen, Helen, b. 08/08/1899, d. 11/09/1899, Age 3m 1d, Dau of John & Florence E. Allen
Allen, Lavicy Jane, b. 1835, d. 1914, T, Wife of George M. Allen
Allen, Robert, b. 01/30/1867, d. 04/11/1931, T
Allen, Samuel G., b. 1860, d. 10/05/1933, T, Age 73yrs, Husband of Cecilia S. Allen
Allen, Samuel S., b. 1831, d. 09/17/1911, T, Age 80yrs
Alley, Snoda L., b. 07/06/1876, d. 06/17/1882, T, Dau of S.J. & M.E. Alley
Amen, Matthias, b. 03/12/1819, d. 12/07/1875, T
Anderson, Andrew, no dates, T, Native of Sweden
Andresen, Lucy Spencer, b. 03/06/1857, d. 10/04/1950, T
Anker, Anita E., b. 09/12/1901, d. 12/06/1901, Dau of H.M. & A.A. Anker
Archambeau, Anna L., b. 1879, d. 10/07/1900, T, Age 21yrs, Dau of Peter & Matilda Archambeau, Ts says died 1880
Archambeau, Jacob M., b. 12/16/1860, d. 08/02/1904, T, Age 43y 7m 17d
Archambeau, Matilda, b. 1830, d. 04/11/1915, T, Age 85yrs, Wife of Peter Archambeau
Archambeau, Peter T., b. 1820, d. 09/12/1876, T, Age 56yrs, Wife of Matilda Archambeau
Ardoin, Edouard, b. 02/12/1822, d. 10/10/1895, T, Husband of Isabella Ardou, Native of France
Ardoin, Isabella, b. 10/29/1839, d. 12/21/1902, T, Wife of Edouard Ardou, Native of France
Augostus, Martin, b. 01/01/1866, d. 01/14/1944, T, Age 78yrs
Augusta, Anton, b. 1886, d. 1889, T
Avery, Elizabeth, b. 06/07/1810, d. 12/01/1902, T, Age 92y 5m 24d, Native of Ohio
Baker, Alfred, b. 1878, d. 1928, T
Baker, Asa J., b. 06/28/1892, d. 08/21/1956, T, Husband of Isabell Baker, ts says died 1957
Baker, Isabell Seddon, b. 02/28/1898, d. 08/17/1956, T, Wife of Asa J. Baker, ts says born 1896
Baldi, Bartolomeo, b. 07/30/1887, d. 03/19/1955, T
Ballard, Emma, b. 1856, d. 1919, T, Wife of F.D. Ballard
Ballard, Floyd D., b. 1854, d. 1933, T, Husband of Emma Ballard
Bancroft, Genevieve Mildred, b. 03/16/1883, d. 05/31/1885, Age 2y 2m 15d, Dau of N. L. & Ada S. Bancroft
Bandiera, Emil, b. 01/01/1891, d. 05/12/1964, T, Husband of Liduina Bandiera
Bandiera, Liduina, b. 02/25/1895, d. 04/24/1950, T, Wife of Emil Bandiera
Bangsberg, Ralph Christian, b. 01/28/1910, d. 02/25/1991, T
Bargagliotti, Caterina, b. 06/16/1876, d. 10/15/1977, T, Wife of Victor Bargagliotti
Bargagliotti, Mary L., b. 09/08/1902, d. 04/14/1903, T, Dau of V. & K. Bargaliotti
Bargagliotti, Victor, b. 1870, d. 10/04/1913, T, Age 43yrs, Husband of Catherine Bargaliotti, Native of Italy
Bargaliotti, Annie, no dates, Dau of Victor & Catherine Bargaliotti
Bargaliotti, Lena, no dates, Dau of Victor & Catherine Bargaliotti
Bargaliotti, Marie, no dates, Dau of Victor & Catherine Bargaliotti
Barker, Infant Dau., b. 06/15/1879, d. 10/05/1879, T, Age 3m 20d, Dau of Henry & R. M. Barker
Barker, Rachel, b. 1797, d. 01/10/1865, Age 68yrs, Wife of Elias
Barletta, Matteo, b. 09/18/1865, d. 01/09/1953, T
Baumann,Charles, b. 1866, d. 04/30/1933, T
Bean, Laura, b. 01/30/1872, d. 11/29/1941, T, Wife of E.D. Bean
Beasley, Isaphene, b. 04/15/1859, d. 11/12/1948, T, Wife of Spencer Beasley
Beasley, Lucy, b. 02/26/1874, d. 06/26/1940, T
Beasley, Sarah E., b. 06/30/1860, d. 02/11/1892, T, Wife of J. Beasley
Beasley, Spencer, b. 05/30/1853, d. 01/12/1938, T, Husband of Isaphene Beasley
Beaston, Frank William, b. 04/14/1901, d. 09/13/1986, T
Bee, Caroline, b. 1834, d. 08/20/1914, T, Age 80yrs
Bell, William H., b. 1830, d. 05/28/1887, T, Age 57yrs
Bellport, Gertrude, b. 08/10/1881, d. 07/30/1965, T, Wife of Walter J. Bellport
Bellport, Walter J., b. 02/06/1883, d. 11/22/1942, T, Husband of Gertrude Bellport
Bentley, Christie D., b. 11/28/1881, d. 11/27/1967, T, Wife of Rufus Bentley
Bentley, Jessie Smith, b. 12/17/1869, d. 11/19/1887, T, Child of John F. Bentley, Native of Nova Scotia
Bentley, Ralph, b. 1904, d. 1904, T, Son of Rufus & Christie Bentley
Bentley, Rufus, b. 1880, d. 1938, T, Husband of Christie D. Bentley
Bertolucci, Rosa, b. 03/12/1864, d. 06/22/1946, T, CADI says born 1865
Bishop, Elizabeth Caughey, b. 11/28/1875, d. 05/29/1959, T
Black, Annabell, b. 09/24/1862, d. 06/09/1943, T
Black, Arthur L., b. 11/16/1877, d. 06/27/1900, T, Age 22y 7m 11d, Son of L. S. & E.F. Black
Black, Carl W., b. 05/00/1886, d. 01/10/1888, T, Age 1y 8m
Black, Elenor, b. 11/19/1797, d. 08/30/1872, T, Age 74y 9m 11d, Wife of James Black
Black, Emma Frances Hall, b. 12/21/1857, d. 07/20/1942, T
Black, George H., b. 02/10/1855, d. 06/29/1915, T, Age 60y 4m 19d
Black, Hannah E., b. 1839, d. 02/01/1888, T, Age 49yrs, Wife of Henry Black
Black, Helen Oatman, b. 12/11/1920, d. 08/07/1991, T, Wife of Hollis M. Black Jr.
Black, Henry, b. 05/30/1828, d. 12/30/1872, T, Husband of Hannah E. Black
Black, Hollis Mansfield Jr., b. 06/26/1918, d. 0000, T, Future-Husband of Helen O. Black
Black, Hollis Mansfield Sr., b. 01/17/1893, d. 12/22/1965, T
Black, Lewis Sylvester, b. 09/23/1857, d. 06/28/1932, T
Black, Mary E., b. 1833, d. 11/20/1882, T, Age 49yrs, Wife of William H. Black
Black, Pearlie A., b. 08/30/1897, d. 02/12/1899, Age 1y 5m 13d, Dau of G. & M. Black
Black, William H. Jr., b. 06/29/1890, d. 01/03/1919, T
Black, William Harrison, b. 06/19/1832, d. 09/30/1908, T, Age 76y 3m 11d, Husband of Mary E. Black
Blackman, N. L., no dates, Capt, USN
Blood, Delos Moody, b. 06/12/1880, d. 04/12/1937, T
Boggs, Deborah A., b. 1826, d. 03/11/1889, T, Age about 63yrs, wife of Dr. J.O. Boggs
Boggs, Joseph O., b. 02/08/1808, d. 10/28/1889, T, Age 81y 8m 20d, Husband of Deborah A. Boggs, Native of Lexington, KY
Bonino, Bartolomeo, b. 1852, d. 03/21/1937, T, Age 85yrs
Bonneau, Louis, b. 11/09/1855, d. 11/20/1890, T, Age 35y 11d, Husband of Lottie N. Bonneau
Bonney, Daniel Allen, b. 05/10/1880, d. 06/25/1915, T
Bowman, John H., b. 04/17/1830, d. 10/26/1882, T, Native of Mansfield, OH
Boys, Helene A., b. 05/02/1874, d. 11/02/1958, T, Wife of Howard M. Boys
Boys, Howard M., b. 1870, d. 1945, T, Husband of Helene A. Boys
Braggialini, Florindo, b. 04/30/1869, d. 12/30/1938, T, Husband of Olimpia Braggialini
Braggialini, Olimpia, b. 06/24/1886, d. 01/14/1945, T, Wife of Florindo Braggialini
Brewer, Mary K., b. 09/10/1849, d. 12/20/1893, T, Age 44y 3m, 20d, Wife of Harry Brewer
Bridges, Alice M., b. 09/29/1873, d. 01/24/1957, T
Bridges, Grace A., b. 03/31/1876, d. 10/23/1915, T
Bridges, Isaac N., b. 1860, d. 09/24/1923, T, Age 63yrs, Husband of Minta Bridges
Bridges, Loyd L., b. 12/21/1894, d. 06/10/1909, T
Bridges, Minta, b. 10/10/1860, d. 04/03/1899, T, Wife of Isaac N. Bridges, Native of IL.
Brignole, Antoinette G., b. 09/06/1913, d. 10/18/1991, T, Wife of Tulio J. Brignole
Brignole, Tulio Joseph, b. 02/23/1910, d. 09/24/1991, T, Husband of Antoinette Brignole
Britton, Kathryn A., b. 05/18/1894, d. 10/26/1916, T
Brodrick, Edward Wilbur, b. 06/04/1889, d. 08/13/1983, T, Son of G.W. & Addie Brodrick
Brodrick, G. W., b. 1864, d. 1908, T, Husband of Addie Brodrick
Brookins, Amanda E., b. 1827, d. 10/02/1886, T, Age 59yrs, Sister of Deborah Boggs
Brown, George C., b. 1830, d. 1903, T
Brush, David G., b. 11/12/1815, d. 10/11/1879, T, Husband of Rachel A. Brush
Brush, Fred W., b. 01/22/1869, d. 08/08/1924, T
Brush, James K., b. 1854, d. 03/15/1863, T, Age 9yrs, Son of D.G. & R.A. Brush
Brush, Lucy, b. 05/14/1848, d. 12/13/1929, T
Brush, Orren H., b. 02/07/1867, d. 10/11/1912, T
Brush, Rachel A., b. 10/12/1830, d. 10/09/1879, T, Wife of David G. Brush
Brush, William T., b. 12/15/1841, d. 07/27/1910, T, Husband of Lucy Brush
Brussolo, Angelo, b. 1874, d. 1939, T
Bryan, Laura A., b. 09/00/1851, d. 04/21/1871, T, Age 19y 7m, Wife of C.L. Bryan
Buchignani, Dena Marie, b. 12/04/1918, d. 07/29/1993, T
Buckman, Eugenia B., b. 1855, d. 1931, T
Buell, Annie Marguerite, b. 01/23/1871, d. 09/17/1951, T
Bureker, Irwin Leo, b. 07/09/1904, d. 02/11/1906, T, Age 1y 7m 2d, Son of L.P. & M.F. Bureker
Burgans, Charles H., b. 06/18/1876, d. 12/10/1955, T, Husband of Daisy M. Burgans
Burgans, Daisy M., b. 03/08/1894, d. 09/24/1960, T, Wife of Charles H. Burgans
Burns, Robert L., b. 03/31/1869, d. 09/21/1928, T
Burright, Anna, b. 12/12/1826, d. 6/19/1888, Native of Scotland
Burright, Warren, b. 05/02/1808, d. 4/4/1889
Burrough, Alfred, b. 04/06/1839, d. 10/13/1925, T
Burrough, James, b. 07/09/1822, d. 12/10/1914, T
Butler, Etta Mae, b. 05/18/1874, d. 11/05/1956, T, Wife of William C. Butler
Butler, William Charles, b. 10/12/1871, d. 06/06/1946, T, Husband of Etta M. Butler, CADI says died 1947
Caldwell, Elizabeth, b. 03/15/1848, d. 01/26/1922, T, Wife of William Caldwell
Caldwell, Genevieve Ida, b. 10/10/1880, d. 07/24/1953, T
Caldwell, William, b. 01/06/1826, d. 9/12/1915, Husband of Elizabeth Caldwell, Native Of Ireland
Caldwell, William B., b. 02/28/1880, d. 05/22/1967, T
Cameron, Gordon, d. 7/13/1902, T, Age 56y 1m 2d, Husband of Sarah J. Cameron
Cameron, Harold G., b. 05/00/1882, d. 07/10/1882, T, Age 2m Son of G. & S.J. Cameron
Cameron, Russell, b. 02/24/1878, d. 05/12/1927, T
Cameron, Sarah J., b. 02/17/1860, d. 12/8/1903, T, Wife of Gordon Cameron
Campbell, Harriet, b. 1847, d. 4/29/1895, T, Age 48 yrs, Wife of W. B. Campbell
Campbell, N. B., b. 1839, d. 04/16/1926, T, Age 87yrs, Husband of Harriett Campbell
Capell, John T., b. 12/29/1848, d. 12/21/1921, T, Husband of Margaret A. Capell
Capell, Lelia M., b. 01/18/1898, d. 10/30/1933, T
Capell, Margaret A., b. 1861, d. 1934, T, Wife of John T. Capell
Carbone, M., b. 04/20/1820, d. 11/22/1886, T, Native of Italy
Carico, Effie H., b. 06/08/1875, d. 02/12/1963, T, Same ts as John W. Carico
Carico, John W., b. 1842, d. 1914, T, Same ts as Effie H. Carico
Carman, Dorothy Mae, b. 03/21/1896, d. 08/04/1950, T
Carmarino, Giuseppe, b. 03/22/1877, d. 06/20/1953, T
Carpenter, Christian, b. 02/25/1867, d. 06/02/1929, T
Carpenter, Hill O., d. 1/23/1878, T, Aged 25y 2m 8d
Carpenter, Lelah W., b. 07/15/1888, d. 01/16/1912, T, Wife of B.L. Carpenter
Carpenter, Susan A., b. 1826, d. 1913, T
Carpenter, William Harvey, d. 11/19/1893, Age 36y 5m
Carrey, John P., b. 05/27/1917, d. 09/25/1981, T, U.S. Army
Carrie, Edwin P., b. 06/02/1859, d. 07/05/1879, T
Carrie, Helen J., d. 05/11/1890, T, Age 53yrs, Wife of J. A. Carrie
Carrie, Henry C., b. 05/02/1864, d. 07/15/1910, T, Husband of Jenne E. Carrie
Carrie, Jennie E., b. 1862, d. 1938, T, Wife of Henry C, Carrie
Carrie, Joseph A., d. 11/17/1892, T, Age 65y 20d, Husband of Helen J. Carrie
Carrigan, James T., b. 06/19/1863, d. 04/21/1903, T
Casey, Julia L., b. 1828, d. 1913, T, Wife of Levi J. Casey
Casey, Levi J., b. 1818, d. 1906, T, Husband of Julia L. Casey
Casey, R. B., b. 1859, d. 1903, T
Caughey, Alexander, b. 11/21/1846, d. 09/09/1911, T, Husband of Ann Caughey
Caughey, Alexander, b. 08/18/1885, d. 01/15/1943, T, Husband of Eula Caughey
Caughey, Ann, b. 01/09/1848, d. 09/17/1931, T, Wife of Alexander Caughey
Caughey, Bob, b. 1877, d. 11/01/1934, T
Caughey, Eula Pearl, b. 10/30/1885, d. 04/23/1959, T, Wife of Alex Caughey
Caughey, Louise, b. 1912, d. 09/13/1928, T
Caughey, Osburn, b. 04/09/1874, d. 12/02/1912
Caughey, Raford, b. 1909, d. 1910, T, Son of Alex & Eula Caughey
Caughey, Rebecca, d. 06/13/1923, T, Wife of Osburn Caughey
Cavagnaro, Charles V., b. 10/08/1891, d. 01/31/1937, T, On same ts as George Pope
Cereghino, Serafina, b. 1830, d. 07/09/1905, T, Age 75yrs
Cerrutti, Antonio, d. 10/25/1893, T, Native of Italy
Cerrutti, Domenico, b. 11/27/1881, d. 07/07/1944, T, Husband of Matilde M. Cerrutti, CADI says Cerruti
Cerrutti, Matilde M., b. 02/02/1887, d. 03/14/1962, T, Wife of Domenico, CADI says Cerruti
Chalfant, Helen L., b. 01/08/1865, d. 03/14/1944, T
Chalfant, John E., b. 04/12/1825, d. 03/25/1905, T, Husband of Susan J. chalfant
Chalfant, Susan J., b. 09/01/1834, d. 01/09/1909, T, Wife of John E. Chalfant
Champion, John, no dates, T
Champlain, Margaret, b. 1812, d. 10/17/1872, T, Age 60yrs
Chase, George W., b. 03/04/1858, d. 05/11/1886, T, Son of George & Eleanor Chase
Chavez, Rafael Sanchez, b. 06/29/1964, d. 11/18/1990, T
Chisolm, Daniel, d. 11/20/1896, T, Age 54y 3m, Native of Nove Scotia, ts broken
Christiansen, Blanch, no dates, T, Age 3m
Christiansen, George, b. 1877, d. 1947, T
Christiansen, Henry, b. 1874, d. 1938, T
Christiansen, Sophie, b. 1849, d. 1883, T
Cicchi, Charles J., b. 11/27/1914, d. 07/07/2002, T
Cinquini, Cosimo, b. 08/20/1882, d. 07/22/1955, T, Ts says born 1883, Native of Italy
Cleland, Mary, b. 1839, d. 1912, T
Clement, C. J., b. 11/30/1838, d. 0000, T, Husband of Nancy M. Clement, No other dates
Clement, Nancy M., b. 07/03/1838, d. 02/17/1913, T, Wife of C.J. Clement
Coe, Mary Jane, b. 1848, d. 03/11/1911, T, Age 63yrs
Coen, W. T., b. 1908, d. 1924, T
Collins, E. W., b. 1838, d. 12/27/1916, T, Age 78yrs, Husband of Susie E. Collins
Collins, Susie E., b. 09/31/1852, d. 09/18/1898, T, Age 46y 18d, Wife of E. W. Collins
Collins-Duman, Chrystine A., b. 01/08/1949, d. 02/13/2000, T
Conner, F. P., b. 1858, d. 1919, T
Conner, H. F., b. 1900, d. 1925, T
Conner, M. S., b. 1825, d. 1892, T
Cooke, Charles P., b. 01/17/1819, d. 12/01/1882, T, Age 63y 10m 15d, Husband of Louesa Cooke
Cooke, Louesa Jane, b. 01/01/1832, d. 11/02/1908, T, Wife of Charles P. Cooke
Cooley, (Father), no dates, T
Cooley, (Mother), no dates, T
Cooley, Arthur Edward, b. 01/22/1882, d. 02/21/1972, T, Husband of Edith C. Cooley
Cooley, Charles Henry III, b. 02/27/1880, d. 09/13/1947, T, Husband of Myrtle P. Cooley
Cooley, Edith Claire, b. 08/08/1888, d. 05/30/1967, T, Wife of Arthur Cooley
Cooley, Edward Andrew, b. 1863, d. 1917, T
Cooley, Elizabeth Nancy, b. 11/28/1859, d. 03/15/1942, T, Wife of John B. Cooley
Cooley, Flora Hunziker, b. 03/24/1866, d. 11/14/1946, T
Cooley, Henry Walter, b. 1891, d. 1892
Cooley, John B., b. 1858, d. 1921, T, Husband of Elizabeth Cooley
Cooley, Mary E., b. 03/21/1893, d. 04/25/1903, T, Dau of J. B. & N. E. Cooley
Cooley, Myrtle Penita, b. 11/07/1880, d. 08/07/1966, T, Wife of charles H. Cooley
Coomes, Edmund, d. 06/09/1891, T, Age 81yrs, Husband of Thurza L. Coomes
Coomes, Lucretia Jane, b. 1887, d. 1910, T
Coomes, Thurza L., d. 06/09/1879, T, Age 59yrs, Wife of Edmund Coomes
Coomes. A. M. (Dr), b. 1839, d. 1908
Cooper, Ben F., b. 05/08/1903, d. 09/01/1965, T
Cooper, Delitha, b. 01/00/1832, d. 10/10/1906, T, Age 79y 9m, Wife of Thomas Cooper
Cooper, Elizabeth, b. 1869, d. 1928, T, Wife of Thomas J. Cooper
Cooper, John Edwards, b. 01/16/1864, d. 06/19/1865, T, Son of Thomas & Delitha Cooper
Cooper, John H., b. 03/14/1868, d. 06/24/1877, T, Age 9y 3m 10d, Son of J. & H.M. Cooper
Cooper, Thomas, b. 12/00/1822, d. 11/23/1899, T, Age 76y 11m, Husband of Delitha Cooper
Cooper, Thomas J., b. 1880, d. 1917, T, Husband of Elizabeth Cooper
Copeland, Archibald N., b. 04/04/1831, d. 04/13/1885, T, Native of Cornwall, Ont.
Coulson, William Lou, no dates, T
Cox, George M., b. 1882, d. 1948, T, Son of G.W. & M.F. Cox
Cox, George W., b. 1856, d. 07/14/1938, T, Age 81yrs, Husband of Mary F. Cox
Cox, Mary, b. 09/13/1799, d. 10/25/1879, T
Cox, Mary F., b. 1856, d. 12/30/1938, T, Age 82yrs, Wife of George W. Cox
Cramer, A., b. 11/27/1818, d. 01/22/1877, T
Cranz, Anna A., b. 08/30/1855, d. 10/12/1942, T, Wife of Florin Cranz
Cranz, Florin M., b. 03/15/1853, d. 12/31/1884, T, Husband of Anna A. Cranz, Native of Richmond, VA
Crawford, Blanche, b. 09/26/1876, d. 04/19/1956, T
Crawford, Maxwell, b. 02/21/1908, d. 09/14/1947, T
Crawford, Thomas, b. 09/07/1871, d. 04/02/1944, T
Crigler, Albert P., b. 1855, d. 04/28/1888, T, Age 33yrs
Crigler, James W., b. 1902, d. 08/07/1903, T, Age 28yrs, Son of W.E. & Sallie Crigler
Crigler, Martha E., b. 08/15/1856, d. 07/06/1946, T
Crigler, Mary C., b. 10/03/1810, d. 03/13/1877, T, Age 66y 5m 10d, Wife of W.E. Crigler
Crigler, Sallie, b. 01/15/1822, d. 01/05/1877, T, Age 55yes, Wife of W.E. Crigler
Crigler, Thomas M., b. 04/06/1856, d. 01/03/1908
Crigler, W. E., b. 1824, d. 12/28/1907, T, Age 83yrs
Crow,, b. 02/20/1847, d. 11/19/1891, T, Wife of F.M. Crow
Crow, Gertie, d. 10/12/1887
Crow, Violet, b. 05/12/1885, d. 04/04/1902, T
Cummiskey, Mary Ann, b. 10/00/1872, d. 01/10/1876, T, Age 3y 3m, Dau of Patrick & Elizabeth Cummiskey
Cummiskey, Patrick, b. 1818, d. 10/04/1878, T, Age 60yrs, Native of C. Louth, Ireland
Curtis, R. J., b. 07/22/1824, d. 08/14/1907, Native of Ohio
Darr, Flora, b. 1872, d. 1922, T, Wife of David Darr
Davis, Barton Dudley, d. 07/07/1886, T, Age 4y 2m 5d, Son of W.H. & M.L. Davis
Davis, George W., b. 10/06/1856, d. 08/25/1873, T, Son of B.J. & H.P. Davis
Davis, Harriet P., b. 02/26/1840, d. 03/28/1893, T, Age 53y 1m 2d, Wife of B.J. Davis
Davis, Luella F., b. 10/19/1867, d. 12/10/1935, T
DeGeorge, Danta, b. 12/23/1898, d. 04/19/1968, T, Son of Elvesio & Santina DeGeorge
DeGeorge, Elvezio, b. 12/10/1871, d. 11/13/1947, T, Husband of Santina DeGeorge
DeGeorge, Santina, b. 1866, d. 1935, T, Wife of Elvezio DeGeorge
Deghi, Lena, b. 1897, d. 1930, T, Wife of Pietro Deghi
DeHay, Armand, b. 1842, d. 1923, T, Husband of Marie Dehay
DeHay, Eulalia Regina, b. 12/09/1903, d. 10/21/1955, T, Wife of Lyle B. DeHay
DeHay, Lyle B., b. 11/23/1902, d. 12/15/1961, T, Husband of Eulalia R. DeHay
DeHay, Lyle Graham, b. 03/31/1923, d. 03/25/1927, T, Son of L.B. & e.R. DeHay
DeHay, Mae E., b. 1871, d. 1934, T
DeHay, Marie Lucille, b. 11/05/1853, d. 11/12/1945, T, Wife of Armand Dehay, CADI says born 1863
DeHay, Theodore J., b. 1853, d. 03/18/1907, T, Age 54yrs, Husband of Alvina DeHay, Native of France
DeMarzi, Pietro, b. 1891, d. 11/29/1960, T
Deming, Jesse Dixon, b. 1891, d. 1925, T
Denise, Ruliff C., b. 01/15/1882, d. 02/20/1883, T, Age 1y 1m 5d, Son of H.B. & P.I. Denise
Dever, Thomas, d. 09/20/1878, Age 34y 7m
Dineen, Daniel W., b. 08/17/1854, d. 07/31/1913, T, Husband of Elizabeth Dineen, Native of Harvey, New Brunswick
Dineen, Elizabeth, b. 02/12/1869, d. 10/09/1942, T, Wife of Daniel Dineen, Native of Lake Co., CA
Dixon, Charles, b. 1857, d. 1919, T
Dixon, Frank, b. 10/18/1893, d. 08/13/1894, T, Age 9m 26d
Dixon, Harriet, b. 05/08/1800, d. 01/20/1882, T, Wife of John Dixon
Dixon, Ida, b. 1860, d. 1894, T
Dixon, John, b. 1830, d. 1912, T, Husband of Mary E. Dixon
Dixon, Mary E., b. 1838, d. 1930, T, Wife of John Dixon
Dobbins, Florence may, b. 08/08/1870, d. 05/06/1940, T
Dodge, Christianna, b. 10/24/1850, d. 01/04/1866, T
Dodson, Charles H., b. 10/31/1844, d. 02/03/1896, T
Dodson, Seth L., b. 07/16/1893, d. 04/06/1896, T
Dogal, Giulia, b. 05/09/1890, d. 10/01/1934, T
Domine, Frederick, b. 1846, d. 07/09/1883, T, Age 37yrs
Dorrell, George W., b. 03/08/1833, d. 11/11/1901, T
Doty, Ella, d. 18/13/1900
Doyle, Jennie, b. 07/19/1878, d. 12/14/1941, T
Doyle, Kathleen, b. 07/04/1906, d. 02/20/1923, T
Driscoll, Jane E., b. 1831, d. 06/26/1895, T, Age 64yrs, Wife of Lemuel R. Driscoll, Native of Mass.
Driscoll, Lemuel R., b. 1825, d. 04/10/1883, T, Age 58yrs, Husband of Jane E. Driscoll
Dulin, Esther A., b. 11/10/1896, d. 02/04/1970, T
Dunlop, William, b. 1844, d. 01/21/1872, T, Age 28yrs
Durham, David J., b. 07/01/1824, d. 0000, T, No other dates
Eastlick, Edward B., b. 08/07/1820, d. 01/16/1894, T, Husband of Josephine Eastlick, Native of NY
Eastlick, Josephine, b. 07/28/1829, d. 08/11/1896, T, Wife of Edward B. Eastlick, Native of NY
Eastman, Francis O., b. 08/30/1860, d. 04/29/1945, T, CADI says Eastinan
Edwards, Ada May, b. 05/04/1864, d. 09/01/1914, T
Edwards, Charles A., b. 10/14/1855, d. 05/11/1940, T
Edwards, Georgia M., b. 08/07/1880, d. 03/14/1952, T
Edwards, Jemima M. L., d. 1925, T, Wife of Matthew W. Edwards
Edwards, John, b. 09/24/1814, d. 10/17/1895, T, Husband of Margaret Edwards
Edwards, Margaret A., b. 04/17/1823, d. 09/10/1887, T, Wife of John Edwards
Edwards, Matthew, b. 1861, d. 1915, T, Husband of Jemima Edwards
Ehrman, Barbara, b. 12/25/1853, d. 12/18/1944, T
Eliggi, Armando, no dates, T
Eliggi, Harriet I., b. 06/14/1920, d. 01/11/1975, T
Eliggi, Kent Armand, b. 04/27/1955, d. 07/10/1955, T
Elliott, Fannie, b. 01/25/1854, d. 02/02/1921, T, Wife of John B. Elliott
Elliott, John B., b. 05/26/1854, d. 10/10/1906, T, Husband of Fannie Elliott
Enemark, Lila, b. 07/26/1894, d. 10/13/1935, T
Enyard, Elizabeth, b. 1801, d. 05/04/1873, T, Age 72yrs
Etherridge, Darius, b. 1819, d. 09/03/1894, T, Age 75yrs


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